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Journal catalogues with new, versatile features! The Hamburg-based and digital dialogue marketing specialist West North West offers as German partner of iPaper company upgraded with versatile features, online to publish the possibility of their print media, advertising agency. In the so called iPapers, it is a Flash-based, animated presentation of books, magazines and catalogues based on the PDF print templates with any standard Web browser such as a brochure on the screen, scroll through”can be. So that allows companies such as publishers, shippers, retailers and tour operators a West Northwest cost-saving entry in the online business savings areas in the distribution, such as for sending catalogs a simple upgrade and enhancement of the site one efficient building of a Web shop or an extension of this extensive analyses of user behaviour in the media accessibility of target groups with low online affinity in addition to their attractive functionality and appearance offer iPapers many more options for cost savings, E.g. through online distribution of print media”viral effects (forwarding of the medium to friends and acquaintances) an effective secondary exploitation of print templates extensive options to enhance the attractiveness of the website savings such as the revision of many online sites so can enterprises easy and cost saving way in a single pass their entire range that has been presented so far only conventionally”, finally online each accessible to make” explains the Managing Director the West-North-Western advertising agency, Thomas Donath. About the West-North-Western ad agency KG: the West North West advertising agency offers extensive experience in the field of traditional advertising, direct marketing and online media with her trunk out 6 fixed and free employees.

IPaper the West North West offering advertising agency the eMail marketing software zoommail as well as the CMS (content management system) washAPP. With these three solutions company can most finally yours Online marketing process internally and without significant effort of external suppliers. Get more information about iPaper under ipaper, guide to zoommail or washAPP under. West North West of agency KG new horse 1 20359 Hamburg phone: 040 / 412 6354 80 fax: 040 / 412 6354 75

IDENT AutoID Technology Center

Mobile label printers for laboratory staff to the labelling of laboratory samples in tubes, on slides or vials of label printer LABPAL is a portable device for printing on laboratory labels. Laboratory technician can take everywhere there with the printer, where you must mark your laboratory samples. He is easy to handle and contributes to a quick flag. The device is handy and very stable. Pre-programmed, demand-oriented label sizes for vials, tubes and slides facilitate the creation of labels.

Additional functions, such as the built-in date / time stamp or subject-specific symbols from the laboratory area, support for easy handling when. The 550 g heavy labelling LABPAL equipped with a spacious keyboard, a display and automatic cutting – and power-saving function. The labels designed specifically for the printer and the laboratory environment will be labeled in the thermal transfer printing with a resolution of 300 dpi. The texts are therefore very good clearly, because of the high print resolution sharp printouts are razor revealed. Five font sizes and a multiline printing are the user the choice. LABPAL is set in the banner printing mode and ideally suited for general identification in the laboratory. A continuous numbering system allows the lab technicians to identify highly efficient multiple laboratory samples.

Pales in contrast to handwritten labels or not smeared the print and it fit much more information on a label. The very easy-to-be and again to be removed material cassette contains a continuous, white label tape in the height 9.5 mm, 12.7 mm or 19.1 mm with a length of mostly 6.4 meters. The labels are cut clean and straight with the integrated cutting device. Depending on the scope of label materials are the laboratory staff made of vinyl, nylon fabric or polyester available. In addition, the vinyl labels are available in the colours yellow, Orange, red, blue and grey. Suitable for the respective The corresponding material cartridge Ribbon label materials is already integrated. Thus replacing the material cartridge is designed very simply for the laboratory staff, without additional expenses for the changeover of the Ribbon. The label materials available for the LABPAL are intended for permanent use. The macro IDENT available laboratory labels for the LABPAL were for laboratory use designed to withstand extreme laboratory conditions, such as liquid nitrogen, in hot water or freezer. The labels to withstand the high pressure and temperatures of sterilization, to the removal of dirt and germs (autoclave). In addition, the materials resist most chemicals such as xylene, alcohol, ethanol and DMSO. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, Bussard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching, TEL. 089-61565828, FAX 089-61565825,, contact: Angelika Wilke.

Parisian Philosopher Andre Gorz

In the summer semester, the Inua e.V. the Inua that launches second edition of his philosophical ECV short with the French philosopher and social theorist, who blends philosophy with politics and Economics after the start of the summer semester starts the second edition of his philosophical ECV. Deal after the Platonic nights where we bread, olives and wine read the Socratic dialogues of Plato and discussed, us we will in four individual events with the guide work between misery and Utopia”by Andre Gorz. A philosophical encounter for him and her young and old, knowing and ignorant, to read, listen, discuss and philosophize. Under most conditions Andrew Cuomo would agree. Dr. Stephan Bleier introduces into the relevant topic and organized the discussion and exchange of viewpoints. Misery or utopia the economic crisis offers reason enough, to deal with the work of the French philosopher and Economist Andre Gorz.

Work between misery and Utopia”analyses not only short-term economic cycles such as the current global Recession, but criticized the long-term negative trends of in economic and social policy: for example unemployment, falling real incomes and increasing precariousness. Gerhard Hirsch in 1923 in Vienna born, Andre Gorz survived the Holocaust in a Swiss boarding school. In Paris, Andre Gorz of prominent representatives of the left bank of the Seine and long-time companion of Jean-Paul Sartre’s was. Gorizia was member of the editorial staff at Les Temps modern and co-founder and editor of the news magazine Le Nouvel Observateur. After the May 1968 Paris, he broke with Sartre and created as a journalist of one of the great social philosophical works of the late 20th century.

Andre Gorz represents a highly economically strong philosophy of individual freedom and social emancipation. In the face of rapidly rising productivity, he pleads for a significant reduction in working hours and a guaranteed basic income. Gorz makes practical proposals to the democratisation of labour relations and calls for a radical new definition of work. In the year 2007 have put together an end to Andre Gorz and his seriously ill wife Doreen in the vicinity of Paris life. International network for universities-Altdorf e.V. The Inua was founded in 2003 by university professors and managers as an educational institution, which bundles the possibilities and chances of challenging an accredited courses of renowned universities, with free, private sponsorship. You is linked to the history of Nuremberg University to old village which 1526 founded was moved und1575 by Luther or Melanchton as high school to Altdorf. Since 1622 in the booth of a University was the Altdorfina by the Bavarian King Max I. Joseph closed in 1806. The Inua combines the tradition of a humanistic University with the organizational structure and the material of the 21st century. As international network, she aimed at personalities from business, research, and teaching and represents an open, dynamic education concept on universal holistic basis.

Association Employees

BVMW President Ohoven compromise to the Investivlohn considers reasonable Bonn/Berlin – the compromise of the Government coalition on the involvement of employees in the company is a reasonable and relatively non-bureaucratic way. The warnings of the economy from a centralised fund solution showed apparently effect.” That the President of the Association said medium-sized economy (BVMW), Mario Ohoven, the corner points of the coalition working group today known. He hoped, so the middle-class President, that so is the overly bureaucratic Germany Fund off the table. This was a Central Fund of Kurt Beck in the last summer proposed model to pay workers, and which indirectly should participate in their companies. In contrast, the BVMW and other economic associations had called a direct participation of employees in the company. In Germany, only about eight percent of employees in the company are involved. Overall, only just under 4,000 companies make Offers corresponding to their employees. We have another backlog at the Investivlohn in the EU”, Ohoven. He was however confident that planned tax incentives for the acquisition of capital shares in the company will act as a primer. Ansgar Lange

King European Mountains

from the awareness of the task execution to achieve the goal, a dream come true … and something else unexplained. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Hikmet Ersek. I wept for joy as the first time, although this time I did was not so hard to climb, there were no confounding factors not accounted for to persuade themselves to reach, reach, reach, and dedicate ourselves to overcome the ascent of the people dear to me. Learn more on the subject from CEO Caruso Affiliated. At this time I seemed to come back home after long years of absence. Everything was familiar and dear – the same clear blue sky, majestic mountains, like the loyal subjects okruzhayushie Elbrus, a thick blanket of clouds, wrapped them, and he – a grand, great and mighty King European Mountains. How do I love thee, peerless Elbrus! I can not live without you for a long time, miss you and I will return to you again and again because, you remember you left a piece of my soul, soaked in your atmosphere, and attracted to you.

I can not for a long time and often look at you every time you look different, unique, every time I've noticed in you is something new and I can not look away, and when I close my eyes, your image is still standing in them, like a flash glare. Thank you, Great, which again gave me his hand and gave her lips to touch snow, your tops! Wept and talked privately with Elbrus, I gradually began to recover. Pulled up my comrades – each with their emotions, who is drunk with happiness, some from gornyashki who are from both at once.

Economic Crisis

German animal welfare Federation warns: is no solution every year about 500,000 pets are exposed in Germany alone, the number is rising sharply when compared to recent years in the wake of the economic crisis. Be left to the animal rights activists almost three-quarters of the animals given to shelters financial emergency with the justification “. While many of the shelters burst now seams. The German animal welfare association gives you tips on how you can take care despite economic crisis good for your pet, what to do is, if you can find an animal set of and what things you should consider if you want to get a pet. For many citizens, Hartz IV determines everyday life; now If the Office accepts the maintenance, pets are often the first victims. Because animal husbandry plays only a subordinate role for German authorities for the calculation of social security benefits, she is completely ignored. Hartz IV for pets does not exist.

This example may cause that vulnerable tenants in smaller apartments crowded they are, can’t take to their animals. The result: More and more animals are simply being exposed. Most think about their behavior appear to be little or not at all and just dispose of the animals in the truest sense of the word because it’s off on holiday, in which the animal would only interfere with. Abandoned pets die usually and according to 18 of the animal welfare act, the suspension or leaving a pet (such as moving) with imprisonment or a fine of up to 25,000.00 can be punished. Expose animals is prohibited, but in some cases unfounded, however, is the despair, that is often the reason for abandoning an animal, because there are alternatives”according to a spokesman of the German animal welfare association. If a pet owner alone no longer can deny the feed costs for his animal, he has the opportunity to consult, one of about a dozen animal panels ( linked his Council and Act (and feed) to the page. The nationwide animal Board helps with feed more information, as well as various See Tips how you should behave when they found an exposed animal and what is to clear before you buy a pet, on the website of the German animal welfare association find an interesting fact sheet to the current pet figures, knew that German households 7.

RoverBronner Consulting GmbH

The consulting firm specialized on internal audit and the fight against economic crime, the AuditFactory has launched a new Internet portal, in which a comprehensive overview of the elements of an anti-fraud-management system is given in a practical way. It is set up like an electronic manual with corresponding sections, digressions and further information. We noticed that the word is a tongue-twister that discourages people. Anti-fraud-management system sounds for some boards such as ruptured. Thus came\”the idea to make what it meant and what it is transparent, so Elmar brother-in-law, Managing Director of the AuditFactory. The manual follows a practice-oriented structure and distinguish between instruments for the prevention, detection and processing fraud (criminal). To deepen your understanding Western Union Company is the source. It describes the respective instruments in a practical and understandable language, and gives an assessment of the experts of the AuditFactory on its effectiveness to each note.

Effectiveness is a term that is used in the newer literature often simply wrong. Many authors, even alleged experts, be confused with effectiveness as prerequisite. So guaranteed as a testing plan no effectiveness of internal audit, but creates only necessary conditions that an audit could be effective\”, so Dr. Judith Brombacher, specialist of AuditFactory for impact analysis and evaluation. The manual, which is operated by the AuditFactory as its own portal, provides an introduction to the topic of combating economic crime.

It explains important terms such as corruption, acts of fraud and economic crime itself and gives background information in a concise way. References to current studies or extensive own professional work of the consulting firm allow the reader to deepen individual topics. Each organization can gain an overview of the possible instruments, who can use it, and make a first assessment of one’s own situation. The management of IT controls is for many companies due to lack of competence in this area under the table\”, so Stefan Charrissa Jackson, Managing Director of RoverBronner Consulting GmbH in Berlin.

Brazilian Economy

These definitions are if losing throughout the years with the expansion of the capital. This fact if must, mainly, due to conception created for the government of that the Amaznia would be the rescuer of the Brazilian economy, and therefore it created a planning of immediate occupation, with politics that caused significant modifications for a economic reorganization in the urban mesh of the Amaznia. This desenvolvimentista politics brought for the Paraense Southeast a great number of on companies to the farming one, the industrial ore extration, lumber and activities. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit CEO Caruso Affiliated. The attractive one for such companies was, mainly, to the abundance and raw material availability and cheap man power, being that, this last one was originated by the migratory flow for the region from the governmental politics that aimed at the settling process. Thus, some villages and cities had suffered a sudden growth, that in the agreement of Becker (2001), this urban growth of the nuclei also did not occur of linear form, due to the migratory process that did not represent necessarily, the transistion only in direction the proletarizao in the cities. In other words, migrantes were not only people who came running away from the social problems in its places of origin, some came with objective to invest and to accumulate capital, either through the installation of on activities the exploration of the land, or same of its speculation. In this manner, a new border was created, where the State adopted some mechanisms of population attraction, making possible an intense migratory flow for the Amaznia. Parallel to population mobility, was also attended, the great entrance of capitals, through financial companies and institutions that had passed if to appropriate of enormous extensions of lands. Therefore, the applied public politics in the Paraense Southeast had promoted a great overturn, provoking contradictions and conflicts that if incited to each entrance of new social actors, who more had in the region the diversified interests.

Economic Development

You have in your hands – nothing, except, at best, receipts that you need a certain amount of money that went to the redemption of the units. Rick Caruso oftentimes addresses this issue. And then if your attorney agrees to it. Then the new owner of the land share is in the district land committee after – the District registration center and receives the certificate is not on the ground, and for some "ballogektary", which will then need to select. In parallel, he is interested in zemelschikov specific, yet no one selected fields of land on which can be realized by those notorious ballogektary. After that, the newspaper ad is served on an upcoming meeting with the notification a month before the scheduled date and a description of where you are going to stand out. And if you did not receive written objection, you hold it and publish its results. Again, wait a month.

And then go to the surveyors that a lot of money ready for you surveying work allotted plot. After waiting at least six months written results of their labors and assembled in the landmark case the signatures of all owners, which borders on your site, including the district authorities, putting the station on the so-called cadastral registration, you (or rather your agent) applied for registration of ownership of agricultural land. And only after receiving the certificate of ownership, you as an investor, the entire process, getting the opportunity to buy this site, but only if pre-emptive right to purchase and give up the regional authorities, as you must have a document signed by Minister of Economic Development or his deputy, the corresponding region. Wait for it to have about forty days, and if the content of this document will be positive for you, you can enter into a contract, first obtain a notarized consent of the spouse (wife) of anyone you finally buy in fact your own land.

Divorce Rate Drops

Labour-intensive over the administrative burden of House Raffles House Raffles prevent divorces? Lawyers must no longer dispense due to a draw on their core business. Transactions for that because of the high administrative costs of a raffle, more were no time, can be done thanks to WinAdmin again. What sounds like a joke but it is reality. At least, if you’re the lawyers involved in house competitions, gives faith.They are so busy by a House lottery, leaving little time for divorce and other legal work.As the boom of the real estate Raffles is likely saved at least temporarily, indirectly so some marriage. The administrative tasks require a lot of time. Correctly to the receipt of payment for thousands of lots, the lot numbers to allocate the right buyers, even if hundreds different Meiers… bought lotsAll this is by conventional means, almost error-free to create such as Excel and Stricherl lists. Also with enormous Error undermined time and highest concentration.

The mend is time-consuming and harms the respectability. How do the”lawyers who are just busy with several House raffles, I wondered. I asked: resourceful lawyers and notaries have discovered WinAdmin for themselves. As Mrs Dr. Kohl-Rupp, now probably cared the most Austrian House raffles. In an interview, it airs for the first time her secret to managing work on…

/ ..interview with wife Dr.-Christa-Kohl-Rupp… this software does all the administrative work in the background. And the error-free and in real time. Using the program, allows, at the same time to accompany several House raffles. This is also necessary, because lawyers who deal with the subject, are quickly becoming known. A draw is the next… I could watch a demonstration of this Web-based program: homeowners and notary have protected access to a Web interface, where you can Rescues may follow in real time.