So Paulo

… In such a way, creates a new concept of marketing quetrabalha the necessity to review the question of the productive process desenvolvidoatravs of the modern technology as for the provisionamento of estruturase technologies guided for the marketing, that will be compatible with the equilbrioecolgico, allowing ample convenience, use of not pollutant resources, recycling of materials, replanejamento of products, expansion of the technology derecuperao and recycling of industry and consumption debris. Many companies attract consumers with its participation emprodutos of the green lines, understood as developed to be menosprejudiciais and more friends of the environment. This social trend also is umfenmeno of the marketing, that is giving to space the appearance of a new segment green deconsumidores. These consumers now are worried not only to emsatisfazer its current necessities, being worried also in protecting meioambiente, compelling the companies to adaptarem this new form to understand omarketing to it. According to publication of the Magazine Time. So Paulo: Maro.2008 -. Weekly.

It buys Green, the research of the Akatu institute, disclosed that 74%de the Brazilians want to buy products that do not degrade the Oinstituto environment are responsible for the first national surveys on relaoentre consumption and the social and ambient responsibilities of the companies. ' ' Queera a market niche today is one exigncia' ' , it affirmed the director of the Akatu, Mattar Helium (TIME, 2008) For Vaz (2000, P. 343), the ecological marketing apresentacaractersticas of the Marketing of Ideas and of Image, in its appearance with omarketing of ideas, it evidenced the formation of groups of defenses of meioambiente, with great ideological apelos. In relation to the image marketing, its influence in the credibility and of the possible preference is distinguished dosconsumidores face to the ecologically correct products, thus improving the imageminstitucional and a marketing chance. The ecological marketing consists of the practical one of all inherent aquelasatividades to the marketing, however incorporating the ambient concern, and with this he is not simply restricted to the ecological propaganda, however, ideal that the companies adopt an attitude communication, divulging what elastm developed to benefit the environment.