New Corporate Design

mosquito developed extensive manual already the new claim in the swb bubble transported the core values of the Bremen provider of reason: for today. For tomorrow. For me. The ambitious target to cut emissions until 2020 20% CO2, increasing 20% energy efficiency and to generate 20% of energy from renewable sources, is a modern, bold statement. Reason to encounter enough times changed after 2004, with a modified appearance.

Bremen’s cityscape changed currently, because the popular swb red Gets a partner: green. As an expression of sustained action mosquito next to the color world changed but the new claim as well as all fire developed also the world of images, elements of the corporate design. 2004 Mosquito accompanied the realignment by swb as the umbrella brand and delivered the CD Manual. Now, after 8 years, it was time for a change of scenery. New challenges to meet the energy needs, environmental and climate protection and with regard to the shortage of resources, require some rethinking.

Also visually. SWB presents itself as a Middle courageous and responsible service providers, sustainably powered Bremen and everywhere. With the energy production from landfills, the electricity produced by the Weser plant and the wind turbines, the company delivers even local power. Exemplary and regionally connected. recently, SWB cars were the first. The new understanding is now visible and is on many formats and forms, as soon as self-evident, so Bremen ads, trams and print products, like Roland and town musicians.