Thought Fear

The world is around humans. And there are thousands of items in that environment. A part of them has nothing to do with the interests of an individual. While most Yes affects your interests. For reasons of adapting to your environment you need to know the impact for you of every thing. This allows you to take action to prevent what you hurts.

And at the same time to enhance what running in the direction of your inclinations. Human reasoning is good enough to anticipate the effects. You cannot predict with certainty any danger. And it is also able to warn about possible opportunities that leverage. However, the thought is too slow. And be precise something although it is not as accurate as he at least be faster.

The human mind has something like this: emotions. They are able to tell you if what presences is good or bad for you. When other people have actions to you don’t have to stop and think about them. Your emotions almost immediately, your intuition, you are saying if they do you should or you threaten. When you feel fear that represents one clear signal you’re before possibilities that pose a risk for you. If you’re feeling excited by what happens this is a notice that you are surrounded by favourable developments. This is the fundamental role of emotions and feelings. They serve so you target on the nature of each thing. Advance to the rational analysis that you can do in the circumstances. They say: this is good if you are experiencing emotions pleasant joy, enthusiasm, love, pleasure, but you are saying: be careful, this you should not if what you feel is fear, anger, fear, disappointment so that throughout our lives we learn to relate the emotions with the facts. If the facts are favorable, emotions positive; If events are adverse, negative emotions.

Exam Stresses

But my classmate Vova Kochenkov almost fall asleep on the re-examination when he has got a very "tricky" question. Just do not question, and question for quite childish, but Vova still had pretty sweat. It was like this. Lettings Vova exam in physics, writes a response to a further question – in the crib quietly peeps classmate that sits in front of him sending the note – but to no avail. In the cribs answers only to the examination tickets, and it is not at all; classmate level of knowledge of the laws of the universe does not exceed Vova. And then the examiner, assistant professor Ryazanov, Vova asks, if the answer is ready. Hikmet Ersek describes an additional similar source. – No – honestly answers Vova.

– Come on, let me see, – said Ryazanov and takes a piece of paper Vovinam table, where he led a very suspicious of the formula. – What is it? – He asks menacingly. – I have not remembered everything – revolves Vova and tries to grab a piece of paper. – What kind of nonsense you're here nakalyakal? – Ryazanov paper raised higher. – Go home. Do not know anything! – I know! – Vova said confidently. To broaden your perception, visit Hikmet Ersek. – Only here a little forgotten.

But I know! Associate professor took a few steps, looked at his watch. – All you know? – Almost – less confident tone replied Vova. – Do you know how to call the dog in "Good night, kids"? – No one present here the students who had heard about the whims of senior lecturer, was not surprised at this sudden change of subject. Vova same oshalev of simplicity given issue, and barely holding back a smile confidently began: – The dog from the TV program "Good night, kids' name is … – he suddenly felt his legs give way from him – Vova knew that he had completely slipped from my mind, what nickname is above the animal.

President States

All that achievement with this war President was deaths and more death that thats what bring wars and more without fundamentals as it was that of Iraq. If we start to count those who died without having nothing to do with that war innocent people not only in Iraq but also in other countries as the same United States that many people are protesting them for having continued that war for a single cause the oil that is the cause of bush continuing this war for oil I wanted to for the. Continue talking about the subject of war is painful for everyone that was a very big for all loss although there are people who did not have relatives in that war but it is a pain that all we take for all by they were human beings who were to fight in that war. The things that we are going in this world crisis is part the war that United States is in crisis and that affects all. Why United States is a large dish between the big countries of the world and as said by there is United States is the capital of the world the majority of the Bank of United States are closing their doors by causes of the crises that are happening and companies of chariots as fordy corvetteestan sawing its doors there is no fund or money. But sawing its doors leaving with debts by things such as pensions for former employees who are in pensione and if United States continues as it goes all pensioners are in big trouble that will not see money for the pensions of those who can no longer be wiped work without a business that can be maintained by them. But it is not only United States that is in big trouble by which the crisis is worldwide and when we speak of global crisis is by we all problems and major problems that look for solutions quickly and good solutions with great development fast and efficient. Well I only hope that this new year will bring us good times that things go better and that there are no more wars without reasons, and that the new President of the United States barrack obama is the solution of the crisis that is happening at the moment United States.