Health Insurance Selfemployed

Health insurance luncht new price comparison for health insurance with a three SchritteSystem a health insurance for the self-employed should be tailored to the needs, because grade during the start-up phase, it is not only important cheap insurance to be, but to grant optimal protection in the price / performance ratio. Later, the insured person can the insurance with individual services to get on stocken, a maximum protection. Exactly on this, specializes and provides a quick and easy performance and price comparison the visitors health insurance independent. The three steps system offers the self-employed persons the possibility to get several offers from independent insurance consultants and insurance. So has the overview of the self-employed and must not just blindly trust on an insurance consultant, because hazards when choosing the insurance are tooth squadrons, excesses and the services the insured person not receives. Particularly worth mentioning is that rebates will only be guaranteed if no bill for the fiscal year is filed. The three steps offers everyone the right health insurance finding exactly the security and to assure optimal system. The website not only to learn where and at what price you insure themselves best, but what about services is also helpful information. This is an important point for the self-employed to yourself and your company optimally in the sickness and your business or company to protect the run to keep. We want to provide the separate information and not only leads for insurance “D.Hoinkis the Internet site operator”

Statutory Health Insurance Fund

Will there be no head package in the statutory health insurance? “No head fee health insurance say politicians of the CDU and FDP in the election campaign of the Landtag: there will never be a head lump sum in the health insurance”. Health Minister Rosler said: anyone who claim otherwise would scare people. In a conversation about the Landtag election in North Rhine-Westphalia, politician of the CDU and the FDP on the enforcement of a head lump sum is expressed in health insurance. “In a post for Welt am Sonntag”, Health Minister Philipp Rosler of the FDP and Hermann Grohe, CDU General Secretary say: A premium per capita “will not be available. Who says otherwise, wants to frighten the people and trying to dodge an honest debate.” Specifically, the SPD tried to unsettle the insured in North Rhine-Westphalia. “The two coalition leaders say clearly: who us under, we wanted to chief doctor and charge nurse in the same way, says deliberate untruth”. Changes in the health care sector could happen only step by step.

A reliable health system thrives on the acceptance of all parties involved. This prohibits abrupt system change.” Of social compensation through the tax system would offer the chance of a more equitable burden-sharing. Heiner Geissler, formerly CDU Secretary General, warned the Union to follow the proposals of the FDP on the subject of tax and health policy. “” When the CDU adopts the head lump sum, it is the State and federal elections lose as was Maggie Thatcher with their poll tax ” Geissler said focus magazine in an interview”. The Green Bundestag Group Chief Renate Kunast reproached black yellow, she would continue to work with trickery. “The promised fiscal equalization is pure eyewash given fast”, said Renate Kunast in Berlin on Saturday. It increases the premiums of health insurance funds in the Government Commission to consider health-care reform would have been called, “but no one dares to say that” the Bundestag Group Chief said. One Report of the news magazine “Spiegel” after the health and interior ministries disown on Saturday, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere of the CDU as a member of the Government Commission brought increases in premiums for the statutory health insurance in the game this year. It was but “completely far-fetched”, Roland Jopp, a spokesman for the Health Ministry.

FDP Crisis

CDU social committees Baden-Wurttemberg claim yellow card for the FDP SCHoNTAL: the CDU Sozalausschusse (CDA) request before the CDU retreat at the monastery of Schontal the shift of tax reform to the year 2013. “More than a flattening of tax progression will be impossible in the year 2013 due to the debt brake. The yellow card has to be shown in fiscal policy the FDP”calls the country heads of the social committees Christian Baumler. According to the CDA the CDU should be closed-door meeting not only by the spirit of unity with the Black-Yellow Coalition dominated land Chairman. “The CDU Baden-Wurttemberg should be inspired also by the opposition spirit of Gotz von Berlichingen let, is buried in Schontal Abbey, and breaking new ground: Germany enters a social imbalance, if about cuts in Hartz IV and discuss with the families and the perpetrators of the crisis can be sidelined.”The CDU workers organization calls, the introduction of a special levy for the financial sector in Germany. According to the proposals made by President Obama, banks and hedge funds should bear with the costs of economic and financial crisis: countries should be involved tax according to the CDA on the proceeds of this Obama, because they had to pay the cost of the crisis.

Cuts on the most vulnerable groups reject the social committees. “We can have debate not on one eye blind IV at the Hartz. Poverty wages and the abuse of temporary work must be resisted as well as the abuse of social benefits. In Germany, we have now more than a million people who can no longer live work by your hands and must obtain therefore supplementary social benefits. Who would like to relieve the social spending, must stop the abuse of temporary work and comprehensively introduce minimum wages”, calls for BA.