Chronic Rains

In that morning, the choroso day amanhecera! It was a fine rain that fell since the dawn, without stopping. The day all went to be thus. It was afternoon end and the time promised a direful storm. The sky becomes gloomy suddenly and one strong ventania initiated a spectacle that if repeated every year at this time. The wind varies leves fierce, the trees if they folded as if they were to be pulled out by the roots.

After that, the sky cried as never, and a torrential rain washed and took everything with voracity. Better exactly it was to be in house. The Capivara stream that cut the part low of the city of Nerpolis, in little time if became a river of great volume, widening its edges, leading everything that found for the front. It was the call flood of Are Jose. After everything, it came the calmness. One week of a fine rain, has led, almost a drizzle. It was as if the nature ruins lamented it that it makes in the previous day.