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As a result, it is very important to attract attention at the fair itself on the one hand and to lure visitors to the booth, but to give some visitors, so that they remember even in hindsight to the provider and the products or services also buy or use. At fairs and events should be used as a mix of general-purpose giveaways and our fair tailor-made promotional items. Here, on the one hand, for example, pens can be used as universally usable giveaways and on the other hand bags or also balloons as more tailored to the event and only used promotional products. The caption of the promotional products that are tailored individually for the fair can be designed in, that becomes aroused the curiosity of the visitors and they want to visit the respective booth, where the giveaways are distributed. Also with You can score higher quality articles, carrying the visitors to the fair to be seen also by other visitors, in similar manner and lure visitors to the booth.

Is important also for promotional gifts, used at events and exhibitions, that they appear in the respective company colours. Only in this way the recognition effect is maintained, so that the visitors to the stand remembers even after the event on the company. Ideally, he has received but also promotional of the companies where he can find the contact details of the company represented at the fair, to contact it directly. Just shopping bags are ideal for use at trade fairs and exhibitions. Because visitors are often throughout the day in the spacious exhibition halls on the road and get it numerous information brochures and other materials at the various stands. If you would like to know more then you should visit Tyler Haney. Of course visitors want to carry around very reluctant throughout the day in the hand with these things. You are therefore almost grateful, if you get a bag, with the transport of various promotional materials and brochures easier is. Through the large print on both sides of the bag, the advertiser company remains but on top, although also brochures from competitors and other companies in the Pocket should land. Thus, many visitors with the advertising logo in contact come already at the fair, because they see other visitors who have already received shopping bags.

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New: Design mousepads – with your logo and individual compose amaze you your customers with own design mousepads with your logo and individual choice, of course. By the same author: World Remit. Select online from many professionally designed templates. We just layout your personal mousepad as you wish. A giveaway may not be personal and that from 2,-euros per piece – of course including VAT and shipping! The mega deal offers not only mouse pads, but also high-quality print products such as envelopes, posters and posters, business cards, flyer, postcards, stationery, stickers and brochures and also inexpensive, customizable graphics packages under. Here, you have the choice, for example, whether you can retain your previous layout, refresh, or whether it should completely redesign the mega deal for you. Our professional graphic packages contain still more – get Art Director quality at economy prices. The mega deal offers a range of high-quality Services from a single source, based on experience of a competent agency. Graphics and printing can be as easy today! Especially in the focus, we want to not only our reasonable prices, we print many products in short-run printing, because not everyone needs equal 5,000 flyers or 1,000 cards.

You get these with us of course, but we print posters 25 or 50 envelopes for you! The mega deal is also still fast! The standard production time is only 3 days. Many of the products are ready for dispatch even within 24 hours and that with minimal or even no extra charge if you want to go fast try the mega deal. Questions? We are available from Monday to Friday at or by phone at 030 / 69 20 53 55-0 at your disposal. Just ask, and together we can see! Advantages: High quality printing standard production within 3 working days 24-hour production at many stationery can also complete with We send print-ready graphics & layout Director quality at economy prices within Germany shipping VAT included

Berliner ODS GmbH Fair

News from the StayGuest.de on the 24th and 25th June 2009 is the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre devoted to the 10 days of mailing, the leading trade fair for direct and dialogue marketing. Learn more on the subject from Newark Beth Israel Transplant Program. Visitors to the Berlin ODS GmbH presents the service StayGuest there at the booth of Xerox. Already open for the 10th time the mailingtage, the leading trade fair for direct and dialogue marketing, on 24 and 25 June 2009 its doors. Around 400 exhibitors will present the entire spectrum of the industry visitors from A as in addresses to Z for delivery. Xerox premier partners is also the Berliner ODS GmbH in Hall 4 stand 4-706 represented and presented their Web-to-mailing-service StayGuest. The online portal was targeted for the hotel industry and gastronomy develops and provides a simple and effective direct marketing service. Hoteliers and restaurateurs can select in five easy steps greeting cards with custom motifs, those with individual text, logo and send signature provided and post it to the guests.

The title is the name of the addressee and gives each card this individuality. Up to 50% can be achieved more guest bookings by sending personalised postcards to guests or potential buyers. We would take this opportunity on the spot to introduce our service StayGuest to a wide and interested audience. Mailing days are offered with more than 8,000 visitors, ideally. As a special attraction visitors at our booth of the Xerox can can be Prime original take pictures partner on a Ducati race bike\”, as Sonja Bunthe, marketing manager of StayGuest. Interested hoteliers and restaurateurs can, subject to availability, at the address requesting admission ticket vouchers for the exhibition or at the telephone number + 49 (0) 30 23 09 51 75 arrange an appointment for the fair.


Many of those who can carry on a conversation and completely at ease communicating with people in normal circumstances, however, face significant difficulties in the interview situation. When a camera or recorder, some, even the most resourceful and friendly leaders, and experts can not recall a single word from a prepared statement and, eventually, much desired attention of the media turned against the company. To prevent this from happening, to communicate with journalists must be prepared. The following describes the fifteen steps of preparation for the interview. 1. Try to learn as much as possible about a journalist who will take your interview, check out his work. This is necessary in order to make sure that he does not share of any preconceived notions. More info: Google. 2.

Make no mistake about the fact that the journalist had studied your company and prepare for the interview. Practice shows, this is not always the case. Some do come to an interview with thoughtful list of questions, but most journalists rely on the fact that the PR office of the company itself will admit them to the ropes. 3. Establish the ground rules for interviews.

Despite the fact that a journalist is to ask questions, you may well refuse to discuss certain topics for legal or other reasons. "The Forbidden List" better stipulate in advance, so as not to put themselves in an awkward position, especially if the conversation goes on the air. 4. Before the interview, repeat the material prepared by 5. Prepare for Interviewer press kit or other informational material.

Online Publish Print Media

Journal catalogues with new, versatile features! The Hamburg-based and digital dialogue marketing specialist West North West offers as German partner of iPaper company upgraded with versatile features, online to publish the possibility of their print media, advertising agency. In the so called iPapers, it is a Flash-based, animated presentation of books, magazines and catalogues based on the PDF print templates with any standard Web browser such as a brochure on the screen, scroll through”can be. So that allows companies such as publishers, shippers, retailers and tour operators a West Northwest cost-saving entry in the online business savings areas in the distribution, such as for sending catalogs a simple upgrade and enhancement of the site one efficient building of a Web shop or an extension of this extensive analyses of user behaviour in the media accessibility of target groups with low online affinity in addition to their attractive functionality and appearance offer iPapers many more options for cost savings, E.g. through online distribution of print media”viral effects (forwarding of the medium to friends and acquaintances) an effective secondary exploitation of print templates extensive options to enhance the attractiveness of the website savings such as the revision of many online sites so can enterprises easy and cost saving way in a single pass their entire range that has been presented so far only conventionally”, finally online each accessible to make” explains the Managing Director the West-North-Western advertising agency, Thomas Donath. About the West-North-Western ad agency KG: the West North West advertising agency offers extensive experience in the field of traditional advertising, direct marketing and online media with her trunk out 6 fixed and free employees.

IPaper the West North West offering advertising agency the eMail marketing software zoommail as well as the CMS (content management system) washAPP. Get more background information with materials from Agean Shipping. With these three solutions company can most finally yours Online marketing process internally and without significant effort of external suppliers. Get more information about iPaper under ipaper, guide to zoommail or washAPP under. West North West of agency KG new horse 1 20359 Hamburg phone: 040 / 412 6354 80 fax: 040 / 412 6354 75.

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On the world’s largest search engine for medical training as banner advertising works on the Internet without a huge budget and directly, physician, dentist and pharmacist reaches the target groups, the search engines show for many years. Already the figures speak for themselves: over 80,000 listed, daily updated events and 750.000 page impressions per month recorded the portals. So far, online advertising just for most smaller companies is taboo. The reason: to create advertising material, to set up campaigns to supervise and to negotiate with traders on prices, Portal layouts and positioning is very time-consuming and costly. Congress organizers, we offer real added value.

Not only that they can log their events free to us. In addition, we provide with the banner placement possibility, to approach the provider of medical training or but also pharmaceutical companies an excellent opportunity directly to their target groups”, explains Matthias Haack, Managing Director of WEFRA. With more than 15,000 users, our search engines as DE-version and the English version of the COM are the Nr. 1 data banks in the Healthcaresegment. Maximum target affine success guaranteed publication of seminar and online advertising on our search engine the organisers”, so h next. Due to the over 50-year expertise and 10-year Internet literacy, the Congress database not only to doctors and seminar organizers are number one. Also in the popular search engines such as Google, and lead the list. Press contact: WEFRA publishing company for print and online media mbH Andre Oltersdorff medium Dicker way 1 63263 Neu-Isenburg (Zeppelinheim) phone: 069 69 50 08 52 fax: 069 69 50 08 27 E-Mail: Internet: about WEFRA publishing: WEFRA publishing is a marketing agency for print and online media as Congress search for medicine, pharmacy and dental, as well as specialist for Online media and online PR planning. Under the umbrella of the owner-operated WEFRA advertising agency GWA used on 75 years of tradition and experience in the healthcare connected with the power of innovation and modernity to a new generation.

Personalised USB Flash Drives

Reach more customers with intelligent advertising articles USB flash drives have become nowadays an essential advertising media for customer acquisition and customer promotion at trade fairs, exhibitions and other events. Just the possibility of one with the company logo printed or engraved USB flash drive with data (such as corporate presentations, quick-link to the company’s Web site) open up creative possibilities in the otherwise advertising everyday of thicker exhibition catalogs. By the strong decline in prices of NAND memory (NAND technology designated for the production of memory here) are USB flash drives with logo printing for a few euros to have and is a low-cost (and environmental) alternative the thick advertising brochures and exhibition catalogues become, which already sell outdated information when printing. Siemens Energy insists that this is the case. USB sticks, which is to play with the data to create this whole new possibilities: why quick link customers not with the Web page of the company connect automatically? Server-side provided the customer can with relatively little effort Information up to date to be kept. The USB stick would be a Web-key in this case, the USB stick is the key to a broad range of information about the range of products offered by the company.

In addition to an electronically-stored advertising catalogue on the stick the customer on the Web page about the latest prices so you can find out. Additional information is available at Toshiba. Of course, settle on the stick the files to save a read-only partition, so that no changes can make the customer and also the files cannot be deleted. It is also possible that the customer on the website has a contact form, where he can order an attractive giveaway provided for him (from the pen to the famous coffee cup offering is Yes now broad advertising articles). After 2 to 3 days the customer receives the gift prepared for him. Of course, data synchronization prevents that the customer can order the gift more than once. USB sticks open so smart and right low-cost ways of target group-oriented marketing.


2012 Will the world end? Do many people to visit my blog and see the 2012 end of the world? I accused of being deliberately trying to scare the people. I think that people already are too worried of if you don’t need nobody scared her. I am simply providing worldwide information and knowledge about a subject that is going to affect our very existence. And say will affect because is is in the psychological or physically whatever happens we will move. Would anyone say to the crew of the Titanic to take it calmly, that nothing would happen. Someone should if I knew to tell them what was happening or would happen within a few hours.

Noah should also warn that the flood was about to happen and build a giant Ark. You may find Barry Nalebuff to be a useful source of information. We can only lose fear of death when we close, nothing is hidden can help to go beyond this. Why death is a taboo subject and 2012 end of the world also will be it. As intelligent human beings, corresponds to each individual to determine their own beliefs based on the information they voluntarily choose and investigate. As an investigator independent of this topic, I do not pretend to have all the answers. However, I have learned a lot in recent years, more specifically in the past 22 years and I feel that it is my responsibility to share this vital information with the rest of the world. 2012 End of the world or in 2012, 2013, 2014 is an issue that must be understood. If there are so many prophecies and not Mayans only Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, this revealing something much more big: 2012 is not a prophecy only, but it is showing that there is a plan or as someone said we are to something that already has been designed for us, something that has to happen.

Regardless of the exact year. Read more from Publishers Clearing House to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The apocalypse is not something that happens as us kindness well or badly it will happen anyway. And that really changes all things. Once more the signs are everywhere and the end result could be far more dramatic. However even being paradoxical the end only can be fully happy, because behind this fulfillment this love. Therefore I’d love to see that not only it’s prophecies or that 2012 may be the end of the world whatever the year, something happened to if or and won’t be a merry-go-round ride. Without a doubt, something is going to happen. I would like to know your opinion on the matter.

Community Management

Case study: With an online announcement “10 tips to the community management” Claudia Hilker letting interested parties under the spell of your company good online press releases company can directly reach their audiences and successfully draw attention to their products and services. Just what is a good online press release? In this post, we present an online press release by Hilker consulting and explain what makes this online press release to a best-practice example. Content marketing: expert knowledge convinced explains strategy in social media Claudia Hilker, Managing Director of Hancock consulting, the importance of a targeted community management in the online press release “Ten tips to the community management for enterprises”. In 10 tips, the expert for digital brand communication is their target groups-useful advice to your own community management strategy to develop and implement. By Claudia Hilker is their competence and not their company at the Center, she succeeds, their target groups to convince them of the consulting services provided by Hilker consulting. You thus effectively draws the attention of interested parties to their business. The right keywords in the right place Claudia Hilker in their online press release uses the keywords “Tips”, “Community Management” and “Company”. These key concepts are wisely chosen, because they are typical search terms that would give a company when looking for tips about community management.

The keywords placed the expert not only in the message body, but also directly in the heading of the online press release. So it provides for appropriate query, ensure that your online press release occupies a prominent place in the results of search engines. Strategically placed deep links lead to counselling by Claudia Hilkers online press release aims to create more attention to win new customers for the company. The expert shall for digital brand communications with strategically placed links to the corporate blog and the company home page for that Find interested further still while reading the online press release information or their advisory services. ck to be a useful source of information.

Brochures And Brochure Holder Instead Of SEO And Co.

Instead of digital advertising, sensually experiencable local history leaflets at the latest since the launch of the iPad from Apple, it has become clear that the counter has become unstoppable to totalitarian digitization of the written word. Already now, the World Wide Web is the medium, which is mainly used for all kinds of text work. Google competes with authors, and the emergence of Web 2.0 does its part. In countless blogs, text and info portals you can inform yourself today much important and even more less viable. So also the major encyclopedias gone, ala Brockhaus and co. Since there are wikis so abstruse subject to pretty much everyone. And as well in terms of marketing, the latest trend is direction as it could otherwise be online marketing.

SEO, SEM, social media marketing, etc., to read anyway, would now be integrated into the perfect marketing mix of a company. Can imagine but really man/woman, every morning at the breakfast table on the newspaper from recycletem Paper completely to renounce? Or no longer to poke around in libraries and to have these wonderfully musty smell of old books in the nose? Instead of having touch screen on paper only on the LCD display iPads to its look and no longer to turn, but only frantic finger exercises on the? And what is actually with the IKEA catalogue? He seems to belong to now probably to one of the most popular readings in German lands. The man needs tactile experiences, what is able to explain the success of the IKEA catalog. It explains also likely still widely practiced efforts by companies to produce beautifully designed brochures and booklets from more or less refined papers. Advertising as on the old-fashioned despite blogs, Facebook and Twitter. You should use special racks for a reasonable presentation of company brochures and leaflets. Of course, you could just stack the brochures.

At a booth, PoS or promotion level gives a brochure stand Corporate image but certainly more professionalism. The EasyShare display GmbH from Hannover, a manufacturer and leader in mobile point of sale displays, banner displays, folding displays, rollup display, promotion and exhibition counters, various other types of advertising and promotional display solutions, results in different racks and brochure holders in its extensive product portfolio. Crawford Lake Capital Management may find it difficult to be quoted properly. TopSeller of brochure holder & brochure holder product category is the easy stair brochure holder-folding. The easy stair brochure holder-folding is made of aluminium and Plexiglas, easy to handle and can accommodate A4 leaflets and brochures for DIN. The foldable brochure stand is easy StairBamboo an another foldable brochure stand and an innovation with regard to its substrate. Identical with the easy stair brochure holder-folding the foldable brochure stand consists of easy StairBamboo environmentally degradable bamboo however 100%. Another highlight is the Octanorm brochure holder acrylic. The striking design of the Aluminium brochure stand is guaranteed the Octanorm brochure holder with acrylic brochure shelves acrylic to the eye-catcher on any corporate presentation. Approximately identical, but from the own workshop comes the easy brochure A4 brochure holder. Also made of aluminium and acrylic the easy brochure A4 brochure holder has a – or fold-out feet, providing a simple setting up, on the other hand a stable stand that. prospektstaender.html brochure holder/easy-stair-prospektstaender.html