"Advertising – the engine of sales … some move, one sells "The successful development of any commercial venture depends on whether consumers know about it, which will be of interest to the offered goods or services. In attracting the target audience is the essence of advertising. And if you wish to organize their own business, without the quality of advertising you can not do. Proper placement will accelerate the advancement of your business. Of course, no investment is necessary.

But the final result will exceed all expectations. In order for advertising has been effective, it must decide what part of the potential consumer, it must influence. This can help you with advertising agency to place different types of advertising through the operators. These agencies tend to live in the percentage of opreatora this or that kind of advertising. Who will be the most interested in the proposed goods and services.

And from someone who is the target audience: men or women, young or old, athletes and fashionistas, and will depend on choosing the most effective advertising media information. Advertising on the Internet. The Internet has become a rapidly growing advertising medium, with the help of a popular website promotion services (St. Petersburg and Moscow – the main regions of) companies promote their products and services. Internet provides extremely accurate to choose the target audience: age, profession, gender, interest … Thus, the advertising appeal hits right on target, and hence – will be most effective. Leaflets and flyers. Promotions are aimed primarily at young people. After all, handed out flyers on the streets, and posters, most of all they take. So, in this form of advertising, acting as tselevikov. Very diverse choice of outdoor advertising media – large-format panels, light boxes, stickers, transport, advertising design, window dressing and shopping, etc. Mass advertising. So how to use television advertising, information comes to a very large number of consumers in a relatively short period of time, it is understandable that in the ranking, advertising on television is one of the highest positions. TV advertising has the most extensive audience. Underground. Advertising in metro is huge competition to all other types of advertising, with respect to megacities. It is here that many people use the services of Metro. So, is often faced with a hosted advertising information here. Advertising on transport, advertising in the subway and on the radio. There are many ways to advertise. To date, uses a lot of opportunities to attract an increasing number of consumers. Appeared fairly advanced type of advertising that is the union of transport and commercials. This provides a much more intimate contact with the audience. Pretty good publicity stunt – To establish a taxi TV screens, dynamic image attracts the eyes on the screens and provides a close contact. But to assert that one or another form of advertising can not be the most effective. It is important to correct advertising. And then, regardless of type, advertising will yield results. Audience. Print advertising and design posters, business cards, banners, advertising in print or TV ads – all various types of advertising, which are only effective for some people. There is no single type of advertising that would be workable for all. From the above it is clear that the correct location of advertising is very important to achieve a positive result. And it needs to conduct pre-deployment training. And do not underestimate the ad. "Advertising – the engine of trade '- this adage is true at 100%. Without good advertising should not expect success.