Contracts and Insurance

1039) a Theory and Dualistao Monist Monist. "They understand that the contract is one and therefore respond to the same. Life Insurance and Damage Insurance Dualist. "The insurance contract is true that is one, but responds to two entirely different legal techniques. Ex – i, Damage Insurance. – You pay the sum insured or less compensation. i, Life Insurance. – You can not talk technically insurable risk and interest and nose can talk about compensation.

For example, death occurred automatically pays the sum insured. A death is given the sum insured and is not discussed. Only it is discussed whether or not to enter damaged insurance contract. a ASEGURADO1 OBLIGATIONS. Pre Declares risk (art. 990 a "999, 1009). – Its importance lies in the individualization of risk and determine the premium, and that the insurer can shape a more efficient hedging. or (Art.

990) or Request for Proposal. – The proposal and the insurance application made by one party alone does not prove the existence of the insurance contract until there is acceptance of the other. The proposed renewal or extension by the insurer has 15 days of validity to be accepted by the insured from the date of receipt (Article 991) To be effective the proposal must be signed by the policyholder and / or insured. or reluctance or Inaccuracy (art. 993, 994) of the statement of any facts or circumstances of risk, produce annul the contract of insurance. If they were without fraud, the insurer has 30 days to claim their avoidance, returning the premiums paid, no contest pudidiendo after this term.