Junius Davydov

And now – about the seminar. I must say that the administration is not without an insidious intent Junius Davydov put in extreme conditions. Instead, any logical on BTL-environment, he came to Internet users and recruiters. The theme of the seminar ‘Provocation as a way forward’ was fully in line with the principal crime, vydvagaemomu provocateurs from the honest public, ‘you samopiarom do more than advertising. ” Naturally, the topic itself Junius did not choose. Until the last moment of his young staff thought that all fell through at the previous speaker – brilliant Mick came Sarim on the strength of seven or ten. But the hall has turned almost full.

Of course, dominated by young people. But who else could develop new, cost-effective methods of merry and brand promotion? The speaker did not disappoint the audience, topic samopiara categorically refused to develop, and simply told about what the agency. We must assume (unless it is a provocation), which is packaged in a stylish rectangles cryptic terms lies the mass of interest. But Junius left them to sparkle on the screen and began to explain everything, they say, ‘on his fingers’, reducing the content of lectures to the beautifully designed and branded flavored tales recent interview. Apparently, the author has decided that one thing – Printed text and another – live chat.