Network Marketing Failures

Once in a long ago time when the Internet was not yet an integral part of our lives, and networkers build their business the ancient way, running for his friends and acquaintances of their acquaintances, and has made presentations in hopes of getting covenant partner, I remembered that's such a case. Late one evening the phone rang. I take the phone and hear the voice of a sob of my partners: "And I was ambassador-a-li-and-and! "Who sent you? Where to send? -I spent presentation, and then , then During a call, find out that she was refused. (Yeah-ah, I think, and what-are you such a hex, that you do not even send!) Sound familiar? Failures in network marketing has always been, is and will be! And as they respond? Well, of course, do not get depressed, and put a cross on his business because of this, too, do not! Let's imagine this situation. For you to come visit, and you, as hospitable hosts invited to drink a cup of flavored black tea. But one of your guest, flatly refused, saying that only drinks green tea. So what? You do not beat because of this, in hysterics, and not in conflict with the fastidious guests, even you do not have this green tea.

The man just does not want one, but prefers more. So, in case of failures in our favorite mlm business situation is similar! I remember his reaction to first refusal in the very beginning of my mlm activities – bad mood, decreased motivation. Further failures have become even annoying – then, if you are so stupid that you can not convey rights to basic, simple things, or he is an idiot, that these simple things do not understand! And then just got tired of responding to failures. But all the same, periodically review their with the candidates to hold costs to reduce their number, and the bad about yourself not to think.