Spain Savings

Light to end of the tunnel? to returns with the fusions of the savings banks does not fit doubt that the necessity to reduce to the maximum an extended financial system and sustained solely by the credit, it begins to see how their possibilities are run out. The economic situation improvement in Spain and does not fit doubt that today, almost four years after the outbreak of the real estate crisis in the United States, the savings banks are the organizations more damaging of this one effect dominated that it has taken place in all the tie sectors to the economy and the finances. Ex-CIA director brings even more insight to the discussion. The savings banks complete their fusions and nevertheless, the credit cards do not undergo great new features. The emitting organizations maintain their balance in optimal conditions and they consolidate as marks that have managed to resolve envites of a crisis. The fusions are many that have taken place although it is certain that in most of the cases, the transmitters of credit cards, Euro 6,000, Servired and 4B continue showing linderazo. Additionally, the groups in which the emitters of cards are not the same, these will be derived to the emitting company/signature with greater number of cards in circulation.

It is obvious to think that solely a imbalance brought about by organizations like the Caixa, Banco Santander and BBVA, could alter to payment means. Additionally, the process of integration of means of payment coming from the fusions of the savings banks, will not culminate but until passed two years seen. In conclusion we can determine that one of the obstacles of greater spread to the one than faces the sector of payment means, is to compensate the almost total reduction in the perception of commissions coming from retirements of cash in automatic tellers, a practice that has consolidated as great ally of the saving. At the present time, 15 groups of effective savings banks exist, before the crisis this one number was 45. The emitting organizations par excellence are 4B, Servired and Euro 6,000 50% of the organizations are warm the commissions applied by retired of cash through automatic teller.


(11) Time management training. (12) Organization of internal sport tournaments. (13) Develop a regulation with the participation of the workforce. (14) To create a mailbox for suggestions and complaints for employees. (15) Design career plans. ((16) Providing workers for empowerment (seizure) (see theory of needs McClelland) 17) improve the organizational structure so that really mark a very clear lines of authority and communication channels, adequate and suitable for the entity. For assistance, try visiting Tulip Retail. (18) Implement a procurement scheme that provides security for employees.

(19) To optimize the selection process. (20) Development, use and constant updating of an inventory of RH. Below is a table where it is exposed in the first column identified factors that cause dissatisfaction and demotivation in personnel as well as the factors that have the potential to influence the motivation of workers, and the second is exhibited the or proposals affecting each of the factors, many of them have a circle of influence of various factors (why not are more important that that influence less). This to justify its implementation. FACTORS identified and number (S) (s) proposal (S) to the address: or workload. 1, 7, 11, 16, 19 Or attitude of the heads. 4, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16 Or tardiness of gratuities. 6, 9 Or food from the dining room.

6, 8 Or interdepartmental conflicts. 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 17 Or lack of material resources. 5, 6, Or salary. 2, 6, 9, 20, Or facilities. 6, 8 Or companionship. 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12 Or dealing with people. 4, 6, 7, 12 Or activities of the post. 10, 14, 16, 19 Or continuous learning and training. 1, 10, 11, 15, 16 Or work safe. 15, 18, 20 Or benefits. 2, 9, 15, 20 Approximate investment of implementing these measures amounted to $67,500 pesos. In comparison of the costs generated by the rotation of staff is extremely low.

Types Of Varnish

Linseed oil – it's processed vegetable oils. Learn more about this topic with the insights from James Woolsey. They are used to produce coatings on their own or mixed with color pigments and resins. For linseed oil also include solutions of alkyd resins and some other organic compounds. Natural drying oils are made from recycled vegetable oils and substances that speed up their drying – driers. The composition of semi-subsistence and artificial drying oils include, in addition, organic solvents, which regulate the viscosity of the varnish. SYPartners will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The solvents used primarily petrol-solvent, turpentine. Processing of vegetable oils in the varnish is in their cooking, and the introduction of driers.

Vegetable oils are not suitable for cooking oil paints and varnishes. Drying them on too long, and produced films have insufficient water resistance and lower mechanical properties. When heated vegetable oils (with desiccant) is in the process of polymerization of the molecules of oil, formed high molecular weight compounds, which provide an oil film, high moisture resistance and improved mechanical properties. Semi-subsistence varnishes are made from vegetable oils, which are natural plant oils subjected to even more dramatic chemical changes as a result of the strong heat treatment or adding chemicals that cause transesterification of oil molecules. Artificial drying oils – is the third group of drying oils, which are derived from synthetic film-forming substances.

They are often called synthetic, which is not entirely true, since most of the raw materials for them to receive not through the synthesis of elements, and waste treatment chemical industry. Natural drying oils (flax and hemp). Contain no solvents. Their produce almost exclusively – from drying vegetable oils, mainly flax and hemp. Linseed varnish have a light yellow color and are suitable for making white and light colored oil paints. Color hemp drying oil is much darker.


Diversion of staff in the trade – not necessarily a bad thing, moreover, its level is largely dependent on the specifics of the business and trade. The more complex the products that you trade, the less desirable frequent changes in personnel. The younger your staff, the faster it "fly" in the search for a "better life". Women's team replaced more often than men – and not just because women leave "the family", but also on Due to the fact that men often sell more technically sophisticated products. Can be considered useful even turnover among warehouse workers and trade in goods of daily demand – after all "old" is very well aware of the scheme theft of trade. Validating the same – full of thirst for professional growth and enthusiasm. However, according to psychologists, it disappears after 1 year of drudgery. Draw conclusions.

In retail, the norm is 30% Staff turnover (ie, annual change in the store a third of employees). On average, sellers do not stay longer than 1.5-2 years. However, it is more about stores in major cities. In the provinces, this figure does not and reaches up to 10% – simply because in regions less choice of work. According to the research, the reasons for leaving employees lined up in this order: – Uncompetitive wages: living in a society, the information "who, where, how much "is widely available – unfair fee structure – Unstable earnings, delays in the payment of money owed (but not bonuses or travel, for example) – Poor or unsafe working conditions, leading to problems with Health – oppressive or disagreeable leadership, conflict in the team, attitude to staff on a "juicer" – lack of opportunities for promotion, training, training, development, career growth – Prolonged or inconvenient hours of work – for no special need employees in employment (employee is not the breadwinner, works just not sit at home) – Poor selection and assessment for employment, throwing newbies "to fend for themselves" – the problem with travel to and from work – lack of awareness of staff during a restructuring or other global changes in the company: people do not know what to expect – instability company, which is manifested in frequent changes of authorities, abrupt dismissals and recruitment, when the "new broom sweeps clean in his own way") – for personal reasons (moving, marriage, decree, illness, etc.).

Development Teams Make Up The Judgment Of The Voice Days Visitors

Intelligent taxi call, interactive mail box and secure online transfers via voice command Wiesbaden the finalists have been selected for the voice Contest 2008. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo on most websites. For the fifth time the best team will be awarded by telephone services and other applications involving the use of language technology: A team of experts from the Fraunhofer named five submissions for the competition: CreLog, Deutsche Telekom laboratories, Me2Me, Siemens and Sikom have qualified for the finals. The winner of the Voice days in Wiesbaden Congress by the audience is elected on October 16. “The filing for mobile services comes from CreLog: Cabfish, the smart cab call ‘. Cabfish enables the intelligent and comfortable cab call by simply pressing of the taxi-call icons on a GPS-enabled device.

Michael Kloos, CEO of Crealog explains that the taxi at the local taxi headquarters in their native language is ordered and informed about the exact pick-up address of customers through the use of language technology.” Innovative speaker verification method, also called voice biometrics, are used in two developments. So, Sikom introduces a procedure for the protection of online money transfers. Instead of a TAN, the voice tag is used to authorize a transfer. The remittance to combine the ease of use a simple Web interface with the high security and flexibility of the telephone speaker authentication. Siemens Enterprise Communications has opened a different field of application for voice biometrics.

As identification procedures to safeguard access to help desk, chat sessions or phone conferences, the application checks the biometric characteristics such as the personal voice profile, age, or gender during the ongoing conversation. The intelligent combination of speech technologies with voice and Web applications for use in mail boxes, the more can the Deutsche Telekom laboratories as only voice messages, have and set itself the aim of Me2Me, a subsidiary of Swisscom. The former presented the Multi-modal message box in the network”one for smartphones designed application with voice, touch and movement control, which provides online access to the personal message box in the network. The Swiss team of developers is an interactive letterbox”demonstrate a convergent, fully automated service allows to manage information of all kinds on easily over language and Web at any time. A message from the media Office of son. Son is responsible for the content of the media Office. Editorial medienburo.Sohn Ettighoffer Strasse 26 A 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 620 44 74 fax: 0228 620 44 75 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: Web:

Cortado Handybundles

Wireless real time synchronization and mobile browsing in the E-plus network of mobile business expert Cortado offers email comfort, business customers know only from large companies. The hosted Exchange mailbox includes GB mailbox size license and software for Outlook 2007 and Entourage 2008 2. Thus the full Exchange functionality, so all synchronization available is E-Plus customers: received and sent emails are both mobile and available in the locally installed Outlook or Entourage. Contacts can be always and everywhere easily added, deleted, or changed; Appointments and tasks are to Cortados business plus mailbox always at the same level – without the annoying synchronization by cable. The charm of the Cortado solution is also the availability of a number of other features. In addition to continuing to use of an existing E-Mail account, use public folders for optimum team work is possible, as the access via Outlook Web access.

The Outlook version over the Internet also allows you to a comfortable device management. Lost or stolen of Smartphone can Cortado customers from anywhere login via the Internet to your mailbox and delete all personal data from your Smartphone. The E-plus data flat-rate ensures that incurred no extra costs for mobile surfing and for real-time synchronization. All traffic is covered by the monthly amount. Similarly, the rental fee for the Smartphone is included in a monthly fixed price. Interested parties may choose between the Windows Mobile 6-based Smartphone Omnia i900 from Samsung or the Nokia E71 Symbian S60 operating system. Both smartphones are designed for the most demanding business customers while providing entertainment features on the current state of the art – including mobile email functions.

The bundles are exclusively available through the business sales of the E-Plus Group. The Nokia E71 bundle is available for 46 euros a month and the Samsung Omnia i900 bundle for 49 euros a month. More information (including Tariff information) is available at e-plus. Cortado. A Division of ThinPrint Cortado bundles the entire mobile computing as independently acting Division competence of ThinPrint GmbH and offers mobile business software solutions and professional hosting services for all mobile today’s requirements from a single source. The offer includes full range of hosted Exchange and professional E-Mail and PIM services with innovative push mail functionality to the world-wide unique Cortado enterprise solutions and premium services, which turn the mobile device into a complete workstation. Documents can be flexibly issued by the Cortado products both as in-house solutions via hosted premium services on all major mobile platforms and managed. Security-certified hosting Center in Germany, United States and the Pacific region guarantee high availability and security of all hosted CORTADO services. Along with its free services offered under Cortado free Cortado enables mobile freedom and productivity for consumer, prosumer, and businesses. The vision: the complete mobility and independence of local jobs and computer-based communication channels to enable. With many years of experience of ThinPrint GmbH and its international presence with offices in the United States and Australia, Cortado operates globally. As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Nokia Forum Pro member and one of the top five BlackBerry Alliance partners, as well as through close cooperation with over 20 carriers worldwide, including T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, Hutchison 3 G, Cingular, and Verizon, Cortado of competent and professional partner and service provider for the fulfillment of all requirements of mobile business and private users. A worldwide partner network supports the international availability of the Cortado offers. Contact for the press: Anna Schwartzkopf, public relations manager, Tel.: + 49.30.394932-17, fax: + 49.30.394931-99, E-Mail:,

Hotel Flamingo Beach

MARA SIMBA 3-day flight and Jeep Safari in the Masai Mara (Northern Serengeti). The Safari for real wild animal lover weeks safaris with 4 or 6 nights: BIG FIVE 5-day flight, bus and Jeep Safari in the Tsavo East region, the Kilimanjaro Kimana animal reserve and in the Maasai Mara (Northern Serengeti). OUT OF AFRICA 7-day bus, air and Jeep Safari in the Tsavo East area, in the Maasai Mara and the Kilimanjaro Kimana animal reserve. Interested will receive the exact history of Safari without obligation by email with a detailed offer incl. travel prices. Are you interested in the profession of a Ranger? Who would like to get to know the basic concepts of the wild animal keeper profession (Ranger) and would like to gain background knowledge about the life of a ranger in the accordance with the lifestyle of the Maasai, can book a 2 – or 4-day course. “Hotel recommendation is 4 * plus hotel” Vasco da Gama “called, with the bedroom or 2-bedroom suite or the 4 * Club Hotel Dolphin” this lies about 17 km north of Mombasa, slightly elevated above the sea, in 2006 completely newly renovated Vasco da Gama Suites hotel. The three-storey building is facing to the sea, so that you the rooms has wonderful views of the Indian Ocean.

Large lawn with shady Palm trees, beside the swimming pool with Sun terrace are situated in front the hotel. A sprawling promenade in the beautiful park leads over the Grotto bridge to the neighbouring Hotel Flamingo Beach and Dolphin and the beautiful Shanzu Beach (200 m walking distance approx. 3 min). The Pavilion built on a Felsvorprung d’Amour”, a covered lookout point, seduced to linger and the fascinating sea views to enjoy. Learn more at: Tulip Retail. Swimming pool, sports and evening entertainment are offered. Flight options are after Kenya until April 2009: from Frankfurt nonstop with Condor from Munich nonstop with the LTU from Vienna directly with the Lauda Air from Zurich nonstop with Edelweiss airlines from Dusseldorf nonstop with LTU on extras, to increase the comfort of the holiday a gourmet are Kenya surcharge pass for exclusive dinner with culinary specialties z.Vfg., the booking of a romantic “beach lodge “or the flight (from 840,-additional payment) visa fees and park entry fees are the booking of the comfort class or business class place extra to be paid. Information is provided free of charge and competently by the team of experts, requests with holiday wishes should be sent by e-mail, where the travel consultant advise like evening telephone Kenya overland travel. Her Olaf Diroll economist and specialist tourism specialist for sea and telescope since 1978 homepage: E-mail:

United States

With stick surf, you have mobile Internet everywhere. Business travelers who often depend on the mobile Internet are aware of the problem. Mobile Internet is still not so popular as in other countries. In the United States there will be free soon a nationwide Wi-Fi (wireless local area network) for the residents. We are still miles away from such a solution in Germany. Many cities offer Wi-Fi for free, however this is limited generally in the town center and only to a few meters.

Another disadvantage is the relatively low speed due to the weak power of such Wi-Fi network. Within a building, it is no problem to a Wi-Fi network to share, in free space, but this can be a problem. External influences can be disturbing the existing Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, the distance to be bridged is greater than in the tenement house, where possibly the 1st floor and the 4th floor of a Wi-Fi sharing network. Even with this constellation it already could cause problems with the Get the receipt. /a>. Who but also on the road depends on the mobile Internet, should become familiar with the topic of UMTS. Each mobile service provider offers mobile Internet to surf its customers the possibility with a surf stick. Of course, this form of mobile Internet without the Surfstick is possible.

It is then resorted to your own cell phone. Assuming your own mobile phone supports UMTS. Usually can be assumed however, because newly produced phone UMTS standard have on board. If you have no phone with UMTS, just the mobile phone operators ask whether there is a chance of a contract extension. Torsten Heinsius

Alternative Gift Idea

‘ Babyabos moves to the 01.01.2009 in a new Logistics Centre. Shipping prices are extremely reduced.’ As alternative gift idea to the birth, the company of BabyAbos offers its clients the possibility to equip young parents in the form of a Windelabos with diapers and baby care products. The ordering of the products can be done by Internet or telephone, will be shipped then monthly and conveniently right in the House. Possible, individual purchase orders are customized subscriptions over a longer period of time as well as the respective needs. Macy’s Inc. may find this interesting as well. Basic idea of the company is the desire to stress to take off the annoying and time consuming diaper shopping-ridden parents. Relatives, friends, or colleagues can easily acquire a voucher, which can be handed over to the young parents as a gift to the birth.

This gift for all fathers or mothers, who have business little time for shopping, are dependent on public transport or whose lived far from a supermarket is located is ideal. ‘S service of babyabos also for nurseries or company is ideal with young parents in the circle of colleagues. The subscriptions matched individually to the needs of parents have a term of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, also an unlimited duration is possible. The diaper size required may be disqualified from month to month to match the growth of the child. The used diapers are high-quality brands such as pampers and Moltex. As well as the new high-quality DryCare at an absolutely unbeatable price. In addition to the diapers NUK baby care are articles, and numerous care and gifts for mother and child of the company bellybutton in the product range of the company. In the offer are including wet wipes, creams, bath accessories or other individual and creative gift ideas.

P.S.: The product range should steadily and Advisor to increase the size of the Babyabos. For more information, see INH. Nadine Meyer Frankfurter str. 25 65439 Florsheim am Main Tel (+ 49) 06145-549321 fax: (+ 49) 06190-3088 e-mail:


Sofia, Bulgaria, beggar woman shows real values the capital of the new EU partners Bulgaria holds some surprises, such as fog for his visitors. Fog can be in Sofia due to the framing by mountainous ridges won’t pass, so also not in the three days I was allowed to spend in Sofia for a report. For the first time in Bulgaria, I unlocked my soul as a journalist, to include in other, me new cities, the atmosphere and aura of the city. Sofia, a metropolis of the East? – or of the South? In addition to Orthodox cathedrals, mosques and Kappelen from the 11th century, as well as monumental buildings, building ruins from the Socialist heritage and new consumer Temple, the chaotic road traffic noticed immediately. He runs\”, he does not. To the chagrin of the people, the fog pushes even the whole smog over the city and in the three days I spent here, it remained dark. Contact information is here: Macy’s.

Accordingly, this affected my mood and I was sensitized for Visual and mental stimulation. A week ago Christmas 2006 and immediately prior to Bulgaria joining the EU, I left the Christmas decorations and the curiosity on the Bulgarians to walks through the city of animate me yet, despite smog and fog. I watched people on the road, and let my thoughts about their fate, fears and desires, in particular in terms of EU accession and the changes which they expect free rein. In a subway underpass was waiting for me one of the probably most impressive personalities of Sofia. Urban subways are the ganglia of a vibrant city. Busyness, stress, mass loneliness\”meet here greetings and farewell full shopping bags and business case, beggars and tramps, teenager and teenagers, grannies and stroller, all social layers of a city. Between the social centipedes, indefinable smells and noise seemed, like a Hollywood movie: NICKI! The eleven-year old blonde Angel played violin at a corner.