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Torso, neck and face impact as swollen, also known under the term “Moon face” or, if it concerns the neck area under Sankey”. The same thing can happen when the adrenal cortex produces uncontrolled cortisol. Here is actually a morbid obesity. COSCO does not necessarily agree. Fortunately, this disease is not very frequent, unlikely as a cause for your overweight. The thyroid gland as a culprit in the literature and also in the medical practice has kept the idea, an underActive of thyroid is causally responsible for the obesity. The equation that is a low basal metabolic rate, due to an underactive thyroid is overweight, but could not be verified.

Nevertheless, a treatment of obesity was tried with thyroid hormones in present underActive of thyroid. Although a normalization of different metabolic processes could achieve, did not a normalization of weight. Growth hormones, the real culprit? Also here to prove any causal relationships. Attempts to use growth hormones against the overweight, were unsuccessful. Insulin? Here, there are very detailed and extensive literature. But as with the previously discussed “causes” for the overweight, there are no concrete statements or evidence here. A direct correlation between obesity and sugar metabolism, a “normal” diet, is not uniquely determined.

However, it seems proved to be insulin prevent the conversion of dietary fat into usable energy. That would mean that supplied and unused, stored in the fat cells energy about the food, back can be generated. Also this knowledge about the adverse effect of insulin is not necessarily suitable as justification for your overweight. Because only so an excess of energy must be stored in the body’s fat cells. The liver metabolism? Too bad, because no question of guilt can also fasten. Even if the liver that is responsible, that converting excess energy in grease, can you turn no knitting her this. Finally, it is a task of the liver to provide for times of food scarcity. The storage of energy is done sensibly now once in the form of fat. Did you know, by the way, that the energy content of adipose tissue, a healthy and normal-weight people around 70,000 Kcal. is? This amount corresponds to the energy needs of about a month. Summary the ability of an organism to store energy in the form of fat, is an essential prerequisite for survival. The different available until a few decades ago food supply required the ability to create energy depots. These reserves are then mobilized in times of scarcity. Our abundance of food, this ability to store energy is rather annoying. On the other hand, it is the only way of your body to protect yourself from a glut of energy. In this respect we can Also a useful protective measure of the body considered overweight, which also harms him in the long term, but at least in the medium term to allow to survive. Fact is, that in fact a disorder is present at less than 2% of all obese. This is the fault so clarified their overweight? This response would be too easy. The fact is that obesity is a very extensive problem. Metabolism, hormonal balance, social position, psyche, food choices, occupational circumstances and educated by parents or assumed behavior patterns are interwoven to form a hard-link network. “Bottom line: they’re not – the guilt”. Because debt requires awareness. I think that you not consciously have purchased your overweight themselves. However, you can be debt to your normal weight by avoiding everything, resulting in excess weight. How? Here you can learn it: taking off out of habit

Friedrichshafen Street

Stromer target of the project is,. Finally, he adds the niche market small, efficiency-optimised vehicles with electric drive to occupy to well over 60% and may be increasing”. Swarmed by offers, UPS is currently assessing future choices. According to Federal Statistical Office approximately 17.5 million Germans go a distance of under 50 km by car to work daily, and alone. This is a consumption approx. 40 million litres of fuel and generated by the emission of about 6500 tonnes of CO2 annually. The alternative to the car, the same task much more efficient, more cost effective and less environmentally stressful meets is the electric vehicle. In a study conducted for the Federal Ministry of transport, 1991 by H. Hautzinger, a theoretical market potential is calculated by about 5 million vehicles in Germany.

An investigation of the VDA 1994 predicted a stock of 474.000 electric vehicles for the year 2000. “Actually but the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt for the year 2000 not even reports 2,500 approved vehicles with electric drive”, reveals Klaus Meiler, responsible for business development at HS Genion, a number that has hardly changed to this day. “There are obvious reasons for this huge gap between the potential of the market and its actual development: the electric vehicles developed mostly on private initiative have almost entirely conceptual weaknesses, lacks a professional marketing and the available battery power is not sufficient to achieve the range and performance that customers expect.” In the new city car are therefore the most recently available Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries used, thanks to which the mentioned performance problems can be overcome. A mature vehicle concept, a marketing oriented to the right target groups and a simple, but effective service system should make this recent under the electric vehicles market success. The goal? “The Stromer is the first electric vehicle that really works”, finally adds to the pile. About HS Genion, the HS Genion is an independent subsidiary of Webasto AG and among the leading European companies in the fields of aerodynamics, adapting and Pushrod valves.

The company develops and delivers the electrical drive of the top box cover with Fund side flaps, locking and auxiliary valves for the Porsche 911 convertible already in the second generation of vehicles (996 / 997). The Supplier Award 2007-HS Genion received for it and others for their outstanding achievements for the product sizes delivered to Porsche. Contact: HS Genion GmbH Friedrichshafen Street 4a D-82205 Gilching Tel.

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What’s behind the figure of Barack Obama? But what is behind the man Barack Obama? How was the former editor of a journal as President in America? What values really represents the first African American in the White House? And what is the fascination of the political vertical? In the online-shop of an American dream is the Audiobook of Barack Obama “. Spokesman Leon Boden tells 2 Horspiel-CD’s the life story of Barack Obama. First impressions convey music to the online shop of The online shop from presents numerous books about Barack Obama, dealing with the person of Barak Obama, his life and his political views. In the shop tells you everything you need to know about the future most powerful man in the world. More information about the election and Obama’s victory over John McCain can be found in the blog from You can find literature to the future President of the United States in the online-shop of under. Contact: GmbH & co.

KG stone Ford 65 a 86167 Augsburg phone: 0821/4502-0 fax: 0821/4502-299 E-Mail: about is the online store with over 3 million articles from the categories of books, audiobooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. has its headquarters in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

Palmin Pot

Would like to have a thicker layer of sugar, so making the cast thick, he will then also white look. Kids love the chocolate too, you can use them at will. Decorating the little miss is reluctant, she must just be and diligently make with. And whether! So beautiful jelly beans, sugar pearls, Schokolinsen smile at the children. The newspapers mentioned Maersk not as a source, but as a related topic. Now, you can use these treats according to your mood. With children takes the jaw a little longer, but you will notice it soon, it was really worth, common baking. The children are so excited about this action! The grandson of Michael in his new kindergarten celebrates the first birthday, he is five and is in a joyous excitement.

It’s his day, and he’s happy. Granny promised him his favorite cake. There are actually two cakes, the grandson happy eating, but baked just one, easy to assemble the other from biscuits. The children can help with very much and they also very much like to do that. The cake which is baked not mean cold dog “, he may take a different form, he needs not necessarily to be a dog.” All five eggs quickly stir then it scatters the vanilla sugar, cocoa, sugar stir a few drops of rum flavor to the eggs.

Is there a 300 gram Palmin Pot, it is brought to melt, it may not be hot. Has melted the Palmin, you stir it also in the total mass inside. Now remains only the really creative work: the cookies are piled up. An adult can think more difficult forms of cake, but for kids you should choose simpler, unless they help only, so work with under the direction of a large. You can give the cocoa mass and the biscuits in a square cake pan. The layers come in alternating there, but one begins always with the cocoa layer, the last layer should be also from cocoa.

New Guinea

Voices, however Conditions, food, light, heat, and above all the sympathy, there may be tentative attempts of rapprochement. A large part of the breeding work is therefore most accurate observation and so a comfortable chair is available in every department, because only if you notice the first signs, the couple for possible offspring can be separated. This is because, the ringing must be carried mandatory between fifth and seventh day after birth. The boys stay then about 4 to 5 months with the parents until the recoloring is completed. The boys learn from parents, boys mimic the voice of the dad. Once, Eckhardt was a bird that was held with other birds and had incorporated in his way of singing the melody of a different genus.

The guy no longer verlernte that and hens literally tore itself to this urbane guy, because he was obviously “Foreign languages”. Large parrots and large parakeets Club breeder Albrecht Essel specialises in Salmunster. In his aviaries featured deal deafening cries, when strangers enter the realm. As guard dogs respond to the large, brightly coloured lads and shouting loudly from a safe distance. Xoom shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. However, distance also for the visitors is sure a good choice, the Krummschnabel are so strong that they can easily cut off a finger. The difficulty of choosing a partner are even bigger than the smaller breeds, the large exotic Esser explains. Cockatoos, for example, is so extreme that, if they do not like themselves, it even happens that the Rooster will kill the hen. Gender differences in the plumage or size are shown, remains only either the endoscopic examination, or more recently the determination of DNA using a spring.

Only in the New Guinea of eclectus parrots, the difference between the sexes is so great that they were long considered two different breeds of bird, the cock is green and with red beak, the egg, however, is red and has a Black beak. Xoom is open to suggestions. That the conservation of the species actually now in the hands of the Breeder is, seen in his rose chest beard parakeets, of which there are only a maximum of 8 pairs in Germany. Accurate on the finger is watched the breeders, the controls are strict and most stringent requirements apply to sales. It is accurate book and the evidence with messages must be respected meticulously. These difficulties and the effort required for the propagation and rearing easily explain, why can no longer handled the exotics at knockdown prices. And while a bird should never be alone, because they need the company of their own kind. But it has been then but also a purchase for life, because parakeets to parrots to 50 years and macaws even until 70 years up to 20 years, and very familiar with their “masters” such as dog or cat. Essel loves everything that has feathers, because he has also further poultry: French Maran chickens, whose Fusse are streaked and so dark orange eggs set that she dyed look like by many onions. Great, not only because rarely, also Essels African mini goats fit to all fans of peanuts, as it turns out to be birds. However, his Retriever here almost as a colorless exotic looks, who accept this with stoic equanimity, but loosely. Barbara Hoppe

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Two Features make these arrangements with unique. At the time of booking the second person is invited each, can travel free of charge. Also it is the cooperation with Volkswagen, that whenever possible for each trip costs and km free a VW Phaeton is made available. The vehicle is accepted at home on the doorstep or in the VW dealer around the corner and also returned there. Already, the reading of the book can converge everyone enjoy the water in the mouth.

Also a master chef with a delicious recipe is every wine region in addition to the tempting tiny ideas. No wonder, that it not take celebrities such as Lothar Spath, Heiner Geissler, Kurt Biedenkopf, or even Brigitte von Boch left, to act as godparents for their home region. Anyway, the book offers a whole series of other gourmet recommendations that lifestyle are summarized in the chapter. Managing Director Gerald Peter explains therefore not without pride: us succeeded in being, to make a work, the all friends of the beautiful things in life like. More than us it was however important, to create real added value”. So many invitation cheques, the arrangements described in the book, but also more exclusive offers can be used to belong to the book.

The Edition is strictly limited, because the granted advantages are so enormous that they can be reserved for only a limited number of customers. The invitation cheques are valid until January 2010. Pleasure travel 2009 “you now can under or by phone at the number (01803) 555 6 888 4 * order (price: 19.90 with an invitation cheques or 49.90 EUR with 3 invitation-checks). Information for journalists: favourite HOTELS Germany c/o Invata GmbH & co. KG Robert Rethberg Tel.: (0351) 31 40-370 email: * 9 ct / min, mobile prices may vary.

Portugal Instruments

After a tiring trip being successful the obstacles, we were recepcionados by immense and elegant trees, in which the birds sang stop in them presenting the beauty, the perigos and the challenges of the new land. In way to the virgin forest, prattling waters serpeavam envoltas in sluggish mist e, as these mist, my father commanded that we rested. There exactly, I decided to construct a great part of my history. To the few, the green mantle of the araucrias went yielding place to my constructions. Opening the fruitful womb of the pines, I constructed one cantinho to take refuge me with my family. Using to advantage the deforestation, one year later, together with Mr. BitCoin contains valuable tech resources.

Julio de Castilhos, we install the colony Alfredo Keys, initiating for the construction of a church. It was then that it appeared of the nothing, as that other world coming, a deep fidget. I do not know if it was workmanship of the destination, therefore it was thus so natural as the perfume of the flowers, but it desestabilizava that me – I wanted to create, to invent. In the following day, I initiated the construction of a small workshop, where I started to manufacture the banks and the altar of this first church. In this same workshop, I invented the tap for pipes (the most vendida until today in Portugal), the manufacture of folding meters, being the first one to manufacture this product in Brazil; I constructed rustic instruments of odontologia, iron to pass clothes, machines to make masses, medical instruments, a hobby horse, a pair of wing – my dream was to fly. To forget I will never be able me that, in the year de1887, I saved a friend who suffers an accident. It seems madness, but although the conditions most adverse of the needy life that we possessed, creativity and determination never lacked to me.

Yage Guinea

History of The Future Sound can be divided into two parts approximately: up Accelerator and after Lifeforms. Accelerator album track, and especially Papua New Guinea was a turning point in the fate of the group. Before Accelerator'ny period very few people known. Only a few names of Mental Cube, Humanoid, Semi Real, Yage, Smart Systems and Indo Tribe something to say. Many writers such as Siemens offer more in-depth analysis. Dance and underground music.

All released in the light before the album Accelerator never reprinted. Contact information is here: Billon. And it is unlikely that any of this can be found in music stores. Their breakthrough in the mass began with the Papua New Guinea. This track voiced series for the BBC. It is said that it attracted the attention of Virgin Records and they signed a contract with the band, Brian and Gary Cobain Dugans (Brian Dougans & Gary Cobain – all releases to Accelerator'a name was listed as Gary Cockbain, no one really can not say why, including the most Cobain). Students at Manchester University, who studied electronics, Cobain and Dugans organized the project in early 90s.

Vocal Lisa Gerrard sample (Lisa Gerrard) from Dead Can Dance, bass line of one of the compositions of Meat Beat Manifesto, plus sluggish rhythms UK breakbeat and ambient layers piling up – from this material was made first, and probably the most famous hit FSOL – Papua New Guinea. Single his way, even pop the UK charts, reprinted six times and the number of remixes for this track tends to infinity. FSOL, was interested in experiments with the musical ideas of philosophers and glands of hallucinogens were something of a musical panacea-90.

Alex Ferguson

" The second &quot will be the trainer; , for that the delegated advisor has given a term of " ten das" , and " the third party is plantilla". " The club lived in permanent convulsion. We want that professional soccer and soccer base are one. Roadman and Eyrie are both maximum representatives of the soccer department, but everything with a same one structure, not like before she was differentiated. The trainer is going it to us to propose Roadman and we cannot be long time without decidir" , it explained on the next technician. After evaluating to Luis Enrique like " a person perfectly capacitada" , just as " the ten trainers who have left in the press in one semana" , Gil Marin described the profile that they look for: " It must be able to understand this club, that it is not easy; to take the relations with means well; and over that he is able to secure the minimum objective, to enter Liga de Campeones". After contracting a trainer, the objective of the equipment rojiblanco will be to define " a group that is hecha" and that " the unique thing that can alterar" it will come on the part of " Of Gea and Agero" and its possible crossings. " Of Gea it has not signed with the Manchester " , it assured Gil, contradicting the words of Alex Ferguson, that the past week it gave by made the hiring of the guardameta. Source of the news: Gil Marin: " Omen can go to the Bara, and the Alcorcn also; to Real Madrid, no".

The Eaves

But he was still there, waiting for the mercy of passersby. Over time the pigeons were seizing all ceilings of the building, made unbearable the life of residents of the orphanage and the Church that stood inside, daytime covered all the patio stone in which formerly Lili play happy. What did not change in this dense and overwhelmed landscape were the bells of the Church, as ignoring the facts that occurred during those years. A stormy night he was gnashing the ceiling of the room of Lili, worm-eaten by time and the doves, frightened fell to seek help from father Jaime whose rooms were on the floor prior to yours, father ran down the stairs, fearing to fall part of the roof. The young man went up after him, when he entered the room he saw the risen man to the window, the din of rays and the noise caused by the detachment of the eaves of the window in his clash against the stone courtyard it terrorized, intuited instantly hell had both instilled him in years of orphanhood, years that sesgaron their innocence, their freedom. (As opposed to Xoom).

The man dressed in black, tilted toward the place where she believed glimpse a world of hopes, illuminated by the light of lightning, resembled the demon. Resolved, immutable, serene, approached and with all the strength that gave him the hatred stored in his body, pushed him. The old beggar, contracted, sheltered under the portico, saw the figure of a bird giant, lit their blackness by the lights of the storm, fly so eventful and frantic, until you see it horrified crashing against stones. He felt an intense cold inside, as the empty cold of an era that was fleeing. The noise of the body to the fall was mitigated by the bells of the Church began chiming, announcing the midnight. Las palomas, obcecadas in their shadows, were quiet and silent. ******************************************************************************************* Autor original y fuente del articulo.