Diversion of staff in the trade – not necessarily a bad thing, moreover, its level is largely dependent on the specifics of the business and trade. The more complex the products that you trade, the less desirable frequent changes in personnel. The younger your staff, the faster it "fly" in the search for a "better life". Women's team replaced more often than men – and not just because women leave "the family", but also on Due to the fact that men often sell more technically sophisticated products. Can be considered useful even turnover among warehouse workers and trade in goods of daily demand – after all "old" is very well aware of the scheme theft of trade. Validating the same – full of thirst for professional growth and enthusiasm. However, according to psychologists, it disappears after 1 year of drudgery. Draw conclusions.

In retail, the norm is 30% Staff turnover (ie, annual change in the store a third of employees). On average, sellers do not stay longer than 1.5-2 years. However, it is more about stores in major cities. In the provinces, this figure does not and reaches up to 10% – simply because in regions less choice of work. According to the research, the reasons for leaving employees lined up in this order: – Uncompetitive wages: living in a society, the information "who, where, how much "is widely available – unfair fee structure – Unstable earnings, delays in the payment of money owed (but not bonuses or travel, for example) – Poor or unsafe working conditions, leading to problems with Health – oppressive or disagreeable leadership, conflict in the team, attitude to staff on a "juicer" – lack of opportunities for promotion, training, training, development, career growth – Prolonged or inconvenient hours of work – for no special need employees in employment (employee is not the breadwinner, works just not sit at home) – Poor selection and assessment for employment, throwing newbies "to fend for themselves" – the problem with travel to and from work – lack of awareness of staff during a restructuring or other global changes in the company: people do not know what to expect – instability company, which is manifested in frequent changes of authorities, abrupt dismissals and recruitment, when the "new broom sweeps clean in his own way") – for personal reasons (moving, marriage, decree, illness, etc.).