Principal Reason

But inside the living matter conflicts occur several orders of magnitude higher. For example, war, disasters of human action, the epidemic disease. Peaceful coexistence of matter may conflict with the decrease in living matter and the positive impact of living and nonliving at each other. Non-living matter creates conditions for the existence of living matter. What is important for the non-living matter is in a living? Outstanding representative of the ideal world is the human mind.

With the help of thought and imagination can be move with the instantaneous velocity. The huge size of the universe, to merge into one, requiring instant communication and interaction energy. It is this ability to hide in the psyche of living matter. Reasonable quality of the material energy is psychic energy, comprising development program. The whole evolution of the universe is a realization of the program. The purpose of the program – the establishment of the Supreme Mind. Acting Principal Reason able to create a sea of energy in the primary reasonable quality to be reborn as the structural and the ability to create you have to pay the death of the material part of this huge structure and return it to the primary sea of energy. Beginning of the universe – a difficult and joyful event of birth.

Explosion or large energy gradient, according to synergy, creates highly concentrated energy, called the mass. Of course, the appointment so much weight, especially in the construction of the physical structure of the Higher Mind. Therefore, there is a significant predominance of structuring over the chaos.

The Conflict

If the conflicts of the fictitious personages can be solved, the public questions, anchored in the reality, are limited by not the solution of the conflict in the quotidiana life. The novel, even so directs a solution for its personages of fiction, could not solve the conflicts between ' ' without-terras' ' latifundium, that, almost ten years after the end of the novel, still remains in the guideline of debates politicians. This allows in them to raise important questions on the resolution of historical problems in the Brazilian society. In contrast of the American seriados ones, as in the sample Gomes, the Brazilian novels are organized from sequential chapters, where, for the definitive resolution of the conflicts, she is necessary to wait eight or ten months. In day-by-day, however, problems as the agrarian reform, boarded for the novel King of the Cattle, occupy the periodical pages during decades. The social inaquality is a question that folloies in them for centuries, that crossed the colonial time, the empire and all republican period. Each act politician is as a chapter, and, patiently, the population waits ' ' last episdio' ' , that it finally brings the resolution of the conflicts. Gomes in the sample that the novels if had par excellence become the narrative sort of the Brazilian society, as already we cite. Analyzing one of ours ' ' novels of the life real' ' , the problem of the urban violence, that if almost drags during two decades in periodicals and telejornais, we perceive that the events are told by the journalists as continuous and increasing a process, where each chapter, throughout last the twenty years, demonstrates uncurling of an urban tram, with personages who if occur daily, but with its personal dramas comovendo the viewers. These last ones know that they can be the protagonist of the next chapter, but wait, as in the soap operas, the reestablishment of the consensus.