President States

All that achievement with this war President was deaths and more death that thats what bring wars and more without fundamentals as it was that of Iraq. If we start to count those who died without having nothing to do with that war innocent people not only in Iraq but also in other countries as the same United States that many people are protesting them for having continued that war for a single cause the oil that is the cause of bush continuing this war for oil I wanted to for the. Continue talking about the subject of war is painful for everyone that was a very big for all loss although there are people who did not have relatives in that war but it is a pain that all we take for all by they were human beings who were to fight in that war. The things that we are going in this world crisis is part the war that United States is in crisis and that affects all. Why United States is a large dish between the big countries of the world and as said by there is United States is the capital of the world the majority of the Bank of United States are closing their doors by causes of the crises that are happening and companies of chariots as fordy corvetteestan sawing its doors there is no fund or money. But sawing its doors leaving with debts by things such as pensions for former employees who are in pensione and if United States continues as it goes all pensioners are in big trouble that will not see money for the pensions of those who can no longer be wiped work without a business that can be maintained by them. But it is not only United States that is in big trouble by which the crisis is worldwide and when we speak of global crisis is by we all problems and major problems that look for solutions quickly and good solutions with great development fast and efficient. Well I only hope that this new year will bring us good times that things go better and that there are no more wars without reasons, and that the new President of the United States barrack obama is the solution of the crisis that is happening at the moment United States.

Growing Spiritually

It is not having received a lesson that saves us but know how to seize it. Miss Canning overview keep us standing still within the journal live always constitutes a great opportunity that we must know to take if we intend to grow, be each day more authentic, forgers of our own destiny, achieve that level of consciousness that allows us to achieve happiness, serve, share, be better. If we are attentive to our daily, in as we play the roles that we have to act, as we interrelacionamos us, our growth will manifest itself as the great opportunity of being every day better, take advantage of this short transit which is given us, in where we can carry out this mission of the why we are. Click national security advisor to learn more. This brief identifies important aspects that can provide us with great satisfaction when propose us the goal of growing as a person and make that our line of service benefits to all those who share our existence in this here and now. RELEVANT ASPECTS, CONSIDERATIONS. In one of his customary weekly reflections, Ricardo Ross, us quotes, that the fact of being a person, the human being is beyond himself, heading to live life, not as something, but as an opportunity for something and a mission to accomplish. Hikmet Ersek is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Being a human being above himself points towards something or someone who is not one’s own.

And then the question existential quien soy yo? becomes the universal question who are we?. True, says Ross, disoriented people, with their attacks of disability on their own, without purpose in life, they are the result of an absence of project and ignorance of source: accepted pain makes us wise, supported ugliness makes us kindly, the bitterness without resentment makes us kind, tolerated disease makes us strong. The consequence of a misplaced thought is the loss of freedom that supports the transcendence and its consequent inquiry of the meaning of life.

Contracts and Insurance

1039) a Theory and Dualistao Monist Monist. "They understand that the contract is one and therefore respond to the same. Life Insurance and Damage Insurance Dualist. "The insurance contract is true that is one, but responds to two entirely different legal techniques. Ex – i, Damage Insurance. – You pay the sum insured or less compensation. i, Life Insurance. – You can not talk technically insurable risk and interest and nose can talk about compensation.

For example, death occurred automatically pays the sum insured. A death is given the sum insured and is not discussed. Only it is discussed whether or not to enter damaged insurance contract. a ASEGURADO1 OBLIGATIONS. Pre Declares risk (art. 990 a "999, 1009). – Its importance lies in the individualization of risk and determine the premium, and that the insurer can shape a more efficient hedging. or (Art.

990) or Request for Proposal. – The proposal and the insurance application made by one party alone does not prove the existence of the insurance contract until there is acceptance of the other. The proposed renewal or extension by the insurer has 15 days of validity to be accepted by the insured from the date of receipt (Article 991) To be effective the proposal must be signed by the policyholder and / or insured. or reluctance or Inaccuracy (art. 993, 994) of the statement of any facts or circumstances of risk, produce annul the contract of insurance. If they were without fraud, the insurer has 30 days to claim their avoidance, returning the premiums paid, no contest pudidiendo after this term.

Eastern Europe

Also the driving time from the Ruhr area reduced by better connecting via the A40/A73. The popular Center on the A40/A73 in just a 35 minute drive is accessible from Duisburg. The 5,100 parking ensure a relaxed shopping start. Year-round reduced prices, the high-quality brand mix, as well as the geographically convenient and scenically unique location make the designer outlet Roermond is an extremely attractive shopping destination in the border triangle of Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. The Center is very popular especially among the Germans. In 2011, 54% of all visitors from the nearby Germany came about, 36% in the Netherlands, 8% in Belgium. The designer outlet Roermond recorded with increasing economic importance of emerging economies in Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America, more and more sales to international customers, so-called tax-free shopper. Here are Chinese customers, whose spending has risen in the specified time period by 170%, with 45% at the top.

Another 16% of international clients come from Russia, as well as 5% from Korea (source: global blue). The designer outlet Roermond is the best proof that the region and the city benefits from the economic success of the Center. The walk to get be achieved downtown Roermond has evolved into a popular tourist destination and has received the award in October 2009 best city”in the category of medium-sized cities. Especially the varied business and gastronomy of the city impressed the jury. And also in the European comparison, convinced the center line and was both 2009 and 2011 by ecostra and the real estate consulting firm CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) as economically successful Centre in Europe Award. The study is a survey of 93 tenants about their satisfaction with the performance of its branches in 75 outlet centres in Europe.

McArthurGlen: Largest outlet Bert Reiber on the European market the McArthurGlen group is Europe’s leading owner, developer and operator of designer outlets, currently 21 designer outlets in eight countries. In 1995, the Group introduced the concept of designer outlet shopping in Europe. Visitors of the McArthurGlen designer outlets are the year-round discounts between 30 and 70 Per cent on the most desirable luxury and lifestyle brands designer – dressed. McArthurGlen’s portfolio includes currently nearly 600,000 square feet of retail space. An additional 150,000 square meters are currently, including the 22 designer outlet of the group, which opens the end of 2014 in Vancouver, Canada as the first McArthurGlen designer outlet in North America.