Also, at this stage candidates fill out questionnaires on product knowledge and theoretical foundations of sales. The results of this round to the next stage is about half the applicants. 3) Imitation of sales at this stage is modeled by the situation and Sale verify the candidate's ability to establish contact, the ability to ascertain the needs present the product and work with the objections of the price. At this stage it is particularly important in the presence of the commission merchants of other businesses to ignorance of the product did not lead to lower estimates of the candidate members of the commission. Because if the candidate is not familiar with the company's product, its ranking falls automatically in the eyes of experts Your business, and other experts, it does not bother, because they pay attention on sales skills of the candidate. Thus, the commission must be balanced in its composition. In addition, the Commission also must involve the future chief of the candidate who has the right to a taboo on any candidate.

This means that even if the other committee members voted for the candidate to skip to the next stage, the head may refuse and not miss a candidate for the next round. In this case, his vote will be decisive. This decision, the responsibility for hiring a candidate is assigned directly to his future manager. In addition, the head of this opinion is particularly important because the candidate will work just under his command, and you want it fully came to him as to his personal and professional qualities.