Double Your Investment

Double your investment in a few months with the fuelwood more big Latin America 24 July 2009 by Paola Pecora addition of leadership in agroenergy in Latin America, this company is, at global level, the third producer of sugar, the fifth-largest producer of ethanol, the largest producer of electric power with use of sugar cane and one of the largest exporters of ethanol. In March 2009, it merged with the agroenergy Novamerica, one of the leaders in the Brazilian market of sugar, passing well to operate 23 plants, with a total annual of about 60 million tons of sugar cane milling capacity, which represents 10% of the Brazilian market. His name is Cosan (BVSP:CSAN3, NYSE:CZZ), and is the largest producer of sugar and ethanol in Brazil. The Brazilian Minister of mines and energy, Edison Lobao said that the country will increase its production of ethanol by 150% to 64,000 million liters to 2017, thus transforming in the World’s leading exporter of ethanol, which today holds United States. In 2017, Brazil intend to export 8 billion liters of ethanol, against 5 billion in 2008, consolidating itself as the largest exporter of ethanol in the world. Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugar, with 31.6 million tonnes in 2007/08, followed by India with 23 million tonnes. Brazil exports more than it consumes, 55% of its production is derived from the international market.

The participation of Brazil in the international market was 45% in 2007/08. As for ethanol, the Brazilian production comes up with the increase in the manufacture of vehicles driven by biofuels, which already account for 90% of the cars sold in the country, according to ANFAVEA. Brazil has a population of 200 million people. Sew estimates that its production of ethanol will be in 2.3 billion liters in 2009. According to Marinho Lutz, Vice President commercial and logistics of the company: we have a great potential of stocks and logistics capacity to meet the growing market demand and further increase our participation.

More Effective Small Business

Make a market survey, only required to do so or because the business plan, has no useful meaning not clear if that answers you need. The market share or market share is a factor which may be obtained in different ways. Interestingly additional information, for example, how our brand is positioned in a particular niche. What results to expect? The results are grouped into two types: quantitative and qualitative. The quantitative data are numbers and percentages, usually presented in graphs; The qualitative data are the perceptions and prejudices that affect the value of the company.

A summary form of interpreting these results may be "every opportunity I have to …" and "what chance do I have …". The interpretation is more complex, but we believe it is a simple way to present it. Market research by survey Surveys are a very effective if you have the correct target market sample. A common mistake of entrepreneurs is to include friends or relatives to sample: often loses objectivity. If a company can not hire, hire a pollster anonymous information probably more realistic. The most relevant survey is qualitative information. Web Survey This mode of relieving the market is the most economical, as it requires fewer hours of professional marketing to gather information. In fact, DarkBlue, first develop a brief, we had the area of web information and finally a professional analyzes the results to present the report.

You can do this survey from your company, and if not hire a professional, we recommend using its sales force to assess the situation. The raking raking method is to draw a geographical map and locate the areas of influence and competitors.

Business Trainings

Next, we consider two models of which are not at the edges, as trainer and Master, and in the middle. Model tutor is fully reflected in its title. Tutor trains the participant a certain skill – for example, ability to speak before an audience. In contrast to the trainer, it gives more freedom of expression, party, although the party is still far below the coach. But the coach is not the universe, he knows where to go, but can explain why to go there and why there will be good. A very common model for business programs and all that relates to Exploration of skills – from dance to math. Conditional on the scale of responsibility tutor – it is 70% responsibility for the outcome.

Teacher – is even less responsibility for the outcome (40%) and even more respect for the individual. This is a man who teaches his peers on the development of people. He knows where they lead, but rather acts Conductor than the guards. Wizards of the model, this model is primarily the presence of a certain objective that is moving. The most common model of personal growth training. Why should I dedicate to another story once again models of coaching? Such moments are often not considered at all in the training of trainers and did not even come to the realization of many presenters, especially in the beginning. The sooner the leading select optimal for their identity management model (albeit at different training sessions can be used by different models, one is still the base), the longer he worked in the profession, will not burn out and will not deform professionally.

Madrid Capital International

In late January, Madrid becomes world capital of gastronomy with the celebration of MadridFusion 2010, a festival that brings the vanguard of the international kitchen professionals, fans and gourmands. From 26 to 28 January, the VIII International Summit of gastronomy MadridFusion will gather in Madrid an international community of chefs who will discuss about the new trends in the kitchen. MadridFusion anticipates the future and discover us kitchen styles and business models that prevail in the world. Interactive sample is structured around three basic themes: trends, creativity and new talent; the eco-cocina, the last avant-garde; and the gastroeconomia: management, imagination, and benefits. The section of eco-cocina joins the wave of environmental respect by the hand of the best ecochefs in the world. In parallel to the VIII Summit of gastronomy and until January 31, Madrid offers an extensive program of activities aimed at bringing the gastronomic culture to the general public through guided tours, special menus in great restaurants and wine tastings in the mercado de San Miguel.

As parallel activity of special interest highlight Bar-Show, I encounter international of mixology, which will count with the participation of some of the best barmen European and a space of Premium beverages in which you can enjoy the best alcohols and spirits of the world. The scenario of this Bar Show will offer spectacular demonstrations, interviews and symposia around the world of cocktails: the bar culture understood as a fact akin to literature, cinema and social relations. MadridFusion and BarShow are held at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid. All cooking lovers and those interested in the latest gastronomic trends should soon book hotels in Madrid to attend this event.