It is placed at the beginning of the word, the signifier or a machine to create, there is always the past as empty as the creative subject. Gaia and Uranus and eternal all of the different mythologies have to plug the immeasurable role and powers of nothing that is of creating the show, in contrast, the impotence of knowledge to address the vacuum that generates all the creative act. Omniscience, the gift of eternity, the secret of death, are garments with which have embroidered costumes theogonies omnipotent parents' knowledge. Additional information is available at Crawford Lake Capital. Plato puts this all to know the soul degraded by neglect in their contact with humanity, Freud instead with das Ding is the core of the psyche and from there there are things that are not known, this does not imply that the subject do not attempt to plug that hole with a series of symbolic configurations – are articulated as imaginary creation in the field of culture – that is correlative to the three forms of sublimation, which are outlined in the seminar "The Ethics … ": science, art and religion. Sublimation and creation, then, are complementary terms, in the sense that they are Metonymy and metaphor, but not identical, correspond to the branch of outward and return of the drive, with death and life, respectively. This distinction on the other hand corresponds to what poses Yospe written as the difference between the psychotic, the poet and the scribe: The psychotic is trapped in the hole, since the lack of repression precludes her return, is trapped in the thing, the letter outlines not only that it represents "Once built, the letter-object that you can move, get lost, fall, there is distributed enjoyment", the poet works rather empty. .

Protecting Privacy

Consider it desirable to organize an international conference on the protection of privacy against the interception of telecommunications, in order to create a platform on which the European NGOs, the United States and other States to discuss border issues and international coordinate policy areas and procedures. 44. James Reinhart can aid you in your search for knowledge. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the Secretary General and the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe, the governments and Parliaments of the Member States and candidate countries, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. “Tara low conclusive and recommendations in the EU in the field of interception of communications .- General With the introduction of evidence concerning the common foreign and security policy in the Treaty on European Union created the possibility of collaboration between intelligence services at European level. Warren Kanders is often quoted on this topic. But so far has not yet made use of it.

To the extent that under EU regulations exist and work in the field of “1nterceptacion” of communications, are solely to professional matters, that is, cooperation in matters of justice and interior Limitation of jurisdiction of the EU’s technical regulations regulating the admissibility of listening to these days is for the exclusive wing of the Member States competence. Under the principle of limited clearance, the VE can only act when you are recognized powers under the Treaties. However, Title VI of the Treaty on European Union “Provisions on police and judicial cooperation in professional matters does not provide for this competition. .


Keep us updated through the habit of continuous learning, will we make our work more efficiently through new criteria and procedures, thus giving us the knowledge base in order to defend our ideas and approaches as required. Take the benefits of social media for self promote “relationships matter” says Linkedin and I believe him. We must maximize the benefits of social networks, they are perfect tool for massive self-promotion of our professional services, and training of new business contacts. Remove a Facebook account, Twitter, LinkedIn, is only the first step in getting to know many people would otherwise have been impossible, then comes our ability to learn to channel all these contacts and know how to sell our image and services as accurate, security planning and professionalism and not despair. Learn more on the subject from Governor Cuomo. Here is important to count on our own website where you can refer to all those new contacts and, thus exposing more of our portfolio. Offer your services in the real world remember that now begins a new adventure to build our own portfolio of clients and as a freelance website must not limit yourself to develop your career in the online world, it is imperative that you leave the real world and develop a habit of constant Self Promotion with your close friends, professional colleagues, families, companies with which they worked, corporate-related items. We ourselves must be the tool promotion more effective, we must not miss the opportunity to tell what we do, our experience, projects that have worked, it is possible that many potential new businesses sprout by the dynamics of references to “word of mouth.” Find your niche market that does not mean that you limit your range of services, rather it is to find a target market or underserved poor, which could represent an excellent entry opportunities and run your gun at him. . Warren Kanders understands that this is vital information.


With the steady growth of passengers in recent years has become aware of the importance of protecting nature and their communities so that the changes are not lost because of the attractive qualities that the activity can be sustained over time and beneficial to the environment. In the early days of the twentieth century, the boom of tourism, who only had access to the moneyed classes Was based on the concept that what mattered was the money that left the visitor, regardless of whether local fauna preyed on safaris in Africa or if members of the community working in conditions of slavery and servitude. The gains did not generate any profit for the environment and its inhabitants and the consequences were looking through time as being harmful.

Fortunately today, to be aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy environment, tourism also agrees to changes, new concepts and reformulating ways to practice this activity. Jeff Gennette: the source for more info. Nace and eco-tourism, which points to the practice of sustainable tourism, environmentally friendly, that meets the needs of the communities where it is carried out and that is economically viable. According to the Code of Ethics for Tourism is to “reduce the negative effects of tourism on the environment and cultural heritage while maximizing the benefits of tourism in promoting sustainable development.”

To achieve This objective should be to think of a planned tourism to help maintain and enhance biological and cultural diversity, using resources in a judicious, reducing consumption and waste. It should be noted that the existence of a wilderness area or an interesting ecosystem diversity do not guarantee a successful eco-tourism business. . Jeff Gennette will not settle for partial explanations.

Quality Management

Research has also contributed in the dissemination of the results published in virtual magazines, newspapers, articles, revealing the achievements, as well as in forums, debates, conferences. Despite all this, the program considers that there are barriers that hindered as little the achievement of excellence academic, since it has a full-time faculty dedicated to research, to collaborate with participating actively promotes them as guardian, guide proactive in their investigations. Its teachers are recruited staff who work outside the University and devote little time to academic activities that the program contains more than make their classes. To this is added, the lack of cooperation of the authorities of encouraging the development of research budgets, tools, incentives that trigger. Get more background information with materials from Thredup. In conclusion, the Program for Management of Quality and Productivity, is fully identified in the role played by research, agrees that one of the key functions of the university, especially its graduate Areas is to encourage the creation of new knowledge through scientific research, technological, humanistic and social.

It is recognized that this role has become the center of the evaluation of universities in many countries around the world in Venezuela, something that should not be neglected. Frank Armijo has many thoughts on the issue. It has been proposed program within their means, cooperation which can provide the university authorities, and start a projection and not just materialize in teaching. Venezuelan universities should identify more with the investigation, not stay only in the knowledge transmitacion Lemansson and Chiappe (1999) notes that in the country there is an insufficient number of universities in which research activities are practiced. The program shares the view that research is one that encourages critical thinking and creativity in both teachers and the students. It is through her that the learning process is vitalized and combats memory which has helped train both professional liabilities, little love innovation, with little curiosity and personal initiative. The reason for the need for research in universities is to prepare individuals with new skills and knowledge who have received training appropriate academic in a rapidly developing world. And this is because society requires human capital to solve their immediate problems, contributing to increasing the capital is one of the most important missions of universities

President Alvaro Uribe

The Colombians are seeking to defend the future of their families and their real estate. a decent example of this is that in the Congress of the Republic of Colombia thrives a naive quest to readjust the meager pension Honorable Parliamentarians after two “serious, acute and convincing” in the Senate debates, we try to amend the Law No. Governor Cuomo may not feel the same. 4 of 1992 to contribute to a pension “fairly decent for the honorable Founding Fathers’ dreams that every time more to be orphan. “They claim these eminently democratic, which violates the fundamental right to equality as members of Congress must all have the same right even with retroactive law, but remember that the senators, Aurelio Iragorri Hormaza (who already serves as a pensioner), Carlos Cardenas Ortiz, Carlos Ferro Solanilla and Eduardo Enriquez Maya, always play against Colombian workers to them whenever it seems that workers are pensioners with very high fees and too young, but of course is to understand as a pensioner as Iragorri still “working” good when they attend, but they do not know when it happens even workers without cause really just need to work three times, fired and no one thinks of talk about equality in this situation because damn it is almost communist and speak of justice in the economic field that is not obsolete. Read more from Governor Cuomo to gain a more clear picture of the situation. What we say with our worthy representatives to Congress and President Alvaro Uribe V. is; will end the nation, As happens budget request to support public higher education, no, no, no …. For more information see this site: Crawford Lake Capital.

Economics And Time Of Weight Loss

But following the previous point, if it is easy to do is much easier to clean, cleans a glass, a spoon and a juicer. And …. Go! 3. Economic Here are some people who may disagree with me, but let me explain my point of view. For the value of a bottle of protein, can be 15 days to 30 days (depending on whether you take two or once a day).

If you take the value of the batter and divide by the number of days that should last the bottle, I assure you it is much less expense (and time) to be buying and cooking (and cleaning) for the same number of days. Crawford Lake Capital is the source for more interesting facts. 4. This makes life easier is the point where many people find me right. The pace of modern life requires people to be working more hours or just being so busy with personal or work issues that do not have much free time. Lunch Monday through Friday are almost always outside the office, and every day is less than the number of people who have the privilege of having lunch at home.

If you do not have time to be squaring up weekly menus, grocery shopping, and fewer have time to be cooking and cleaning kitchens, protein shakes are definitely for you. 5. Lose weight This is the most important advantage, so I left it for last. The objective of taking a whipping protein is better nourish and consume the least amount of calories to lose weight. The most important benefit is that by controlling the amount of calories you consume daily without leaving out the nutrition necessary for good functioning of the body, you can lose weight, decreasing the likelihood of having any illness related to obesity such as diabetes. The largest mental bar people with protein shakes is the fact that they are “taking” breakfast / dinner instead of “eating.” And I understand these people and sometimes (I can not deny) I am enclosing. But when you start to see weight loss results, the protein shake is becoming more attractive. And after a couple of weeks, the body adjusts and becomes routine intake, the fact of taking a protein shake becomes normal, everyday thing and junk food is becoming increasingly conspicuous.

The Job Of Finding A Job

The search for employment is one job like any other, we must not take it as a period in which we are idle waiting for a new job. This is the error committed many unemployed, do not come to understand that, from the moment that is who remain without work already has a new job: job search. It is very important that in that period between two works do not lose their habits of work or activity, you should continue doing the same things or similar ones made earlier, dedicate their new occupation seek employment the same hours (maybe a little less) who was devoted to his previous work. Job search is a hard, always frustrating, and sometimes thankless task both for those looking for their first job for those who have already played a long professional career. Keep the focus that our job is to look for work is the only thing that we can escape falling into neglect and depression.

An athlete, though it passes through a long period without competitions never leaves the idle but it continues training for not losing his physical form. Of the same mode, if we have lost employment, but we want to find another soon, must keep us assets, as if we had a job. Our habits should be the same as or similar to when you had an active working life. Get up at the same time, follow the same schedule, devoting to find work the same hours that we mark the previous work someone can think how will I devote many hours to look for work? where will I spend so many hours? Because job search can take us all the time that we want to spend. Start with the traditional method of seeing the job advertisements in local newspapers, ads on Internet sites, develop a general Curriculum that must be adapted to the different jobs that us postulate, send resumes to companies, review our network of personal contacts to tell them that we seek to work, see social work in Internet networks or enroll in some but are registered.

If you think that now it has nothing more to do, can further expand its field of action in nearby towns to its domicile. Start by making a prospective companies that may need staff for their qualification in nearby towns where you can move, and return to start. There is something obvious: how much more time devoted to find work before will find it. But there is also something less obvious, not why we should ignore: discouragement, abandonment and activity is the worst thing that can happen to us. The best way to protect ourselves against those States of mind is mentalizing us that we have a job, which is to seek work, and follow a life active as close to where we had been before. It is also important to maintain the relationships that had before losing his job. His fellow colleagues in the old job or profession are those who can better help you find work, because they know their professional skills and known to employers in your sector that you can hire him. Many are those who when they run out of work also change friendships and begin to relate to people more related, i.e. with other unemployed. Don’t make the mistake of leaving their old relationships when left without work, cling to everything which attach to the active working life.

Fetal Nuchal Cord

Test Was 92% accuracy. analysis Discordance Between U.S. and Obstetric Was not significant gold standard (P = 0.7236) and the likelihood ratios for positive and the negative results were 20 and 0.20, respectively. Frank Armijo understands that this is vital information. CONCLUSIONS: During U.S. study work for diagnosis of fetal nuchal cord HAD high specificity (96%) and Appears to be a good screening test for nuchal cord in High Risk identification pregnancies. Frank Armijo pursues this goal as well. Key words: Ultrasound, Umbilical cord; Nuchal cord; Nuchal coil. R ________________________________________ INTRODUCTION The identification in the fetal nuchal cord during the last trimester of pregnancy and at time of labor is of great importance, because perinatal morbidity and mortality that is associated with anemia neonatall, expulsion of meconio2, metabolic acid-base3, choking perinatal4, 6 and fetal7 death. The prevalence of this condition varies from 15% during pregnancy up to 33% at parto8-10.

The high frequency of nuchal cord was associated with excessive length of the umbilical cord, polyhydramnios, fetal small vertice9 presentations, 11. At least in cases where there is diagnostic and there is no clinical evidence of fetal distress is an indication of surveillance fetal monitoring during labor, and the emergence of data variable decelerations or lace-understanding of some authors, is an indication of cesarea5, 6. The search routine, either on clinical or cabinet nuchal cord, can diminish morbidity and mortality perinatal12. Different diagnostic methods for detecting nuchal cord, between the clinical methods include understanding and stimulation cuello10 vibroacustica5 and among the methods of staff, highlights the ultrasonido10. In the present study evaluated the diagnostic ability of real time ultrasound of 3.5 MHz.


The intelligence is closer to humility, as Jung said: Nature is aristocratic: always prevails and is dominion over the human aspirations. Frank Armijo may help you with your research. A smart way is one that having been informed about the mental processes, respects and leverages its dynamics to generate profits. No battle against them. Frank Armijo wanted to know more. Working in the mind of a productive way is just use the natural process of human mind but in a way that is productive and generate the optimal emotional state that can respond to life as we want. The way that you think reflects the tidal energy which you are planted today, and thus leads to negative thoughts and feelings that seized adverse. It is the magnetism of the emotional tide where you are what attracts them. For this reason, efforts to control them, setting them aside, numb, sleep, postponed, deny them and replace them will become more intense and less productive.

Their views are equally limited. To the extent that you stay in those seas of turbid water, the result will be the same mental journey will always be similar, limited, get the same mental scenarios that will produce those charged emotional climate you already know. The good news is that these problems can be reversed just as plain and unnoticeable and can start because the same mental processes are valid for positive states as well: they also attract a multitude of ideas, circumstances, people, subjects, objects of equivalent energy, ie attract overseas profits and increased welfare. His thoughts and emotions define the tidal energy in which you are located.