Apart from the fact that the brand is present only in the store, she still has a fairly high level of merchandising – a quality representation. We are witnessing not just "for show" in the outlet, there is a specific, high demand consumer snack range, which gives the greatest profit. Working with other people's brands: increased profits distributional areas of logistics companies Snack Export sharpened by our product, under the snacks, so if we work with and products of other manufacturers, we only select groups of products similar to snack on logistics. In addition, it seems to me, the uniqueness of the company lies in the fact that the Snack-Export at the same time, that is engaged in direct marketing and distribution of more-focused. Therefore, Snack Export develops and operates directly in two directions: a company that produces high quality snacks and creates a brand and a company that very same quality of these snacks and sells: TM "Flint", TM "Macho", TM "Kozatska rozvaga" TM "Marine" – all this brand-leaders in their snack segments.

Again I want to emphasize that the distribution Snack exports not only numerically, it is, first and foremost, quality, and we pay attention not just on the fact of our presence at trade point, and how there are our snacks. This, I think we are like the best Western companies on the market of Ukraine (not too much, but they have one). In contrast to the general situation on the Ukrainian market, our distributor, the one part of the company, which is responsible for distribution, is constantly working on increasing their income.