Leather Fashion: New And Exclusive Leather Jackets Online Now.

Looking for new leather fashion? For all fans of leather, leather Fischer offers a unique selection of exclusive leather jackets with its new E-commerce presence. Leather fisherman, the leather specialist in Munich now presents an exclusive selection of leather jackets in its new online shop at lederfischer.com. From classic to trendy leather fashion, leather Fischer offers a wide range of colours and leathers. Extravagant and elegant or sporty models are available. As a specialist leather emphasizes fishing especially on the leather quality of its leather goods: super soft lamb nappa leather leather or fine Spanish Merino is offered as well as silk nappa lambskin. By the own production, customers also benefit from products with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. Whether it’s leather jacket, lambskin jacket, the leather fan with any budget finds the appropriate style leather coat, leather jacket or leather Blazer. Many models of international brands such as Redskins, among others, Daniel Hechter, Lagerfeld, Orwell, Christian or Heinz Bauer also include selecting a unique leather goods. Seasonal the offer is complemented by costume fashion collections and Microfaserjacken for men and women. On lederfischer.com, interested parties can shop comfortably around the clock and subscribe to a free newsletter about the latest offers. In the two central shops of downtown Munich, visitors enjoy warm and friendly welcome and expert advice in a relaxed shopping atmosphere.

Good Luck To The Attack And Hold

The forme(l)n of luck gifts from annjani the enchanted now, she starts again, the time of four-leaf clover finding and cuckoo call counting. Small moments of happiness can be found in nature everywhere, you must keep open the eyes and ears. Who wants to give away a bit of luck, can do this also with small but fine gifts from annjani. Good luck happy anywhere and everywhere. Four-leaf clovers are considered classic symbol of good luck. The lucky the cuckoo many times gives his typical call, look forward to a long life, said. There are many symbols for good luck.

And we want people who are close to the heart, many happy moments in life. We would give them like all the luck in the world. Wildly happy. This good luck wishes for example with the little lucky charms from the present Portal annjani take concrete form. Those who like down to Earth and funny, attacks to felt happy, pigs, of course, befitting with vierblattrigem Shamrock in the mouth. The lovable critters be made carefully and with much love by hand.

Lucky to hang on to. Should it be something classy and discreet, the luck pendant made of gold or silver are offered. The abstract forms of the talismans waive specific imagery and allow plenty of room for your own interpretations of happiness. Incidentally, there is a simple formula for happiness: loved ones make a pleasure and to see in their eyes makes us all very happy… Try it out! Annemarie judge

Rain Wear For Ladies

This article is about rain gear for women’s rain gear ladies must be made of waterproof fabrics. But when a fabric is waterproof? The answer comes from the ISO standard. According to the ISO standard, a fabric is waterproof, only if it can pass with a water level of more than 1300 mm water. The appropriate test is performed with a pipe, water is poured into it. The tube has a defined surface, provided that the material to be examined. The water level is observed in the attempt.

The water gets so only with a water level of more than 1,300 mm, then the material is waterproof. The value of 1300 mm represents the minimum value, because in showers, greater pressures prevail and accordingly, the resistance must be greater. Further tests showed that in larger showers also accordingly larger pressures arise. The result is that the water which can penetrate textile. Experience has shown that women should an equivalent value of 3000 mm outdoor rainwear have. A value of 20000 mm from well-known manufacturers of rain gear is common women. Furthermore, also the breathability ladies in addition to the water resistance plays a special role in rain gear.

It is obvious, that the breathability of all substances in rain gear ladies are not the same, but differentiate – depending on the processing and quality of the material. The most important test for determining the breathability is the MVTR testing. This test indicates a material is how very breathable. The result is specified as vapour permeability in grams per square metre fabric 24 hours (E.g. 34000 g / m 2 / 24 h). In general one distinguishes between cheap discount rain gear ladies and expensive and thus quality rain gear ladies better. The rain gear at discount stores have a low breathing activity. Usually is this value between 1000 and 2000 g / m 2 / 24 h. In addition, manufacturers recommend a Mindestatmungsaktivittat from 2700 to 3000 g / m 2 / 24 h. Rain wear, a breathability from 9000 g/m 2 / 24 h are already very good. Fine rain gear ladies have a breathability 13000 g / m 2 / 24 h. In addition to the material, other functions play a role, to improve the breathability of the rain gear ladies. For example, vents are attached under the arms and on the sides, to improve breathability.

A Colorful Photo Shoot For Lifestyle Catalogue 2008 / 2009

Next weekend, Leipzig is devoted to the lifestyles of young people. The preparations for the meanwhile third catalog of the company are in full swing. For the shooting at the weekend 13/14 September in an apartment in the Erich Zeigner – Allee 34, they get Imperial clothing the creators of the project into the boat. Here, EuroAmericana Inc. expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This is known for her creative and artistically ambitious photo work. Already the choice of the models was on modern communication way: to win their own customers as models, the company praised the shooting on the company’s website. “You want them can give even part of the catalogue and the imperial family” to be.

It was followed by over 1000 applications from all over Germany. Selected were over 20 different characters colorful tattooed largely that expressing the Imperial lifestyle best. The finished catalog is distributed early November nationally and internationally free of charge on the post, about the Imperial street team, the Imperial bands and concerts. The Weekend promises an exciting shoot with many interesting people and some fancy motifs. A small party for all models and actors on Saturday evening is the conclusion of the first day of shooting. Be there when breathe life into ambitious young people of Leipzig. History of the emerging company describes itself as a company Imperial clothing, fresh wind in the area of streetwear clothing and music merchandise brings. With success: Since the beginning of 2005 more than 27 000 people from Germany, Austria, registered in Switzerland and all over the world in the online shop and articles purchased themselves.

Imperial, maintains not only a close bond to his customers, but has already worked with many bands and labels and close friendship. In this way arose the cooperation with AlternStyle. A young lifestyle project from Leipzig, which puts young people and their extravagant fashion trends artistic scene and also brand has specialized in band promotion, advertising and music videos. Also at AlternStyle, putting on intensive exchange and personal contact with the target group. The weekend promises an exciting shoot with many interesting people and some fancy motifs. A small party for all models and actors on Saturday evening is the conclusion of the first day of shooting. Be there when breathe life into ambitious young people of Leipzig. For more information about AlterStyle and Imperial clothing on the Internet at and Hagen Lindner

From The Hidden To The Necessary

Selios silky surprise under the Christmas tree. The silky way of life: for men deliberately and delightfully live without compromising on functionality. The Alsatian Valerie Stelter and the Pfalzerin Ute Jully wanted to do something good to men. Far too few men know about the value of silk and accordingly to rarely use them. Starting from the mother house silk and shine they founded a spinning off. Aim was to make the material, which is closest to the human skin, invisible portable for men in beauty and superior quality. Amazon Studios spoke with conviction.

They developed a unique model in tireless work with an international expert team for men’s vests with the label SELIOS in connection to the Greek Sun-God Helios, because silk-like no other fabric reflects the light. Silk means expertise for more than 4000 years. Senior Chinese officials were paid in bales of silk, silk as currency silk has proven itself: it is the only fiber, which protects and work. We have so long honed on the size and shape of the V-neck, until he was equally sexy and functional. No ugly T-Shirt neckline more, which in an open shirt mind”, so the two agents of the silk. We have developed also the backrest for men who want to feel confident and comfortable during presentations, lectures, and body work. “Selios stands for application-oriented aesthetics.

The optimal body ventilation and adequate protection through the careful selection of silk grams age was for us Central.” At the same time the shirt is very easy to care for, select and resilient to enjoy while all day-to-day challenges and pleasures.” Sensual Christmas gift unusual gift ideas are always in demand in the run-up to Christmas; individually, exquisite and it should be personal. Dive into the world of silk inside, enjoy silk; There is nothing better. “The perfect Christmas gift: to give pleasure.” For the Festival the shirts offered online and supplied in lovingly in a noble gift packaging. Seduced? Valerie Stelter

The Internet

The assortment of plus size shoes for men includes all the models that are available in the area of the normal sizes. So there are slippers, lace-up shoes, sneakers, boots, sports shoes etc. as plus size shoes for men. Women or men need more shoes outside these size intervals, so shoes in larger sizes that are greater or shoes in small sizes, which are even smaller, special consideration must be taken. Western Union is the source for more interesting facts. This kind of special size shoes have the disadvantage that they are priced significantly higher than the machine and manufactured in large editions plus size shoes and sizes shoes and there are only a few manufacturers that specifically make these shoes.

Many manufacturers have discovered in the last few years especially the market of shoes in large sizes. Hear other arguments on the topic with America Relief Sweepstakes Contest. Even with the increase takes the general body size Indeed the shoe size of men and women too, so that the need for shoes in plus size clothing and shoes in small sizes in the future will continue to grow. Dealer, just offer a good selection of shoes in XXL. Shoe & fashion tip is a good example, because the traditional business since 1797 and thus combines many years of experience with the modern channel of the Internet. In the online-shop for plus size shoes, customers will find a wide selection of all major brands. Contact: Shoe & fashion tipping Burgplatz 1-3 46342 Velen r Nair phone: +49(0) 2863 5329 fax: +49(0) 2863-6766 E-Mail: shoe & fashion tipping is an online store which is specialized in women’s shoes and men’s shoes in large sizes and small sizes.

Quality and expertise are a tradition at us and show us the way into the future. To provide the usual service of cutting-edge and diverse assortment now also our distant customers, we have our Internet presence completely redesigned in March 2011 and a comprehensive shop system added. The whole range of women’s shoes and men’s shoes in sizes, i.e., plus sizes and small sizes, is available in the Internet. There is also a regularly updated offers and special promotions in the online-shop for shoes in larger sizes and small sizes.

Carhartt Winter Jackets

Carhartt winter jackets to protect in the winter Carhartt winter jackets come from making the ultimate brand for Carhartt Workwear. Carhartt is one of the best brands when it comes to clothes and in many properties, such as durability, comfort, fit, function and style, they are unmatched and that’s why you can’t go wrong even with the Carhartt winter jackets. Carhartt products are manufactured with the utmost care, and that they can withstand so under the extreme stress of the craftsmen. Carhartt are things due to their nature and their style to attract especially pants and the Carhartt winter jackets to work. Since they not greatly differ from ordinary streetwear even more still something noble look. Proven, real work clothes that will help you to do the job right. Until there was the Carhartt winter jackets, a lot has happened. It all started so that at the age of 29 Hamilton Carhartt has founded a wholesale business for furnishings under his name of Carhartt.

After the first step was done towards Carhartt winter jackets was so further. After its creation, the desire to produce their own products such as later the Carhartt winter jackets culminated in Hamilton. 5 years later, Hamilton joined the industry, entered into a company devoted exclusively to the manufacture of Workwear. This legend was born in 1889. The main step with the production of own products was done for the Carhartt winter jackets.

A standard to which everyone else afterwards would seek. The first products still do not like the present Carhartt winter jackets but the Overralls of duck – and denim material were caught with only 4 sewing machines and 5 employees. With entrepreneurial imagination, Hamilton Carhartt has established a brand that withstood the ravages of time. Like the other Carhartt, Carhartt winter jackets are apparel known for comfort, fit and resilient materials. Before our fabrics to clothing, they undergo rigorous testing in order to meet our demands.

Eastern Europe

Also the driving time from the Ruhr area reduced by better connecting via the A40/A73. The popular Center on the A40/A73 in just a 35 minute drive is accessible from Duisburg. The 5,100 parking ensure a relaxed shopping start. Year-round reduced prices, the high-quality brand mix, as well as the geographically convenient and scenically unique location make the designer outlet Roermond is an extremely attractive shopping destination in the border triangle of Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. The Center is very popular especially among the Germans. In 2011, 54% of all visitors from the nearby Germany came about, 36% in the Netherlands, 8% in Belgium. The designer outlet Roermond recorded with increasing economic importance of emerging economies in Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America, more and more sales to international customers, so-called tax-free shopper. Here are Chinese customers, whose spending has risen in the specified time period by 170%, with 45% at the top.

Another 16% of international clients come from Russia, as well as 5% from Korea (source: global blue). The designer outlet Roermond is the best proof that the region and the city benefits from the economic success of the Center. The walk to get be achieved downtown Roermond has evolved into a popular tourist destination and has received the award in October 2009 best city”in the category of medium-sized cities. Especially the varied business and gastronomy of the city impressed the jury. And also in the European comparison, convinced the center line and was both 2009 and 2011 by ecostra and the real estate consulting firm CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) as economically successful Centre in Europe Award. The study is a survey of 93 tenants about their satisfaction with the performance of its branches in 75 outlet centres in Europe.

McArthurGlen: Largest outlet Bert Reiber on the European market the McArthurGlen group is Europe’s leading owner, developer and operator of designer outlets, currently 21 designer outlets in eight countries. In 1995, the Group introduced the concept of designer outlet shopping in Europe. Visitors of the McArthurGlen designer outlets are the year-round discounts between 30 and 70 Per cent on the most desirable luxury and lifestyle brands designer – dressed. McArthurGlen’s portfolio includes currently nearly 600,000 square feet of retail space. An additional 150,000 square meters are currently, including the 22 designer outlet of the group, which opens the end of 2014 in Vancouver, Canada as the first McArthurGlen designer outlet in North America.