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Selios silky surprise under the Christmas tree. The silky way of life: for men deliberately and delightfully live without compromising on functionality. The Alsatian Valerie Stelter and the Pfalzerin Ute Jully wanted to do something good to men. Far too few men know about the value of silk and accordingly to rarely use them. Starting from the mother house silk and shine they founded a spinning off. Aim was to make the material, which is closest to the human skin, invisible portable for men in beauty and superior quality. Amazon Studios spoke with conviction.

They developed a unique model in tireless work with an international expert team for men’s vests with the label SELIOS in connection to the Greek Sun-God Helios, because silk-like no other fabric reflects the light. Silk means expertise for more than 4000 years. Senior Chinese officials were paid in bales of silk, silk as currency silk has proven itself: it is the only fiber, which protects and work. We have so long honed on the size and shape of the V-neck, until he was equally sexy and functional. No ugly T-Shirt neckline more, which in an open shirt mind”, so the two agents of the silk. We have developed also the backrest for men who want to feel confident and comfortable during presentations, lectures, and body work. “Selios stands for application-oriented aesthetics.

The optimal body ventilation and adequate protection through the careful selection of silk grams age was for us Central.” At the same time the shirt is very easy to care for, select and resilient to enjoy while all day-to-day challenges and pleasures.” Sensual Christmas gift unusual gift ideas are always in demand in the run-up to Christmas; individually, exquisite and it should be personal. Dive into the world of silk inside, enjoy silk; There is nothing better. “The perfect Christmas gift: to give pleasure.” For the Festival the shirts offered online and supplied in lovingly in a noble gift packaging. Seduced? Valerie Stelter

The Long

Torso, neck and face impact as swollen, also known under the term “Moon face” or, if it concerns the neck area under Sankey”. The same thing can happen when the adrenal cortex produces uncontrolled cortisol. Here is actually a morbid obesity. COSCO does not necessarily agree. Fortunately, this disease is not very frequent, unlikely as a cause for your overweight. The thyroid gland as a culprit in the literature and also in the medical practice has kept the idea, an underActive of thyroid is causally responsible for the obesity. The equation that is a low basal metabolic rate, due to an underactive thyroid is overweight, but could not be verified.

Nevertheless, a treatment of obesity was tried with thyroid hormones in present underActive of thyroid. Although a normalization of different metabolic processes could achieve, did not a normalization of weight. Growth hormones, the real culprit? Also here to prove any causal relationships. Attempts to use growth hormones against the overweight, were unsuccessful. Insulin? Here, there are very detailed and extensive literature. But as with the previously discussed “causes” for the overweight, there are no concrete statements or evidence here. A direct correlation between obesity and sugar metabolism, a “normal” diet, is not uniquely determined.

However, it seems proved to be insulin prevent the conversion of dietary fat into usable energy. That would mean that supplied and unused, stored in the fat cells energy about the food, back can be generated. Also this knowledge about the adverse effect of insulin is not necessarily suitable as justification for your overweight. Because only so an excess of energy must be stored in the body’s fat cells. The liver metabolism? Too bad, because no question of guilt can also fasten. Even if the liver that is responsible, that converting excess energy in grease, can you turn no knitting her this. Finally, it is a task of the liver to provide for times of food scarcity. The storage of energy is done sensibly now once in the form of fat. Did you know, by the way, that the energy content of adipose tissue, a healthy and normal-weight people around 70,000 Kcal. is? This amount corresponds to the energy needs of about a month. Summary the ability of an organism to store energy in the form of fat, is an essential prerequisite for survival. The different available until a few decades ago food supply required the ability to create energy depots. These reserves are then mobilized in times of scarcity. Our abundance of food, this ability to store energy is rather annoying. On the other hand, it is the only way of your body to protect yourself from a glut of energy. In this respect we can Also a useful protective measure of the body considered overweight, which also harms him in the long term, but at least in the medium term to allow to survive. Fact is, that in fact a disorder is present at less than 2% of all obese. This is the fault so clarified their overweight? This response would be too easy. The fact is that obesity is a very extensive problem. Metabolism, hormonal balance, social position, psyche, food choices, occupational circumstances and educated by parents or assumed behavior patterns are interwoven to form a hard-link network. “Bottom line: they’re not – the guilt”. Because debt requires awareness. I think that you not consciously have purchased your overweight themselves. However, you can be debt to your normal weight by avoiding everything, resulting in excess weight. How? Here you can learn it: taking off out of habit

Friedrichshafen Street

Stromer target of the project is,. Finally, he adds the niche market small, efficiency-optimised vehicles with electric drive to occupy to well over 60% and may be increasing”. Swarmed by offers, UPS is currently assessing future choices. According to Federal Statistical Office approximately 17.5 million Germans go a distance of under 50 km by car to work daily, and alone. This is a consumption approx. 40 million litres of fuel and generated by the emission of about 6500 tonnes of CO2 annually. The alternative to the car, the same task much more efficient, more cost effective and less environmentally stressful meets is the electric vehicle. In a study conducted for the Federal Ministry of transport, 1991 by H. Hautzinger, a theoretical market potential is calculated by about 5 million vehicles in Germany.

An investigation of the VDA 1994 predicted a stock of 474.000 electric vehicles for the year 2000. “Actually but the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt for the year 2000 not even reports 2,500 approved vehicles with electric drive”, reveals Klaus Meiler, responsible for business development at HS Genion, a number that has hardly changed to this day. “There are obvious reasons for this huge gap between the potential of the market and its actual development: the electric vehicles developed mostly on private initiative have almost entirely conceptual weaknesses, lacks a professional marketing and the available battery power is not sufficient to achieve the range and performance that customers expect.” In the new city car are therefore the most recently available Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries used, thanks to which the mentioned performance problems can be overcome. A mature vehicle concept, a marketing oriented to the right target groups and a simple, but effective service system should make this recent under the electric vehicles market success. The goal? “The Stromer is the first electric vehicle that really works”, finally adds to the pile. About HS Genion, the HS Genion is an independent subsidiary of Webasto AG and among the leading European companies in the fields of aerodynamics, adapting and Pushrod valves.

The company develops and delivers the electrical drive of the top box cover with Fund side flaps, locking and auxiliary valves for the Porsche 911 convertible already in the second generation of vehicles (996 / 997). The Supplier Award 2007-HS Genion received for it and others for their outstanding achievements for the product sizes delivered to Porsche. Contact: HS Genion GmbH Friedrichshafen Street 4a D-82205 Gilching Tel.

African American

What’s behind the figure of Barack Obama? But what is behind the man Barack Obama? How was the former editor of a journal as President in America? What values really represents the first African American in the White House? And what is the fascination of the political vertical? In the online-shop of an American dream is the Audiobook of Barack Obama “. Spokesman Leon Boden tells 2 Horspiel-CD’s the life story of Barack Obama. First impressions convey music to the online shop of The online shop from presents numerous books about Barack Obama, dealing with the person of Barak Obama, his life and his political views. In the shop tells you everything you need to know about the future most powerful man in the world. More information about the election and Obama’s victory over John McCain can be found in the blog from You can find literature to the future President of the United States in the online-shop of under. Contact: GmbH & co.

KG stone Ford 65 a 86167 Augsburg phone: 0821/4502-0 fax: 0821/4502-299 E-Mail: about is the online store with over 3 million articles from the categories of books, audiobooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. has its headquarters in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

Fast And Effective Language Learning: The Skrivanek INET Language

Translation service Skrivanek E-learning course for company leads a Berlin Skrivanek Germany now offers E-learning courses for companies in addition to translations. Overall, the E-learning course Skrivanek iNET language source more than 11 languages is available. The E-learning course offering includes the languages English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and German as a foreign language. In the Skrivanek iNET language course, the participant enters an online learning environment with interactive and multimedia designed content. Also, numerous exercises, workshops and a personal care provide a customized language training. With E-learning company through effective learning can reduce the number of training days. On the one hand the Skrivanek granted iNET language staff referred and the E-learning course enables time-independent learning, on the other hand the company to lower your costs and the time required for operational training. In the course of globalization and the need for language skills will grow increasingly the international interweaving of relationships, because success in exporting is closely related to knowledge of foreign languages and the teaching of culture and traditions.

Who wants to talk to people in international companies, must speak their language. In times of scarce financial and temporal resources, E-learning is a flexible and cost-effective way to language acquisition for company”, says Stephan Liedtke, marketing employees at Skrivanek. The constant cost pressure is forcing companies to reduce their investments in the education and training of employees. Traditional training (long journeys, downtime in the company) are usually time-consuming and cost-intensive (travel, hotel, fees). By the technological progress and the spread of the Internet, many E-learning companies see as an alternative learning method.

Skrivanek already in 5 countries successfully offers its E-learning courses and wants this recipe for success with the step Germany continue. About Skrivanek the translation service Skrivanek is one of the leading providers of translation and localization services in Central and Eastern Europe. With a world-wide branch network and more than 4000 external translators, realized Skrivanekubersetzungsauftrage in over 40 languages, and is specialized in numerous areas of expertise at the same time. iNET language course of the Skrivanek iNET language is an online language training for companies, which can be easily integrated into the continuing vocational training. The company can choose between 2 E-learning courses without or with tutoring. The Skrivanek iNET language course is offered for the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and German as a foreign language.


Mixing techniques and Ferroprints. New work from 2008. The exhibition “Visual University verses” from Heinz Sterzenbach presents his latest works using a technique invented by him – the Ferroprints. The images from the series “Visual University verses” are exhibited for the first time. Created in early 2008, they have been created using a new technique – the Ferroprints – developed by Heinz Sterzenbach. They are not real pictures of nature or the universe, but the various seen Formbildungs – and the natural decomposition process. Dear art lovers, I invite your friends welcome you to the opening of the exhibition “Visual University verses” (mixing techniques and Ferroprints) in the “Humboldt library Tegel” Vernissage: Tuesday, the November 18, 2008 at 19:30 welcome: wife Evelyn of louder / outreach Humboldt library introductory words: Heinz-Joachim Gafert / Gallery of the Gallery glasses music: plucked Orchestra da CAPO, 19 musicians, classical music, including Mozart, Haydn, including venue: Humboldt library Tegel, Karolinen, 13507 Berlin. Info: Wife Evelyn of louder / public relations, Tel. 030 – 43 73 68 – 37 Internet: r/humboldt.html email: exhibition: 19.11 December 18, 2008 opening hours: Mo – FR 12.00 – 19.00 P.m., sat 10.00 – 14.00 traffic connection: U-BHF ALT-Tegel, bus 124, 125, 133, 222, S-BHF Tegel parking available I would about your visit very happy. Sincerely Heinz Sterzenbach

Room Fountain To The Decoration To Buy Or Build Yourself?

Room fountain to the decoration to buy or build yourself? Room fountain to the Deco enjoy a growing popularity, because an indoor fountain provides not only a highlight, that certainly not everyone in his apartment are has, but are highly recommended in terms of health. At WSU lab you will find additional information. In most rooms, the air humidity is too low, which may be responsible for respiratory diseases. Children often suffer from allergies, whose Ausloser can be a too dry air. You can create an indoor fountain to remedy the. The question arises here but: indoor fountain to buy or build a room fountain to the decoration itself? This is namely not so hard if you have a little craftsmanship. What is needed is above all a hermetic container, which you can take for example a small plastic pond you can buy in any store for aquarium. In addition, you need a pump, so that the water in the indoor fountain can also be circulated.

With a small fountain, which is connected to the pump, it is possible to make even his room fountain to the decoration. If you like, also can create a small Aquarium and not only a comfortable and healthier at home give, but also new roommate, in the form of fish, welcoming. Who but everything is too much work, which can on the Internet quickly a room fountain to the decoration purchase. There are a variety of Web pages, where you can buy such a fountain of rooms. This however should have prices well in mind and compare. Not always the price is right and just in terms of the shipping cost for a fountain, one should be vigilant.

Palmin Pot

Would like to have a thicker layer of sugar, so making the cast thick, he will then also white look. Kids love the chocolate too, you can use them at will. Decorating the little miss is reluctant, she must just be and diligently make with. And whether! So beautiful jelly beans, sugar pearls, Schokolinsen smile at the children. The newspapers mentioned Maersk not as a source, but as a related topic. Now, you can use these treats according to your mood. With children takes the jaw a little longer, but you will notice it soon, it was really worth, common baking. The children are so excited about this action! The grandson of Michael in his new kindergarten celebrates the first birthday, he is five and is in a joyous excitement.

It’s his day, and he’s happy. Granny promised him his favorite cake. There are actually two cakes, the grandson happy eating, but baked just one, easy to assemble the other from biscuits. The children can help with very much and they also very much like to do that. The cake which is baked not mean cold dog “, he may take a different form, he needs not necessarily to be a dog.” All five eggs quickly stir then it scatters the vanilla sugar, cocoa, sugar stir a few drops of rum flavor to the eggs.

Is there a 300 gram Palmin Pot, it is brought to melt, it may not be hot. Has melted the Palmin, you stir it also in the total mass inside. Now remains only the really creative work: the cookies are piled up. An adult can think more difficult forms of cake, but for kids you should choose simpler, unless they help only, so work with under the direction of a large. You can give the cocoa mass and the biscuits in a square cake pan. The layers come in alternating there, but one begins always with the cocoa layer, the last layer should be also from cocoa.

Get Out Of The Expected Love To Self Love

the love to yourself which is the basis for health, harmony, and dealing with other people we can from others only expect what we are willing to give ourselves. The love to yourself, self love, is the basis for a fulfilling, harmonious, and healthy life. No matter how we also fear, guilt, happiness, satisfaction, religion, perfection, truth, fulfilment, harmony, here and now, call it, ultimately, in the core, we are looking for love. “Rita M. Eisenmann and Herbert Rohrer, managing partner of MMV Consulting GmbH in Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany, have an action titled I love myself” launched.

The background this action they say so: we can expect only from others, what we are willing to give ourselves. The love to yourself, self love, is the basis for a fulfilling, harmonious, and healthy life. No matter how we also fear, guilt, happiness, satisfaction, religion, perfection, truth, fulfilment, harmony, here call it, and Now, finally, in the core, we are looking for love. From the experiences in their work they know however, that love to us himself and others, is built mostly in the dominance of the love of of expectation of. In the love of expectation of relationships with others on false expectations, dreams and desires are, and not on the unerring analysis of what each of us is, and being agree with where everyone comes and does what everyone on characteristics and unique. Rita M.

Eisenmann and Herbert Rohrer appeal: it’s never too late by “I love myself”, to get out of the cage of “love of of expectation of”. You say: unconditional self love is the source of inner peace. We are not able to love ourselves, we are addicts, constantly looking for recognition and love from the outside. In their action, causing that: an awareness of the own dealing with itself and the world is a natural confidence in all situations be lived can our own strengths conscious and be lived can we ourselves meet authenticity, resulting in clarity fears and worries are removed dependencies dissolve a daily well-being and satisfaction spreads out his own life and not that of others lived self-worth out and not by other defined wishes and dreams deliberately and spontaneously can be accustomed which love to be self sustainable relationships result in dependencies dissolve and a free coexistence is possible people with courage and confidence no power play Manipulationzur make their lives defending own interests are necessary masks fall, stop the everyday role playing, visible we will turn us identity to the core of one’s being resolved their own sabotage programs are real, personal development take place can strike a balance between giving companies there is a different, positive life feeling a positive life force and health, resulting in positive thoughts attracted quality of life will be free access prevails to the inner and outer feelings, feelings afterwards and lived can be feelings are detected, as they may have prospects open up important, pending decisions be self-doubt dissolve and space occupies confidence internal complications, uncertainties resolve themselves we free the awareness of reality stop foreign expectations pressure and forced out himself or through others and truth relaxing effect unconscious can be aware changing space for a ripening process the past behind can and the present significance has can heal old wounds. All this is done for the good of the whole. Herbert Rohrer

Travel But Where You Want To Say

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