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So Paulo: Perspective, 1985, p) ; ' ' The episode naturalista' ' , of Nelson 447); ‘ ‘ Alusio main Azevedo and naturalistas’ ‘ , of Alfredo Bosi (in concise History of Brazilian literature, 41. Ed. So Paulo: cutrix, 2006, P. 187 194); ‘ ‘ Realism. Naturalismo. Parnasianismo’ ‘ , of Afrnio Coutinho (in literature in Brazil. v 4.7 ed.

So Paulo, 2004, P. 4 12); This article will be divided in two sections. In the first one, intitled ‘ ‘ The metamorphosis of the metaphor of corpo’ ‘ , in which we will give approach in the body of the naturalistic and realistic personages, also demonstrating the distinction of the corporal characteristics romantic to become an analysis with the metaphor of the realistic and naturalistic body; in second, the zoomorfia in the tenement house, we will analyze as if the instincts compare the personages with the animals comparing desires attitudes human beings of the not rational animals in the book, the tenement house, of Alusio Azevedo. The edition of> The tenement house that we use for the elaboration of this article was of the Publishing company Cultural Money market, So Paulo, 2007. I – The METAMORPHOSIS OF the METAPHOR OF the BODY We will go to analyze, to follow, as it was the description of the body in the Romantismo, with its subjetivismo and modesty, to compare the changes happened in the evolution for metaphor of the body of the realistic and naturalistic personages, in Brazilian literature, thus detaching its differences in the description form, analysis, its approaches and what it provokes in the romantic men and the realists and naturalists. In the Romantismo, in what it touches to the narrative, it was common to the romancistas almost to hide the body of its personages, what it has everything to see with the ethics and moral of the authors of the time, that is, enters the two last decades of century XVIII and the ends of the first half of century XIX, if it verified the great rupture with the standards of the classic taste, extended by means of the iluminista Neoclassicismo.


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