Los Remedios Caseros

Diseases are the cause or messages that the body sends us to alert us that something is going wrong in our organism. Usually when we get sick, we always resort to the same; A visit to the doctor or the pharmacy that they prescribe some type of drug to alleviate symptoms or cure the disease. There are many diseases and pathologies that require medical supervision and medication, but there are also many others that we could have avoided or treated naturally if we had known a number of home remedies or traditional medicine. Traditional medicine and natural home remedies, are the healthiest way of prevent and cure diseases (those that can be). Therefore it is never more know medicine can be found in supermarkets and health food stores.

Meet the seller for the herbalist and ask advice from time to time will help us win in health. We could avoid a simple cold, allergy or many other pathologies or diseases that are the order of the day with a series of natural foods. Not only against diseases: natural medicine, also helps us prevent diseases, many there are plants and fruits that maintain our immune system in a good state and thereby avoid many diseases and combat free radical exposure.