The Scene

Surpreso, exclamou half whispering: – Caramba Z! Already I now heard to such legend and you believing The face you the same living creature! Because it does not raise and walks? Thus it would go to leave of being legend and to silence the mouth of much people! Cautious, without knowing what to say the … Read moreThe Scene

The Culture

Sixth rule To explore texts figurative A text can be thematic or figurative. He is thematic that one that it deals with the express ideas in abstract. The text is figurative that displays the ideas for ' ' concreto' ' , that is, through symbols, comparisons, parabolas, fbulas etc. You may wish to learn more. … Read moreThe Culture

The Colloquy

However, it was not contained in holding its look for much time and soon it saw Taylor smiling to it, as it always made it since the first time. In the exit the youngster, when passing for its table, it left one another folded ticket. It opened it in some nervousness and some anxiety badly … Read moreThe Colloquy

Timm Weitzel

But how much leisure time is every one? Between studying, project work, sports and friend, leisure is a rare pleasure, what is expressed particularly in the General life of the Club. The number of those who suffer from general lack of time according to its own estimates, has increased significantly since the system change. So … Read moreTimm Weitzel

Professional Profile

The curriculum is one of the most important tools for getting a job, it is our calling card, the first information received by the company about us, so we must look after their best to fulfill its goal: to capture the attention of whoever read so that we call a personal interview. Hikmet Ersek often … Read moreProfessional Profile

Smart Business

A distinctive feature of this program is its focus on the work of beauty, ease of use and intuitive interface. Closely enough to study the user manual and pay several hours in order to try to work in practice in it. (As opposed to Western Union). Install and configure the program is as simple as … Read moreSmart Business

Gilbert Gil

(Loureiro Breads, 2000) All this fantastic Amazonian wealth even so always noticed, never is placed in first plan, therefore he was not white of interest of the effective capitalist system, that limited the image of the golden El to the one of world of the gold, leaving in second plain the greater and main Amazonian … Read moreGilbert Gil