Guaranteed Interest Rate

Guaranteed interest rate for life insurance drops to 1.75 percent extremely low interest rates accompanied the last years in Germany. Now, however, a drastic reduction of the guaranteed interest rate was fixed by the Ministry of finance. A change that will affect well insured from January 2012. Long-term promise of the insurer regarding a guarantee rate of 2.25% can no longer be held due to a decision of the Federal Ministry for finance (BMF) in this context. Thanks to the new decision, the previous, and held for years, guarantee interest rate for life insurance policies from the beginning of 2012 will experience a setback to 1.75%.

For those who want to protect themselves from this point by means of a life insurance policy, the new interest rate will be decisive. The current guarantee interest however remains existing customers, however, have been around for years, a life insurance policy in their files. The goal of the guarantee rate cut is also smaller companies on the capital market new opportunities with regard to the according to the Ministry is, Returns to allow. A target that could be in the interest of consumers. What actually specifically behind the guarantee of interest? The impact triggered by the new reduction for the customer? Two of the many questions that are called now by the decision of the Federal Ministry of Finance on the plan and require a competent answer.

Some of the issues now raised can anyone interested see… read as well as answering the same. Time to find out, so in the sense of young people who have a scheduled life insurance for next year, thus enabling a secure basis an appropriate personal decision. Press contact: Frank Optendrenk OC projects, Optendrenk & Calinski GmbH Grefrather road 25 41564 Kaarst phone: 02131 4038940 E-Mail: webmaster at life insurance Internet:

Network Marketing Failures

Once in a long ago time when the Internet was not yet an integral part of our lives, and networkers build their business the ancient way, running for his friends and acquaintances of their acquaintances, and has made presentations in hopes of getting covenant partner, I remembered that's such a case. Late one evening the phone rang. I take the phone and hear the voice of a sob of my partners: "And I was ambassador-a-li-and-and! "Who sent you? Where to send? -I spent presentation, and then , then During a call, find out that she was refused. (Yeah-ah, I think, and what-are you such a hex, that you do not even send!) Sound familiar? Failures in network marketing has always been, is and will be! And as they respond? Well, of course, do not get depressed, and put a cross on his business because of this, too, do not! Let's imagine this situation. For you to come visit, and you, as hospitable hosts invited to drink a cup of flavored black tea. But one of your guest, flatly refused, saying that only drinks green tea. So what? You do not beat because of this, in hysterics, and not in conflict with the fastidious guests, even you do not have this green tea.

The man just does not want one, but prefers more. So, in case of failures in our favorite mlm business situation is similar! I remember his reaction to first refusal in the very beginning of my mlm activities – bad mood, decreased motivation. Further failures have become even annoying – then, if you are so stupid that you can not convey rights to basic, simple things, or he is an idiot, that these simple things do not understand! And then just got tired of responding to failures. But all the same, periodically review their with the candidates to hold costs to reduce their number, and the bad about yourself not to think.


ATI launches family EGA Wonder and Wonder VESA graphic overcoming potential to conventional cards. In April 1989, helps establish a standard VESA in the printing industry in May 1991 and ATI product family creates Mach8 able to process graphics independently of the CPU Central Processing Unit. ATI moves to its next year and remove the Mach32 chipset that integrates the controller and graphics accelerator in a single chip.
In November 1993, went on the market and began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange. In August 1994 introduced the ATI Mach64 which is recognized as the first chipset for video acceleration in movement, with the support of Graphics and Graphics Xpression Pro Turbo, have hardware support for color space conversion from YUV to RGB, and this served to provide acceleration for MPEG PC.
In late 1996, developed the first 3D graphics acceleration chip that called andalusia Rage, ATI already exceeded a million graphics chips sold, and also had several locations spread throughout Europe. Although it was not until 1997 with the Rage II chipset when it was made with the 3D market. This was the first to support hardware Z-Buffer, texture compression, bilinear filtering, trilinear and a number of interesting ways to mix textures in Direct3D.However, the drivers limited the performance of the plate and lost the top spot in the ranking of the graphics acceleration.
At the end of the year the company acquired Tseng Labs and industry leading 2D graphics, including 40 new engineers with the development in 1998 Rage 128 GL that anymore. The success of the reports allowed the Rage 128 GL run dramatically in 32-bit with 32 MB of RAM. .