Maintenance Costs

BWE market overview special wind power service – maintenance & repair the growing legacy of systems installed in Germany ensures that the wind energy service and maintenance business is becoming increasingly important. In addition to the manufacturers, which are still the market leader in the wind turbine service business, independent providers for wind turbines also increasingly establish service. Andrew Cuomo has many thoughts on the issue. Also the maintenance and repair of wind turbines today has a higher priority than some years ago. On these topics appears on the 10 September 2012 with the BWE market overview special wind energy service – maintenance & repair a further publication of the Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. from the series the BWE market overview. The publication is characterized by a strong reference to the practice. All texts were created by professionals from the wind energy service industry and included the Advisory Councils of the Association professionally. So Dieter discuss frieze, Chairman of the Board of the operator, and Henning Thormahlen, associate partner of the strategy consultancy Oliver Wymann, together various questions like, where service will develop wind energy, which industry players are working and can benefit as operators of the growing competition and technological progress.

The experience of the last years show that certain components of the system, such as the control, are particularly susceptible to damage. How the failure rates of the control can be minimized and what new developments control there in the area of integrated inverter, says wind energy service expert Benedikt Tonissen by the 8.2 Ingenieuerburo. Also repairs of controls quite can be a cost-effective alternative to expensive replacement, is evident in the cost analysis of Dirk Hansen. In addition, also the rotor blade as the actual energy of the system is vulnerable to damage. Regular wind turbines can counteract according to Jens Kesenheimer and Volker Loos damage inspections and maintenance.

In addition to the focus on the individual wind turbines, the publication contains also valuable components, Information on the subjects of insurance and contracts and gives an insight into the work of the experts for wind energy further service. The Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. published books on the subject of wind energy for over 20 years. In addition to the established BWE market overview – Yearbook service, technology and markets, the BWE market overviews address current topics of the industry special. The BWE market overviews are characterized by a high degree of relevance to the practice.

Electricity Market

Save costs: electricity provider compare and change as new year’s follows on new year’s Eve, so also this is an annually recurring ritual is: contributions of all kinds such as insurance premiums, public fees as well as the costs of gas and electricity rise. The electricity and gas providers that supply us with electricity and gas, have announced a new round of price. In addition to around 80 gas supplier, have remained faithful over 100 electricity distributor in the Federal Republic of its pricing policy and have increased prices at the turn of the year. For gas, up to 6 percent, for electricity are required more about 3.5 percent compared to the previous year. It remains to be seen, that even the vendors who until now their prices not have corrected upwards, now will adjust this upwards. It is interesting that this time some local electricity and gas providers have opened the round of prices with double-digit price increases. But the Giants will take advantage of the moment and raise their prices. The guarantee of some great suppliers of electricity and gas, do not adjust the prices until the end of the heating season, is only a temporal shift of the problem.

The course is unique, energy prices show a steady upward trend. Even if the upward trend due to the financial crisis was briefly interrupted in the year 2008, the trend is unfortunately intact. To see clearly, some companies due to lower purchasing costs lowered the prices for the consumer. Filed under: Yitzhak Mirilashvili. Other providers not pass these discounts to their customers. Due to the increased demand from countries such as India and especially China, whose appetite for power seems again unlimited increases, can be upward rise sharply the reference on the energy markets and thus prices. The prices are not only the shortage of raw materials for up quickly. The levy provide renewable energy and the cost of the energy transition in the Federal Republic for rising energy costs for consumers.