February Center

Cooperation for unified communications solutions for contact center of the new generation of Dreieich / Frankfurt, Stockley Park London, arrange aspect and Dell services in February 2012 – aspect, provider of solutions for the customer contact and Microsoft platforms, and Dell Services solutions for contact centers and enterprises have agreed a cooperation for the marketing of Microsoft-based unified communications. Many large companies see contact center as a main place for customer loyalty and as a sales driver. Legacy telephony infrastructure or poor connections can cause however, that calls are missed or canceled, which has a negative effect on customer service. This can lead to lost sales and have an adverse affect on the company’s brand. The collaboration aspect and Dell includes the technology, services and contact center expertise, to provide dynamic and effective solutions for the customer contact from one hand customers.

This relationship gives customers the flexibility and Scalability they need to optimally adjust your PBX and contact center solution to their requirements. Golfbreaks.com, one of the largest European operators of golf vacations, implemented a Microsoft-based unified communications solution with multimedia contact center infrastructure, to replace its outdated PBX platform. As the telephony platform of golf breaks no longer could keep up the customers with service requirements, the company chose a contact center solution on an open, efficient and affordable software platform provided by Dell and aspect. Growing number of bookings we had to deal with a new way, to do more without additional staff”, explains Steve Hemsworth, Managing Director, Golfbreaks.com. Our customer service is the reason that people always book through us. However, the lack of integration of the channel was a burden for our agents and solutions with the increasing demand and led to increased Administration expenses. The contact way preferred by the customers change as well as the time to contact us. “” We have our operating hours already expanded over 30 percent, and thanks to the new SMS and email support as well as integration with our CRM solution, you with us is easier and faster booking can.

Attractive Solutions

NUSSER city furniture GmbH & co. KG is always a nose ahead to offer the ultimate in comfort the customer through continuous innovation, was and is the credo of NUSSER city furniture GmbH & co. KG. “Since 2002 to the Group of companies owned by NUSSER company BECK acted quite deliberately forward-looking: urban planners and architects will work not only with the new BECK” a high-quality, recreation 160 pages and over 100 varieties of product reference, that is fitted with attractive solutions for public spaces, makes it easier. “The margin of innovations is also accomplished by the modified APP for iPhone and iPad further exposed: here, for example, the rubric is new references”, divided according to Naidu or BECK. Here the numerous objects at a glance can be viewed on a map from North to South and from East to West. One gets only a click away directly on the desired, illustrated directions via Google including reference object.

In addition BECK presents three ingenious product novelties: the PROFIsmile impresses with its almost inviting exterior and is anything but a conventional dustbin. The practical opening is reminiscent of the popular smilie “motif and quasi asks with a smile to on, not on the ground but in the extremely friendly garbage disposals waste” to throw. Double points can be combining appropriate waste containers ash ZWILLINGsmile. Also in terms of ash, BECK waiting with a new product: the NICslim is a very sleek and elegant, round Stan as shaving solution that is available in two sizes. The ease of use in addition to the attractive design is undoubtedly particularly noteworthy: triangular lock unlock, Ascher can be found upstairs, ground slide open and already ashes falling out. Bicycles are like stylish and sure: the two versions available BECKveloparc, it is to a bicycle stand, the love to all types of bicycles home”of the bicycles over mountain bike with disc brakes up to the child’s bike. While the veloparc basic for just setting is a peculiar setting is possible with the veloparc flexo in addition. The sophisticated, patented design by Karl Weber offers very easy handling and a particularly safe standing position, because the bike to the right pedal crank is fixed. IRIS drive Feldt