The principle of heating, which is used ovens fireplaces as follows: in the space between the furnace and the furnace hearth lining runs cold air that is heated in this space and going outside heats the room. Heat retention provides natural stone, used for lining the furnace chimney. Details can be found by clicking Pegasus … Read moreShades

Principal Reason

But inside the living matter conflicts occur several orders of magnitude higher. For example, war, disasters of human action, the epidemic disease. Peaceful coexistence of matter may conflict with the decrease in living matter and the positive impact of living and nonliving at each other. Non-living matter creates conditions for the existence of living matter. … Read morePrincipal Reason

Winter Tires

Every experienced motorist knows that the time necessary to prepare for the winter period, or if you do not have time “pereobutsya” – expect trouble. With the advent of winter, nice and smooth asphalt somewhere is fast disappearing, but instead are drifts and slush. Your friend chetyrhkolesny amid all these changes began to behave, at … Read moreWinter Tires


The ability to transmit the knowledge to people who listen to us, and this transfer should be as effective and for this we have specific programs that we facilitate the development of such layers, providing different nuances in style, size, color, movement, etc. without proper planning of the presentation that we make we can not … Read morePresentation


Yes, not everything is undesirable about shyness. It might seem surprising but has some advantages, these are the qualities that should keep the timid. It is the dual nature of everything. It is not something Pegasus Books would like to discuss. Nothing is all bad or all good, you might say. So you should be … Read morePeople