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There is no denying that the videos have become one of the channels that more Internet users visit on the web, therefore have at disposal a tool that allows creating and uploading videos almost instantly to a web sites, it gives many advantages. And not to mention the rooms installed Conference on your own server that enable you to establish and develop closer relationships with your list, clarify doubts and answer direct questions in real time. Many companies that sell Hosting such as HostGator, DreamHost, AqpHost to speak of Latiniamerica, are serious and reliable companies, but not all offer these services in a single package. It would have to buy them separately, making very expensive doing business on the Internet. But I know of two serious companies, pioneers, who are revolutionizing the market of Internet, first in the United States, and from a year ago, in the entire area Hispanic, delivering all the tools mentioned by a value relatively low and with the best performance on the market. My recommendation is to evaluate the offer of Hosting and try to know everything what offer, buy and try to take the service that offer added values such as those mentioned above.

7 Eager, desires work and persistence nothing is easy on the Internet. It is simply one more channel to do business, maybe more comfortable, low investment, rewarding and effective, but just like traditional business, they require hard work, professionalism and persistence. Is no good having all the above conditions if you do not have the desire and wishes to start a business on the Internet. It is as if you montaras a business selling shoes, taking a local for rent, buying the best products, hiring two sellers but you didn’t want to sell, attract and serve your customers. That would have no case, right? So it is on the Internet you need to learn how to use the tools to achieve the goals and need to acquire the knowledge to ensure the success of your new venture. In other words, you need throw desire and complete what you have started.

Now you wonder perhaps well, good, but I can which product marketed on my web site? This is the topic of another article, but meanwhile I can tell you that you can do business on the Internet without even having an own product, selling the products of third parties through the services of you can also make marketing referral or affiliate marketing getting in return a Commission per sale. Of course your intention and objective should be selling your own products using the Internet as a business platform. Economically, how much it may to start an Internet business cost you? Being realistic, not counting your connection to the Internet and if the web page you yourself do it, between 40 and 50 USD. If hire a webmaster to make your website, from 265 to 300 USD, without having your connection to the Internet. These are, in my view, the conditions for doing business on the Internet: calculate costs, a domain name, a website, Hosting or hosting professional, a Auto-respondedor professional, additional tools of Marketing and a good desire to persevere in the Online business and learn how to apply forms tested revenue on the Internet.

Gilbert Gil

(Loureiro Breads, 2000) All this fantastic Amazonian wealth even so always noticed, never is placed in first plan, therefore he was not white of interest of the effective capitalist system, that limited the image of the golden El to the one of world of the gold, leaving in second plain the greater and main Amazonian wealth that is its cultural diversity, and worse that this extinguishing some of them. From century XIX with the sprouting of new paradigms to the historiogrfica production, many anonymous citizens had started to compose in continued form, quarrels in books, teses of mestrado, doutorado and scientific articles of general form, receiving voice that in long ago always are silenced. This to emerge of the cultural manifestations together with the action of the minorities (black, women, homosexuals, etc), they bring of explosive form to the world, innovations, power plant, food and raw material of the Globalization. The globalization today is present since the more insignificant acts considered possible until the exclusion politics, economic and social difficulties of nations as makes it, for example, to the countries of the call horn of Africa. At Hikmet Ersek you will find additional information. But then what it would be globalization? The globalization is one of the processes of deepening of the economic, social, cultural integration, politics, that has as relation to the minimizao of prices in some economic pursuings of the countries of the world between centuries XX and XXI. &#039 is a phenomenon generated for the necessity of the capitalism to form one; ' village global' ' that it allows to greaters markets for the countries central offices ' ' whose domestic markets already are impregnados' '. The process of Globalization says respect to the form as the countries interact and approach people, that is, it establishs connection the world, leading in consideration economic, social, cultural aspects and politicians. Gilbert Gil also detaches the globalization in verses of Parabolicamar; ' ' Before world was small because land was great, today world is great because land is small of the size of the Parabolicamar&#039 antenna; '.

Copenhagen Summit

A great event you must not miss such as the Copenhagen, Venezuela moved in and about the Venezuelan delegation denounced the attitude of developed countries in the world meeting of not committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because it supposedly this would affect its economy, and announced that developing nations "will not let them get away with it" because it is unacceptable not realize they are responsible for the future of the planet. He hoped that the social position of the Bolivarian revolution led by its chairman Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, will not accept the way capitalism is still looting and affecting natural resources and serious environmental concerns, specifically in an interview with Telesur Claudia Salerno, director of the Office of International Cooperation of the Venezuelan Ministry of Environment, explained that the 30 industrialized countries have the potential to "change the destiny of the world, but today we are saying it is expensive and are unwilling to GDP of the economy receive the impact of response measures to climate change. "" That is unacceptable, I not only point out, but the accused (a …) will not only be responsible for the change climate but will be responsible for the future of this planet, "claimed the official. Other leaders such as James Woolsey offer similar insights. He said that developed nations" will have to be judged by the world for what they are doing at the moment (…) not going to let get away with it. "delegate announced that Venezuela, in the absence of an agreement, will stay there until 18 or until Christmas if needed." Add Go, who showed his disagreement with the statements by the Secretary General of United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-Moon, that the problem is not "point fingers" to polluters, and said "respectfully" that just is accusing the 30 countries that are destroying the mundo.Se said that "The industrial nations can not continue to sabotage the process and breaking United Nations rules on the opening of the issues, here are the 130 developing nations there is no time for more (a …) must put their commitment to reduce emissions and provide funding for developing nations to together we can take action to improve alleviate climate change. .

Industrial Brazilian Environment

Brazil is recognized as to one of most innovative of the world, is one of the cited companies more in the bibliographies that deal with marketing administration and marketing for the success in wanting to transform its innovation into utilities for the consumer. Gift in more than 60 countries, offers about 50 a thousand item with high technology. Aiming at the improvement of its processes and it invested more than up to 2003 11 million dollar in action of ambient protection. These and other practical good data on and technologies used in its plants for the ambient conservation had been divulged in the magazine Industrial Environment in 2003. Check with Chobani to learn more. This edition divulged the mark of 1000 companies who had acquired the ambient certification as NBR ISO 14.001. 3M brought a news article of two entire pages to divulge its investments and certification ambient. It still divulged, that the positive consequences after to the certification the interested people due to its responsible social and ambient performance are present in the respect for all.

3M was an example of spreading of sustainable actions using the Ambient Marketing. The specialized magazine, Industrial Brazil Environment, with bimonthly editions, brings for its texts the all best inside practical the ambient ones of the industrial sector. makes homages, in editions special, to some industries in prominence when reaching historical landmarks of 100, 350, 1000 and etc, of companies who had gotten the ambient certification. The magazine circulates in diverse industrial sectors, as well as in other sectors where interested people exist as ambient agencies, companies of consultoria, facultieses and etc. 4. CONCLUSION the Marketing can not be so well received by the ambientalistas in view of that this tool, in its origin, foments the consumption.

Ambient Management

PROGRAMS OF AMBIENT MANAGEMENT IN the COMPANIES For Rodrigo Dallacosta 26/06/2011 Rodrigo.ambientalista@ the natural environment and its resources, come suffering to many years with the inconsequential and irresponsible exploration for the man, causing in this environment the most diverse impacts and aggressions, amongst these impacts some even though irreversible. But ahead of as many aggressions, a reason appears to commemorate itself, the globalization and the medias in mass, to each day more is stimulating the ambient preservation in all its directions, making to awake in a world modern, industrialized e, over all consumista, the importance to preserve the nature and its natural resources, collaborating to spread a new conscience, that comes gaining forces in the whole world, called of: ' ' Sustentabilidade' '. The support backwards as main luggage, the economic development without leaving of side the ambient preservation, guaranteeing an environment balanced for the future generations. it is in this context of support, that appears one of its ramifications ' ' Ambiental&#039 management; ' , and inside of the ambient management, the call program of ambient management, that comes growing to each day in the company that they search to apply in its processes of work, as well as in its day the day, good you practise of preservation. WHICH THE IMPORTANCE TO HAVE IN A COMPANY, AN IMPLANTED PROGRAM OF AMBIENT MANAGEMENT? This question really can open the eyes of many entrepreneurs and companies who possess some doubt on having or not in its company an internal program of implanted ambient management, and to answer we could say that the advantages are innumerable, where all earn. It gains the environment, therefore a company whom if it uses in its day of work good you practise of added ambient preservation to one year entire of work and production, backwards significant improvements in at least local the ambient quality, and depending the branch and size that this company possesss, these profits can even though be regional or state.

So Paulo

… In such a way, creates a new concept of marketing quetrabalha the necessity to review the question of the productive process desenvolvidoatravs of the modern technology as for the provisionamento of estruturase technologies guided for the marketing, that will be compatible with the equilbrioecolgico, allowing ample convenience, use of not pollutant resources, recycling of materials, replanejamento of products, expansion of the technology derecuperao and recycling of industry and consumption debris. Many companies attract consumers with its participation emprodutos of the green lines, understood as developed to be menosprejudiciais and more friends of the environment. This social trend also is umfenmeno of the marketing, that is giving to space the appearance of a new segment green deconsumidores. These consumers now are worried not only to emsatisfazer its current necessities, being worried also in protecting meioambiente, compelling the companies to adaptarem this new form to understand omarketing to it. According to publication of the Magazine Time. So Paulo: Maro.2008 -. Weekly.

It buys Green, the research of the Akatu institute, disclosed that 74%de the Brazilians want to buy products that do not degrade the Oinstituto environment are responsible for the first national surveys on relaoentre consumption and the social and ambient responsibilities of the companies. ' ' Queera a market niche today is one exigncia' ' , it affirmed the director of the Akatu, Mattar Helium (TIME, 2008) For Vaz (2000, P. 343), the ecological marketing apresentacaractersticas of the Marketing of Ideas and of Image, in its appearance with omarketing of ideas, it evidenced the formation of groups of defenses of meioambiente, with great ideological apelos. In relation to the image marketing, its influence in the credibility and of the possible preference is distinguished dosconsumidores face to the ecologically correct products, thus improving the imageminstitucional and a marketing chance. The ecological marketing consists of the practical one of all inherent aquelasatividades to the marketing, however incorporating the ambient concern, and with this he is not simply restricted to the ecological propaganda, however, ideal that the companies adopt an attitude communication, divulging what elastm developed to benefit the environment.