Different Types of Advertising

Then what is the difference from the usual advertising pr advertising? Professional PR people avoid buying time and space to send a message. They try to present information in a way that the media had a vested interest free its place. Even when for PR-events, PR-events, PR-campaigns is allocated budget, the goal is to change public attitudes in favor of the organization. Advertising longer works for sale. PR – the image and positive opinion about the product / company. That means more work in the art of spin doctor who promotes a product or company? And not to pay for PR, you just need to find a specialist? Yes, exactly! Many are accustomed to pay for PR, because it is so easy, fast, convenient.

And not every pr agency is trying to find in your home state of the spin doctor, whose task will be to promote the free client to the media. Are you saying that your pr agency Centre marketing techniques work just such specialists? Our approach is to work to provide pr services pr holding shares, pr writing texts, and in general promotional, is much different from the work of these agencies, pr. Our Services pr area built to customer spending is not financial, and organizational resources. After all, this is the essence of a pr. Few is not clear how the agency reaches your pr pr free listings of materials in the media? There may be several options. Easiest when the media is interested in our client.

Exchange Commission

3. Legal entities other than the tax authorities should take the statements in the statistical authorities. Individual entrepreneurs statistical reports are not and do not provide. 4. The procedure of state registration of legal persons is much more complicated procedure of state registration of individual entrepreneurs. While individual entrepreneur to its registration visit only the tax committee, an entity must pass through the chain of registration authorities: Department of Justice – Department of Statistics – the tax committee.

For state registration in the judicial authorities must provide the foundation documents: the charter and articles of association (or only the charter – if a parent entity) as well as an application for state registration, authorization, if the documents submitted by the representative of the founder. For legal entities, non-small businesses need a document confirming the location (however, tax authorities in many regions require the document with all legal entities). 5. Expenditure on registration of legal persons is much higher than the cost of registration of individual entrepreneurs. Must pay fee for registration of legal entity, which is 5 mci (4,360 tenge) for organizations of small businesses, and 20 mci (17,440 tenge) – for all others. Development of constituent documents of the state and Russian tenge – two copies) and memorandum of association (4360 m.), copies of documents for registration authorities and the Bank (within 4000 – 5000 m.), specimen signatures and seals in the bank (436 tenge per card, up to 4 cards). Will also need to pay the cost of manufacturing seals and stamps (1000 m.), and opening a bank account, if this procedure is paid (up to 3,500 tenge).

And one more point about costs. The founders of the legal entity responsible for paying its charter capital. Minimum charter capital for llc is 100 mci (87,200 tenge). In this case, the founders llp required prior to registration to pay him money or property not less than 25 percent but not less than the established minimum size (100 DPM). And although the introduction of capital in registration is not checked, the duty to make one has repealed. Therefore, these amounts can be safely added to the costs of establishing a legal entity. The authorized capital of the joint should be not less than 50 000 monthly (4360 0000 tenge) payable by the founders ao no later than 30 days from the date of its registration. 6. Entity in the normal course of business have to deal with a large number of documents. To make and registration of any deal would require decisions and minutes of the meeting of founders, the constant production of copies of the statute, the certificate of registration, statistical card, evidence of the taxpayer, etc., individual entrepreneurs in most cases, costs only a certificate of registration. The main differences of joint stock companies of private limited Liability 1. The main difference is that the authorized capital of joint-stock company is divided into shares and authorized capital of llc – a fraction of the participants. Issue of shares must be registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission. Therefore, Ltd. is simpler and more common legal form than ao. 2. Founding documents llp is the charter and foundation agreement (if 2 or more participants). The only founding document of ad is charter. 3. The minimum authorized capital is 100 mci Inc. (87 200 tenge), and the minimum charter capital of jsc – 50 000 mci (4360 0000 m.), mci. As we see the company – a form of big business.

Change Management

Life is a dynamic situation. And, although everything worked well, a person changes in appearance, a family gets bigger, the landscape is changed, a company also is never outside the dynamism of life, and then changes. But before the changes can not be controlled and that the company faced with uncertainty, both managers and entrepreneurs begin to worry. It is a natural, logical one might even say that human beings feel anxiety about the unknown. But the unknown is always wrong? Are decisions made according to the experience is always the best? And then there is the dichotomy between the decision to maintain a status quo of peace and serenity or make the best decision while carrying on a new experience, a little explored field. No doubt it is best to make the best decisions for the company, but he must be prepared for change. A good first step is to not focus on the idea of "unable" to focus on desired results and the things I can do to achieve them. Just as a person gradually adapting to the new image that is returning the mirror, the company has to assimilate the changes gradually, be accepting the new ways of thinking of those involved in the issue, and reap the benefits of the difference rather than fight.

Many times, when looking at a painting in a gallery not understand what the author wanted to represent. However, running to the side or take a step backwards, ie, changing the observer's point of view, we see the reality represented. Similarly, change talks in meetings entrepreneurs, change the observer, the discussions that address the impossibilities of the company are those that the hamper and keep it tied to the problem, focusing on ideas such as "the solution is very difficult," "do not know" or "we can not do it" and this will be so to the extent they are seeking to address the problems always the same. In addition, positive discussions on what can be put forward a new learning that leads to new areas and frontiers of knowledge, and this is what provides the ability to think differently, act with this new way of thinking, and reaching the necessary solution. Keep in mind that the cycle of problems – solutions are repeated because the life and business are dynamic, it will help keep things in perspective of what Einstein postulated the point that would be crazy to believe that different results will be achieved by always same.