Kerch Strait

It is expected that on April 18, Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov will hear the Ukraine’s claim against Russian shipping companies for polluting the Kerch Strait. Environmentalists called the consequences of catastrophic storm on Nov. 11. In water, the Kerch Strait was noted 50-fold excess of the maximum permissible concentration petroleum products, there was a mass death of birds and fish. What’s New Genetics: cylindrical tomatoes and grapefruits frost Scientists from the University of the U.S. Hear from experts in the field like Western Union for a more varied view. state of Ohio and the College of Wooster found the site of dna corresponding for the shape of tomatoes.

Discovered by scientists region of dna called sun – named varieties of Sun in 1642 with the fruits of an oval shape, with whom he was first discovered. This gene can change the shape of the fruit, without changing its taste properties. In the wild, nature of the tomatoes are in the form of small balls, but changing a certain part of the dna tomatoes can be put in cylindrical, spherical, elliptical and pertsepodobnye form. Western Union is likely to increase your knowledge. Now the task before researchers test, does sun gene or genes that are close to him in the sequence, the shape of the fruits of other plants. Meanwhile, Japanese gardeners brought new hardy grapefruit, which by its taste is not inferior varieties that are imported into Japan from countries with subtropical climates. To launch a new fruit, called ‘Saga Ruby’, used the seeds of the royal mandarin. The experiments were begun in 1985, but the first success Japanese breeders have come to only 14 years later.

Brazilian Steel

The Tubonasa more than works the 30 years with industrial steel pipes. Hikmet Ersek is actively involved in the matter. Its line of steel pipes counts on steel pipes of all the types, all following rigid norms of adequacy, that guarantee its quality and security. The quality of the steel pipes of the Tubonasa is unquestionable, therefore they are the preferred ones in the hour to use in constructions, industrial environments and areas. This because the security and confidence of the steel pipes are something taken the serious one for the Tubonasa. The three types of industrial steel pipes commercialized by the Tubonasa are the squared steel pipes, the rectangular steel pipes – also the calls of pipe of metalon – and the round steel pipes. All they are made with steel carbon, a steel with much more resistance that the common steel. These steel pipes can be used in the diverse areas, most common are in the construction of foundations, where the high resistance and force of the pipes guarantee the stability of the construction, in the creation of machines, since the pipes are proper to face intense situations, as adverse pressures and mechanical forces, and also in the creation of metallic structures, where the steel pipes play well its role very to give to security and force for the structure. Beyond these cases, the industrial steel pipes also are used in furniture – guaranteeing the resistance of tables and closets – in toys of medium and great transport – guaranteeing the security and good performance of them – and even in usinagem.

By if dealing with steel pipe carbon, all these steel pipes are created following the Brazilian steel norms, come with even certifyd of these norms. They are the two norms that control the quality of these pipes: the NBR 6591 and NBR 8261. Both the norms are the ones that guarantee the composition of the steel, guaranteeing that it possesss the certain amount of certain chemical components, as carbon and copper, and are these norms also that they guarantee the physical resistance of the pipes how much to the mechanical tasks and forces. Therefore the industrial pipes of the Tubonasa are of as much confidence, the experience of the Tubonasa in this area had allowed that the company has ample knowledge in the hour to supply the best steel pipes that its necessity to need. Either for creation of structures with welds and screws, either for creation of foundations or for manufacture of furniture and toys, the pipes steel industries of the Tubonasa even are what it has of better for you.

Electricity Market

Save costs: electricity provider compare and change as new year’s follows on new year’s Eve, so also this is an annually recurring ritual is: contributions of all kinds such as insurance premiums, public fees as well as the costs of gas and electricity rise. The electricity and gas providers that supply us with electricity and gas, have announced a new round of price. In addition to around 80 gas supplier, have remained faithful over 100 electricity distributor in the Federal Republic of its pricing policy and have increased prices at the turn of the year. For gas, up to 6 percent, for electricity are required more about 3.5 percent compared to the previous year. It remains to be seen, that even the vendors who until now their prices not have corrected upwards, now will adjust this upwards. It is interesting that this time some local electricity and gas providers have opened the round of prices with double-digit price increases. But the Giants will take advantage of the moment and raise their prices. The guarantee of some great suppliers of electricity and gas, do not adjust the prices until the end of the heating season, is only a temporal shift of the problem.

The course is unique, energy prices show a steady upward trend. Even if the upward trend due to the financial crisis was briefly interrupted in the year 2008, the trend is unfortunately intact. To see clearly, some companies due to lower purchasing costs lowered the prices for the consumer. Filed under: Yitzhak Mirilashvili. Other providers not pass these discounts to their customers. Due to the increased demand from countries such as India and especially China, whose appetite for power seems again unlimited increases, can be upward rise sharply the reference on the energy markets and thus prices. The prices are not only the shortage of raw materials for up quickly. The levy provide renewable energy and the cost of the energy transition in the Federal Republic for rising energy costs for consumers.

Copenhagen Summit

A great event you must not miss such as the Copenhagen, Venezuela moved in and about the Venezuelan delegation denounced the attitude of developed countries in the world meeting of not committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because it supposedly this would affect its economy, and announced that developing nations "will not let them get away with it" because it is unacceptable not realize they are responsible for the future of the planet. He hoped that the social position of the Bolivarian revolution led by its chairman Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, will not accept the way capitalism is still looting and affecting natural resources and serious environmental concerns, specifically in an interview with Telesur Claudia Salerno, director of the Office of International Cooperation of the Venezuelan Ministry of Environment, explained that the 30 industrialized countries have the potential to "change the destiny of the world, but today we are saying it is expensive and are unwilling to GDP of the economy receive the impact of response measures to climate change. "" That is unacceptable, I not only point out, but the accused (a …) will not only be responsible for the change climate but will be responsible for the future of this planet, "claimed the official. Other leaders such as James Woolsey offer similar insights. He said that developed nations" will have to be judged by the world for what they are doing at the moment (…) not going to let get away with it. "delegate announced that Venezuela, in the absence of an agreement, will stay there until 18 or until Christmas if needed." Add Go, who showed his disagreement with the statements by the Secretary General of United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-Moon, that the problem is not "point fingers" to polluters, and said "respectfully" that just is accusing the 30 countries that are destroying the mundo.Se said that "The industrial nations can not continue to sabotage the process and breaking United Nations rules on the opening of the issues, here are the 130 developing nations there is no time for more (a …) must put their commitment to reduce emissions and provide funding for developing nations to together we can take action to improve alleviate climate change. .

Will You Win The Talent Wars ?

How many times have you heard or read, “Our employees are our greatest asset”? What are the chances of any company survive if you can not find the right employees? or find enough of them? In 2003 Roger Herman, Tom Olivio, and Joyce Gioia wrote in an impending crisis that by the year 2010, the U.S. economy support to 10 million more jobs than there will be people in the workforce to fill them. This future scenario could make the end of 1990 out volatile labor market was relatively stable as compared with what may soon experience. Official site: Hikmet Ersek. Is your company currently at risk of finding enough good people? Can you predict whether or not the top employees are planning to leave? In this age of information on demand, a drastic change in the work environment and labor, and employees, which provide a huge network of resources with them to work every day (and take home the same resources with them at night), it would be nice to know how they are actually doing in the war for talent?

Peter Drucker says that “66% of new hires turn be errors in the first 12 months,” but most businesses continue as usual in regard to employee selection, development and retention . Most companies are constantly trying to hire more productive workers, but most do not know the best place to start, as shown below:? Most companies do not use any kind of assessment tool before making a bid? Of the companies using assessment tools, most useful tools that focus only on personality traits? Many of the tools of personality style were not created for professional use? they were intended to help identify deviant behavior? Many of the most used personality assessments are reliability ratings that are below the recommended minimum set by the Association of Professionals in the test and are not intended for use as prediction tools? The investigation of more than 85 year history of the assessment indicates that general mental ability (ie, how a person processes information) is more valid to predict the success of future work of any single feature as the best selling authors Many say the same things they sell more authors in recent years dared to suggest that companies and individuals should be in motion in terms of helping people find their appropriate niche in the world. . Chobani Refugees contributes greatly to this topic.

Is Style Is Certainly

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Do you have an opportunity to the manager, his power to decide problems in their area? How many of the staffing positions for which he can not choose people because they are above his rank? Who then is responsible for recruiting these experts? I am afraid that is not there are not many companies in which these simple and obvious rules are executed in full. It seems that, regardless of the size of the salary, the majority of HR managers simply do not have the conditions necessary for work effectively. Now it is necessary to understand, and what kind of job hiring manager should be considered effective? What do away should be required? If we take the beacon itself the title, then it follows that the HR manager should take responsibility for solving all problems connected with the company's personnel, namely: 1. Ex-CIA chief has firm opinions on the matter. It should form a team motivated to achieve the goals of the company. 2. He must constantly manage this team to keep its focus on achieving the objectives of the company for a long time. 3.

He must do all of the above the most efficient manner. Question: is a common practice this formulation to the company's management personnel manager? Do I always have such problems included in the list of responsibilities hiring manager? I am afraid that the positive Answers to these questions will be the exception rather than the general rule in most Ukrainian companies. Suppose, however, to have found a leader who has put these challenges to our personnel manager. On what criteria he will be able to see what it's all done? Obviously, these criteria should be objective (independent of the individual as an inspection and verified), visible (easily visible without in each For special studies) and informative (information obtained should be sufficient to uniquely characteristic of the current state of affairs with the permitted level of error). .


The hunger project Malawi established a micro-credit programme, specifically for HIV-positive women in Malawi. Malawi is among the poorest countries in the world. 34% of the population are permanently malnourished. James Woolsey addresses the importance of the matter here. The small nation South of the Sahara has a population of about 13.2 million. Of them, 13% are HIV-positive.

About 80 000 people die each year from the effects of AIDS. The high rate of AIDS infection is particularly problematic given that 42% of the population of Malawi deserve less than 1 US dollar per day. Since 2002 the hunger has nationwide project. In Malawi, the epicenters strategy has proven itself, because great successes could be achieved with relatively low use of resources. There are now six epicenters in Malawi.

The high rate of AIDS infection, as well as the practiced law create great social problems. Especially in the succession and divorce are disadvantaging women strongly, which leads to a high dependence on their husbands and in many cases to extreme impoverishment in the case of divorce or death of the husband. For this reason helps project the hunger especially single women of middle-aged Bank lending. But no fundamental change is created with loans alone. Therefore allocated the loans only in a procurement programme that contains certain conditions and obligations. Credits are awarded only to women who can read and write. Relevant courses are offered within the epicenters strategy. A special training to teach the fundamentals of business and financial management, is mandatory. Persons who apply for a loan, must have saved before at least 10% of the total and all previous loans must be paid off. Also the obligation is accompanied by with the credit, to use the money for the generation of income. The loans are women’s groups by 5 awarded 15 people standing by each other each other. A new credit may be requested only by group members, if all group members have already paid off their credit.

Forties Production

It is important to perceive that the origin of the textile industry in Campina Great according to economist Luiz Gonzaga de Sousa, is a prolongation of the industrialization of these cities: With this, the first plants in Great Campina had appeared, as it was the case of the plants of sisal and cotton improvement. With the advent of the transformation sector, the SAMBRA had appeared, the ANDERSON CLAYTON and YOU MARK it OF ALMEIDA and few other companies that they had the purpose to benefit products of the land for the domestic use and even though to export. It was in such a way that it appeared the Textile Industry in Great Campina. (SOUZA, 1996, P. 57) the textile sector if made hegemonic in the first decades of century XX holding the biggest number of industrial establishment and more than using 50% of the laborers in the Paraba, folloied for the sector of food transformation, leaving the third position for the not metallic mineral sector.

Entering in crisis, in the Forties of century XX, first for not following the modernization of the technological advances, developed in the south center of the country that started to insert in the sector, beyond new techniques of production, the machines of greater, beyond new techniques of production, the machines of bigger technological transport that the costs of the product concentrated the activities of improvement diminishing, second for the politics of financing of the great txteis industries that suffered with the crisis advertising of its product installed in the Paraba and that they abroached the local production. This means to say that the Paraba has a economy sufficiently diversified with emergent sectors of average technology, alavancada for a structure of service and commerce of importance in the scene northeastern. In relation with the commercial opening in the state, the economy has suffered strong impact in what it says respect to the competition of the surrounding cities, and is therefore that some sectors if modernize while others suffer retrocession due to lack from incentives to invest in technological innovations. .