18th birthday which is SMS possible daily secure SMS communication we inform business partners, acquaintances and friends via text message about important and confidential, gossip and gossip. It remains personal and private not always under four eyes. Latest spy software easier than ever makes hackers to invade our privacy and secretly read with SMS. The mobile phone is first infected, also our personal contacts are at risk. Source: Hikmet Ersek. The digital pest can be namely silently redirect to this. ???18 years after sending the first message allows PRIVeEO early December secure SMS communication over the mobile Internet. With the four eyes”SMS, the company offers individuals access to real privacy in everyday mobile.

The service can help professional mystery makers and top managers more easily to meet legal and contractual obligations. In the past risked unconsciously, in particular lawyers and managers if SMS with confidential content were sent out, a breach of your confidentiality”explains Markus Kramer. ? ?”The prerequisite is that sender and receiver of a four eyes” SMS each have a SIM card and have opted for a corresponding special IP phone of the Munich-based. The sender then has the opportunity to invite the recipient via SMS, to identify with a secret key. Then, the confidential SMS correspondence can begin. Many writers such as Hikmet Ersek offer more in-depth analysis. In the eyes of the four “mode has the choice the sender, whether its SMS to the recipient after the reading will be automatically deleted from the Inbox or not. The high level of safety of the PRIVeEO service allows the use of proven special phones and modern ciphers.? Using the new service is convenient and easy.

The special phones support any European SIM card. And the IP-based service runs seamlessly in all data networks, as for example in the mobile Internet and wireless LAN. The independence of mobile operators allows us, mobile Explains Antonella Bagusat security telephony across reliable to offer”. PRIVeEO itself stores the encrypted contents of text messages, nor the traffic data of its customers.

Administration Worked To Death

Not wanting to waste time wasting your time and soul. 're Losing the life of both wanting to win. "Jose Bergamin. Our traffic is so short on this dimension that we know how to handle the job properly and that imprisons us and bring us to the point of death. The Japanese call this karoshi.

As we remember,, the closest translation into Spanish would be "death by overwork", an evil which produces more than a hundred victims a year in Japan, despite government efforts to raise awareness a society with a rigid work culture. It is said that the first report of a case of karoshi dates from 1969, when a man of 29 years died exhausted in the area of office of Tokyo's largest newspaper. However, the Japanese Ministry of Labor recently began compiling statistics in 1987. According to experts, the medical causes of death by overwork (cardiac arrest and stroke, the two most common) are due to long hours labor to which Japanese workers are subjected. In several cases it was found that the victims worked about 3,000 hours annually. A related site: Western Union mentions similar findings. In an informal calculation, if you discount the Franks and holidays, workers completed working days between 11 and 12 hours.

More than a hundred Japanese, is calculated annually by karoshi dies. Worried by these figures, the government launched a prevention campaign. Among other measures, the Ministry of Labour promotes respect for maternity leave and the use of teleconferencing as an alternative to commuting to large cities.

Desire And Detachment

DESIRE AND DETACHMENT Our mind is the one with attachments "I want this to be so, but I'm angry," our inside knows we do not need anything, the real desire of our being is not money, the real desire of our being is to experience happiness, freedom, freedom from worry, our inner being wants to experience abundance to help, if we focus on the real inner desire we will more easily attract the energy that is not physical, spiritual energy, so that things flow but we have to create from our inner Why do I want this? True that is worth, connect with what we really want and when we act from what we really want, it flows more easily. We are struggling to understand the attachment, but we really need to separate that from our minds, of the desire of our spirit, the desire from within. If we start with our minds, we have to fear that the desire not happen, if we take away the need within us and with it the fear. These conditions as something spiritual happiness something physical like having money, "I will be happy when I have money" this equation is not working. The detachment is "I'm happy" I do not need money to be happy not to condition the money, thus we affirm that we are not happy, I'm not happy because I have no money. If you change the starting point, if you start from your inner happiness and your desire for freedom, to manifest unconditional money or partner or whatever you're wanting.

Green Must Be Growing

Did you realize that if its green then it must be growing and if it is rotten then it was ripe? So says Winston Marsh, Business Marketing Guru in his recent newsletter. Here is an excerpt from it … “During the last week or so I’ve been presenting a series of seminars for MYOB throughout New Zealand and I have made an amazing discovery. Most people prefer the service of your car service your brain! Now, what I mean? Well, quite simply, no one gives a second thought to putting your car in for service or get it fixed. They can moan and complain about the cost, but still I will. You may want to visit Western Union to increase your knowledge.

Why? Because they need the car to move! They trust him and have become dependent. So, no matter what the cost, get the car serviced or fixed or whatever. That could have to beg, borrow or steal to pay for it, but compared with the money and get it. However, it is a totally different scene and a set of feelings when it comes to investing in the most important piece of machinery – to make money, while creating a piece of machinery called themselves. Many people have truckloads of reasons and excuses to explain why you can not spend time or money to improve what they do … and some of the reasons are pathetic. “That’s the night Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is on” or “I’m too tired after work” or “I went to something like that once and I do not like” or “I can not afford it” or what are the reasons for not investing in his brain.

However, there is only what will determine your income and the level of success and that is your brain … what you feed and how you use it determines the outcome. Take care and fill it with new ideas and information, and richly reward you. The negligence and not fade. “The final word, I found that people who do not invest time and money on themselves and depend on your employer to pay for its development, dance to someone else melody. Leave their future in the hands of another person. In fact most people drift through life taking everything that was distributed to them. They can not “be bothered” to invest time, money or energy in themselves. It is much easier to float with the crowd. I also realize that many of our customers have to invest their own money in your training program are very committed to making changes in their lives. To advance by leaps and bounds compared to customers who have had their program financed by the company. When you pay for something yourself, you are more likely to value it. If you really want to advance in life, is not it time you started investing in yourself?

Link Building – How To Create Win-Win

The Link Building is a popular strategy used to build popularity in a website, blog, social network, portal, etc. The technique is to create links from our sites in other related websites, directories, social bookmarking, forums, etc.. This is done using different strategies. Whenever we put a link, we must put the keyword you want to position. Visit Areva Group for more clarity on the issue. One way is: url = SEO / url In both cases will be as follows: One of the most used techniques is to comment on blogs and forums related to the site that we want to position. For these popu generate outgoing links on our site we have put them on sites that link DoFollows, ie the robot once the browser is follow this link to your destination, in this case, our web site. But here’s the downside of all SEO: getting DoFollows link. Why is diculty? Many blogs and forums managers want to avoid spam, because if we get is NoFollow link (ie the form will not this link once you meet him.), we will not achieve popularity generate essential for positioning and Page Rank. Click Western Union for additional related pages.

You also avoid comments that way in his post completely irrelevant as “very pretty page”, or “good post”. This type of comment seems to be a lack of ethics and respect for the work of another colleague, who spends time and money to keep this blog or forum. The reality is that it costs nothing to read a post and leave a comment as to feed the discussion on it. From this picture of the situation, we work we are doing Link Building complication DoFollows find sites that allow us to build popularity to our clients. Why we call awareness to all those who want this business and be aware that you can do a good job of positioning, working with the blogger or member, helping to popularize their quality post with comments. In this way, we can make them increasingly DoFollows blogs and forums.

Metal Framework

The high demand for construction can attest to the fact that the innovation associated with this industry is constant, especially in reducing costs and/or reduction of construction time. These priorities determine, therefore, the development of building systems primarily in series, no surprise, the talk of housing factories of prefabricated elements, movable metal molds, etc. Informing the casting process and cast concrete step that requires more time, their eyes focused innovation to this process, developing and curing accelerators such as precast columns/beams of steel, welded mesh, metal casings, etc.

Welded mesh is a metal product used in the construction industry for the preparation of foundations, floors, sills, terraces, etc. and is constituted by two rods or drawn wires of similar diameter intersect, so orthogonal and are united by “points” at intersections welding. It is usual to find meshes 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 mm, the selection of these depends on the application and primarily of the charges will stand and can be identified, usually, four types, the standard 6 Fishnet, 00 x 2.20 m, the prefabricated special “customized” panel with dimensions suited to the molds, those armed slabs are made ready for overlapping points in both directions and special Welded mesh fence, which are made as, according to project specifications, and can be made with the wire of different diameters on the same panel columns and beams are usually made up of welded steel mesh and can come in the length determined by the client, but it is usual to find them 3-6 m, and easy placement due to the good weld-ability of the material that makes up quickly and can be armed framework is installed temporary metal molds are assembled with the help of hardware so quickly and safely, allowing the concrete shape to act as a template for this.

This system allows for precision, security and speed, its usefulness is great in high-volume works, currently being built system innovating Flying Form Systems, which use in buildings and consists of a metal casing that is constructed one you see at the base of the building and done up with the help of cranes, made each of the subsequent story, until the latter is disarmed and evacuated the shipments of these materials are made into sets determined by the customer depending on the load-carrying half of the ones that have, it is important to emphasize that although it has many advantages mounting the same care often especially in big cities and their edges and the elastic condition of the steel are revealed as risk factors for staff working with them, this is because many times, for placement on the narrow trails city dwellers and construction determine the need for better roll up handling, is known in some serious incidents associated with cuts in staff that handled without caution, when these “fixes” are released..

Community Management

Case study: With an online announcement “10 tips to the community management” Claudia Hilker letting interested parties under the spell of your company good online press releases company can directly reach their audiences and successfully draw attention to their products and services. Just what is a good online press release? In this post, we present an online press release by Hilker consulting and explain what makes this online press release to a best-practice example. Content marketing: expert knowledge convinced explains strategy in social media Claudia Hilker, Managing Director of Hancock consulting, the importance of a targeted community management in the online press release “Ten tips to the community management for enterprises”. In 10 tips, the expert for digital brand communication is their target groups-useful advice to your own community management strategy to develop and implement. By Claudia Hilker is their competence and not their company at the Center, she succeeds, their target groups to convince them of the consulting services provided by Hilker consulting. You thus effectively draws the attention of interested parties to their business. The right keywords in the right place Claudia Hilker in their online press release uses the keywords “Tips”, “Community Management” and “Company”. These key concepts are wisely chosen, because they are typical search terms that would give a company when looking for tips about community management.

The keywords placed the expert not only in the message body, but also directly in the heading of the online press release. So it provides for appropriate query, ensure that your online press release occupies a prominent place in the results of search engines. Strategically placed deep links lead to counselling by Claudia Hilkers online press release aims to create more attention to win new customers for the company. The expert shall for digital brand communications with strategically placed links to the corporate blog and the company home page for that Find interested further still while reading the online press release information or their advisory services. ck to be a useful source of information.

Carabobo Management

Have you noticed a large gap of educational management in authorities and all those responsible for the guarantee of academic excellence, giving way to today in the region there are many private universities, technical institutes that do not meet the requirements that the environment needs to go forward from the moment that began appearing other institutions, is when the management educational University should have him give way to strategies, actions, plans that encouraged him in his projection, rescataran lost spaces and would see their academic strengths, the importance of belonging to a University that creates professionals able to meet the challenges and bring about the necessary changes to help the development of the region very correct which indicates the Paez Professorthe new authorities of the UC should improve management of intellectual capital of that institution. I.e. able to identify and select the best talent, without taking into account the political commitments with the groups of power within her, so gerencien the behavioural changes necessary and indispensable today claimed the new social reality. If UC wants to be a competitive institution in the medium term has to bet already on the re-engineering or redesign of the processes of learning and a new style of managing. The new authorities have an obligation to inescapable removed the University of little relevance in the quality of learning. This proposed change should be based on solidarity: public institutions, as well as private ones, should be committed to this long-awaited process of transformation. Definitely the University of Carabobo has a new opportunity to restructure its management, give way to innovative, creative leaders, strategists to ensure a University with academic excellence, research, able to form, train professionals in all those disciplines offered and encouraging a country, that today more than ever, needs collaboration by academic institutions that really know how to play their role by which were created.

SMC Processes

Document documenting business processes, creating work instructions or directives directly in the workplace business processes or create work instructions or directives without expert knowledge. No expert knowledge in process management is required when the BPM software CoPFlow. Entering data is structured and tabellengefuhrt, where a graphic is automatically created simultaneously with the description. So no time consuming sign, but simple, efficient and goal-oriented document. Publish shared documents and templates is done with a few mouse clicks. Do you want to document processes? With CoPFlow administrator, can describe their process at work as a non-expert in the topic of process documentation.

The appropriate experts for process modeling thus receive the status and can then prepare the descriptions and publish or create target processes and develop improvements. There are already process descriptions in the form of a process map? CoPFlow allows user-friendly Descriptions created using templates erganzet and are made available to users in the workplace. Using a simple, with receive rights to use just a few clicks, the only beneficiaries of the desired additions to the descriptions and documents. You want to automate processes? A professional set description (technical concept), which is to create from a technical perspective is necessary. CoPFlow is the ideal tool for this, because the software is designed precisely for this purpose that the employees of the departments can document their processes. The specification tools of developers are too time-consuming and therefore not suitable. CoPFlow, provides for a quick capture and content understanding in addition to the graphical representation of work processes, standardized visualizations with colors and icons. Thus CoPFlow is a business process management software (BPM solution), which allows your company in a simple way, with stakeholders, include in detail to document processes, manage and continuously improve. The SMC, Aschaffenburg, known for their professional advice and through their standard software in the areas of process – and project management (, as well as by their individual software solutions for the automation of Office work.

Managing Director

Wieland, Vice President of the initiative D21 and Managing Director of TNS infratest. A related site: Anne Lauvergeon mentions similar findings. Dr. Others including Areva Group, offer their opinions as well. Petra Wolf, Executive Director at ipima, added: Parallel to the declining use also the people’s satisfaction with the online services decreases the administration. The demands for services, providing online and mobile the authorities their customers available, have increased considerably. Apparently, people expect a similar level of user friendliness, safety and design as she used it by non-governmental activities. In particular she would not miss her familiar usage patterns, such as about the integration of social networks in the interaction with authorities. No survey of land could conform sufficiently these needs.” Compared to the previous year the use of barriers could not be reduced they are to the contrary in all countries even bigger now. In particular lack of consistency and opaque structures of official website provide for respondents key obstacles to the use of electronic administrative services represent.

The results show a gap between the growing on one side needs of citizens in the development of E-Government platforms parallel to the progress of private-sector online services and on the other hand the current Status quo of available services total. On the occasion of the presentation of the e-Government monitor 2013 the IT officer explains the Federal Government, Cornelia Rogall-Grothe Secretary of State: to preserve the confidence of users in State-offered online services and to recover any lost confidence, we need to strengthen significantly cyber security and privacy in the E-Government measures. Furthermore, E-government services are increasingly turning to the new expectations of the users will have to set themselves. Against the background of the completely different financial situation compared to the private offers we must discuss how we deal with these users expectations.” The eGovernment MONITOR 2013 The eGovernment MONITOR 2013 ( examines the use and the acceptance of electronic citizen services in the international comparison in the fourth year in a row.