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In last analysis, the deepening of the crisis could still empty in an eventual retrocession in the process of commercial integration or in commercial war of harmful effect. The two encaminhamentos could become, in a perspective of short term, a tempting option for the politicians, however, they would have negative impacts on the productivity of the economies in the medium and long run. Governmental performance in the solution of the crisis With the aggravation of the crisis occurred a generalized demand stops that the governments acted. The belief exists that, depending on the ability, quality, depth and extension of the state interventions, the crisis effect would be reduced, but in fact, considering the gravity of the situation, the space of performance of the governments very narrow and is limited, although the current Brazilian economic situation to be enviable. Adopted measures – the Brazilian government adopted varied measured to attenuate the effect of the crisis. To protect the banking system and to increase the liquidity the wallet purchase was established a legislation facilitating of credits of banks in difficulty for the banks most solid.

Aiming at to regularize it offers of credit had been gradually set free resources of the obligatory deposits. Certain banking consolidation exemplificada by the junction of the Ita Bank was initiated with Unibanco, or for the purchase of part of the capital of the Votorantin for the Bank of Brazil and other operations of this nature they will be able to occur next. Resources of the exchange reserves had been offered stop to equate the lack of external credit, mainly for the renewal of operations of companies in Brazil and for the financing of the exportations, among others. Some of these interventions had been adopted on the basis of the belief that the markets will be normalized in a stated period not very long. In this in case that they would have been made right, therefore they can alliviate the impacts most acute of the retraction of the credit.

Trading Products and Jet computer products bring a Disney article in cash-and-carry – trade chains Cologne / Laatzen, may 2010. The Cologne computer AG spices up off immediately with Mickey Mouse, Hannah Montana, and Disney’s Princesses electronics departments in retail stores on. As exclusive distributor of Hanoverian Jet computer products GmbH, importer of IT accessories in the room roof, the IT distributor headquartered in Cologne provides a wide range of electronics and peripherals wireless mouse to laptop bags in the design of well-known Disney characters for its cash and carry customers. Strong brand generations spanning is one of Disney for decades the world’s most famous and attractive brands. Therefore, the brand carries great potential for sales and revenue.

Featuring popular characters from classics such as Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh on the brands of toy story and cars up and speaks to recent success figures on Hannah Montana or high school musical portfolio various ages on. Young girls find as their favorites in a wide range such as teens and adults Disney fans. Attractive displays at the point of sale ensure optimum presentation of products. Varied is the range of the license article: keyboards, computer mice in different finishes, speakers, headphones, laptop bags and more available to customers to choose. On a successful collaboration, broad product portfolio and the outstanding quality of the Disney articles fit ideally to the assortment policy of our trading partners. will serve increasingly selected cash-and-carry channels. Our cooperation marked an important, strategic step with Jet computer this way”commented Torsten Belverato (COO computer AG) the action. With Disney, the retail sector has the ability to generate revenue with minimal advice and goods and materials from the customer frequency at the POS.

“ is well positioned in the large retail and therefore an ideal partner”, added Edwin Lengnick, Sales Director of Jet computer products. About the computer AG the computer AG with headquarters in Cologne is a by Germany’s top-5-full booksellers in the IT distribution market *. founded in 1996 as a sole proprietorship, computer AG employs currently about 140 employees at offices in Braunschweig, Cologne, and Linden. Since 2002 renamed as AG. In the 2008/09 financial year, the company generated a turnover of around 220 million. Annual access 13,500 customers, the retail chain leading system houses up to the local IT service provider, on the product portfolio of the IT specialists comprehensive about 12,000 articles. In addition to this breadth and depth of service quality and State of the art logistics partner DHL gain a competitive edge the wholesalers. “For more information, * Source: GfK channel survey IT 2009/2010 Germany market cover & dealer loyalty index” about JET computer products GmbH: the JET computer products GmbH is a resident in Laatzen near Hanover, Europe-wide Active distributor of ICT and CE products.

Commonplaces Customer

Interestingly, the strict application of the requirements of the ISO standards with other requirements of many customers correlates: privacy. The topic of privacy is not new, is gaining but with increasing trend towards the outsourcing of business-critical data immensely. Dealing with customer data, General and personal data in particular is a subject to which this framework certainly would blow up. However, it can be said that the questions are always deep and detailed, in client meetings. And that is a good thing. An enlightened client is ultimately much more grateful and know elaborate measures to comply with all available privacy policy best to appreciate. This involves not only the minimum requirements of 4 BDSG, but, similar to the ISO certification, a holistic concept which is behind it. State authorities, as well as medium-sized and large customers have understandably very high demands on the business dealing with their sensitive data.

Negative headlines in the media on this subject demonstrate increased sensitivity only in the increased mass in this regard. Here, the zero-tolerance limit applies to serious business provider. It is a legally required and entrepreneurial ordered supervisor to do much more to provide security and to guarantee. Here comes the first mentioned correlation between ISO certification and privacy in the game. On the basis of a consistent quality management a variety of measures can be implement, which not only conform to the privacy, but go far beyond. The complete transparency of all work processes and their logging up to the several times in the year repeating internal audit, which in turn itself is verified, get no room for individual or structural negligence in the provision of the services (including professional customer and staff specific data storage). Here it goes not only to a law-compliant behavior on customer’s request, but rather to the company’s philosophy, who lived in the company. That goes as far as to exclude individual customer segments by the provision of the services offered as far as potential interference can be expected.

This applies especially, if this possible profits must be dispensed with. Such policies also integrate into a QMH and mutate from informal Commonplaces binding instructions where failure to comply may lead to a loss of the ISO standards for the entire company. A chaos not automatically becomes its opposite, just because it is certified. A non-existent company structure may not be certified. A certification according to ISO-standard can be performed only on the basis of existing and appropriate structures. This misunderstanding of the consecutive terms has brought to despair so many businessman. A certification in itself brings no structure, you can authenticate them only at best. Successful quality management is basically in all heads on CRM, customer relationship management, absolute pure form. Because at the end it is only and exclusively to serve the wishes and needs of our customers and partners, as we expect it of ourselves would not only on the day of the award of contracts, but to each other also. Sounds naturally and easily. But if it that would be, then’s can everyone! Nils S. Kaufmann General startup project manager head of quality management centron GmbH