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Have you noticed a large gap of educational management in authorities and all those responsible for the guarantee of academic excellence, giving way to today in the region there are many private universities, technical institutes that do not meet the requirements that the environment needs to go forward from the moment that began appearing other institutions, is when the management educational University should have him give way to strategies, actions, plans that encouraged him in his projection, rescataran lost spaces and would see their academic strengths, the importance of belonging to a University that creates professionals able to meet the challenges and bring about the necessary changes to help the development of the region very correct which indicates the Paez Professorthe new authorities of the UC should improve management of intellectual capital of that institution. I.e. able to identify and select the best talent, without taking into account the political commitments with the groups of power within her, so gerencien the behavioural changes necessary and indispensable today claimed the new social reality. If UC wants to be a competitive institution in the medium term has to bet already on the re-engineering or redesign of the processes of learning and a new style of managing. The new authorities have an obligation to inescapable removed the University of little relevance in the quality of learning. This proposed change should be based on solidarity: public institutions, as well as private ones, should be committed to this long-awaited process of transformation. Definitely the University of Carabobo has a new opportunity to restructure its management, give way to innovative, creative leaders, strategists to ensure a University with academic excellence, research, able to form, train professionals in all those disciplines offered and encouraging a country, that today more than ever, needs collaboration by academic institutions that really know how to play their role by which were created.

Managing Director

Wieland, Vice President of the initiative D21 and Managing Director of TNS infratest. A related site: Anne Lauvergeon mentions similar findings. Dr. Others including Areva Group, offer their opinions as well. Petra Wolf, Executive Director at ipima, added: Parallel to the declining use also the people’s satisfaction with the online services decreases the administration. The demands for services, providing online and mobile the authorities their customers available, have increased considerably. Apparently, people expect a similar level of user friendliness, safety and design as she used it by non-governmental activities. In particular she would not miss her familiar usage patterns, such as about the integration of social networks in the interaction with authorities. No survey of land could conform sufficiently these needs.” Compared to the previous year the use of barriers could not be reduced they are to the contrary in all countries even bigger now. In particular lack of consistency and opaque structures of official website provide for respondents key obstacles to the use of electronic administrative services represent.

The results show a gap between the growing on one side needs of citizens in the development of E-Government platforms parallel to the progress of private-sector online services and on the other hand the current Status quo of available services total. On the occasion of the presentation of the e-Government monitor 2013 the IT officer explains the Federal Government, Cornelia Rogall-Grothe Secretary of State: to preserve the confidence of users in State-offered online services and to recover any lost confidence, we need to strengthen significantly cyber security and privacy in the E-Government measures. Furthermore, E-government services are increasingly turning to the new expectations of the users will have to set themselves. Against the background of the completely different financial situation compared to the private offers we must discuss how we deal with these users expectations.” The eGovernment MONITOR 2013 The eGovernment MONITOR 2013 ( examines the use and the acceptance of electronic citizen services in the international comparison in the fourth year in a row.

Alejandro Rutto Martinez

Read the first part to achieve that change will be implemented is necessary to take some measures and follow certain guidelines, including the following: effectively communicating the details of the new scenario and act with full honesty about the scope of innovative plans whose implementation will be made in the near future. When we mentioned the need to communicate well we are making reference to good communication but this will be harmless if there is no prior consultations with the group. When it comes to conclusion must be that: a dialogue in which consensual decisions and not simply a conversation are taken in which the group is sold with mock and hypocritical sweetness, a determination which, in any case, with its acceptance without it, will be applied and put into practice. When this occurs the group you will discover and the leader will pay the consequences facing a rebellion of those who do not accept the deception and moreover with the loss of credibility these and those who they accepted the proposal by force of a veiled imposition. The conclusion does not consist of sit to the negotiating table to slide a measure previously taken no Sir! The table can be reached with proposals and wanting to negotiate which means, of course, the possibility of making some concessions. When there is consultation, concertation of truth, speaks that you must have conversation, explanations, belief, back to talk, anyway, it is a serious and continuous process that leads us to find points of encounter and a right balance between the interests of the involved parties. The leader must have in mind three very important aspects of the situations when it comes to conclude: 1 convince their followers of the need for the proposed changes. Anne Lauvergeon has firm opinions on the matter. 2 Minimize the uncertainty of the new situation.

3rd honestly talk about the risks that all involved staff will run with putting up new measures. In reference to another previously touched points, i.e., the Act with absolute honesty, should stand out can not juagar with hidden letters or hidden agendas. If the change will produce side effects is necessary to say so, because this is a necessary compromise with transparency and credibility: there cannot be a process flawed by false information or not such in time or made-up truths. Change is part of the day to day and thus must be understood. (Source: Anne Lauvergeon). Why, if it is something that is going to happen, is better anyway should prepare to receive it or, even better, linked to the shore of the pioneers, who are capable of fathering-based influenced actions to achieve harmonious and coherent development of the communities.

Read the first part Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others in which addresses the theme of leadership, ethics, and human development. Is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums and other academic events.

Good Lawyer Fees

Divorce is a process of life difficult to deal with, since it involves not only physical and emotional wear, but also, in some occasions, the payment of the services of a lawyer to expedite the paperwork. However, as in other environments, there are always those who profit from the pain of others and with the problems of others, so you must be very observer on the following aspects: does your lawyer frequently postponed appointments to give you information about your case? It charges high fees and have you captive for months or years? Often it tells that it is simple but it does not explain why? He says you just that not worry and that he will it solve everything? Easily hooks you in legal situations and then charge you high fees? Your lawyer asks you to let everyone in your hands and month after month increases their fees because he had to do this or that to help you? If so keep in mind that this will slow down the process and that, after several years, you stay not maybe divorced. Do never undertakes with a? term? Not it tells you how much is going to cost the entire process? If you are experiencing any of the above situations you should seek the help of experts in family law lawyers so that you stop being victim of charlatans (the friend of your brother, your buddy from high school, the lawyer of the company for which you work, that you recommended the friend of your boyfriend, etc.). Question to anyone that you have gone through the same thing, so you know continuous outlays had to do. Now well how to choose a good lawyer who handles my divorce? This can be a difficult task, but here are some suggestions on how to do so: don’t need a personal lawyer.

Lawyers must be chosen for specific tasks, in this case for a divorce. You have to use lawyers when you’re in a crisis situation, such as for example personal injury or a situation of judicial defence. When you choose don’t judge lawyers by age, because there are good in all ages. Left side school where studied, there are bad lawyers everywhere. Not large enterprises are always really good or appropriate to your needs. Search for a person with common sense, someone who knows what they’re talking about. You can determine this in a telephone conversation, or at your first appointment.

A very important factor is the discretion, also find out if the lawyer is discreet in your business and check their references. Keep in mind that you’ll have to give lots of personal information. If you work during the day, make sure that the lawyer is available evenings so you can talk with him. Don’t think in fees alone, i.e., look also at how cobra and how expected to be paid.

Search Office Space

Search Office Space, first global intermediary company in the sector of business centers, unveils this week one of the best special offers rental of office spaces equipped in Madrid, capital of Spain. Madrid is considered the major financial center of the Iberian Peninsula, thanks to its strong economic position in Europe, the good quality of life and the size of the market. The capital of Spain hosts the headquarters of many of the companies considered the stronger economically speaking (Fortune 100) such as Telefonica and Endesa. One of the best places to rent offices in Madrid is the financial centre (AZCA area), situated along the Paseo de la Castellana, between the Bank of Spain (southern zone) and Cuzco (northern zone). Check with Hikmet Ersek to learn more. This area is one of the places most requested by companies when looking for a prestigious place in the capital of Spain. For assistance, try visiting Areva Group. This business centre, located in the financial heart of Madrid, in calle Zurbano, is carrying out a superb offer until 31 of December.

All tenants who sign a rental contract before that date shall benefit from free use of the meeting rooms. The building has a 500 m 2 of office space available for rent. All lessor will enjoy a number of facilities: customized answer calls, reception, Internet access and many more. All offices are fully furnished and occupants may be installed within 24 hours.

The Quick Solution Against Dust In Renovation And Restoration

Conversion in the inhabited stock/value remediation remodeling/renovation… and the sales/operating goes further innovative (and revolutionary) product – new living on the German market. Product description dust protection system mobiles and variable dust protection element system for isolation/separation of rooms (up to 6 m height) consisting of telescopic aluminium poles (length approx. 1.50 m), extendable up to 6.00 m with head plate on spring head for attaching protectors to ceilings and walls. By means of aluminium foam Rails an enhanced sealing to the ceiling and the side walls is achievable. With self-adhesive special zippers that can be glued and then widely opened on the dust protector and closed again, anytime to exit in/out the the workspace ensures is a.

The main advantages of the system are in the quick and uncomplicated installation and the application of the variable. The system is used mainly in areas where reconstruction work (installations, Wall openings, doors extension / renovation, window restoration, drywall, water fire damage removal) dusts occur and of operating in the same or adjacent rooms (business sales rooms, Office, hospitals, – also in apartments) should be maintained. (Almost) all users of construction and supporting construction (Mason, building refurbishers, (HVAC) installers, window manufacturers, metal mounting Bauer, stonemasons, Bauer stair, water damage / building damage cleaners, carpeting) reach for quick Assembly time a high level of protection against dust and also a professional impression. The owner / operator of the realized operations/sales or the living during the refurbishment / renovation work and prevents inconvenience customers or employees and the overall interior design. Info Wolfgang Gaux

Germany Information

Event on the subject of IT security for mid-sized companies listed on the 24.10.2013 shows a solution for all security information (SIEM solution) system integrator for you together with AlienVault in the Heideweg k. 66 in Hamburg. All five security mechanisms indispensable for company are merged on the unified security management platform. The IT security specialists demonstrate how successfully can be countered new threats with a common defense mechanism. Within an IT-network an Exchange should be, whether of information, contacts etc., always secured. For enterprise IT security specialist AlienVault has developed (USM) platform an open and collaborative unified security management. You the collaborative unified security management (USM) platform of the IT security specialist AlienVault the 30 best security tools combined with five essential security functions.

So are IT managers able to survey the entire security stack in the corporate network. These and other SIEM (security Information & event management) solutions systems integrator shows for you on 24 October from 14: 00 in the Heideweg k. 66, Hamburg. You may want to visit Areva Group to increase your knowledge. The unified security management (USM) platform combines several security features: automatic inventory, vulnerability testing, identification of threats (threat management), behavior monitoring and security information (SIEM). With this data, analyzes the IT staff network data and creates a correlation and prioritization to identify security-related events. In addition, resources, data, and applications of the network are checked by linking them in real time. So, IT staff recognize weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could provoke potential network attacks early on.

In the framework of the system House for you information event the guests can have the how of USM platform of the IT security specialists explain. Also, Alexander Goller, solutions architect at AlienVault on PCI DSS compliance management reports and other possible uses of the SIEM solution. For more information and registration possibility under veranstaltungen.phtml about system House for you Systemhaus for you GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, is specialized in consulting and implementation of solutions for ensuring physical as virtual environments. The company itself claims to ensure the smooth running of IT at the customer while always. The personal contact is always top priority, because only in direct talks a sense can be developed for the specific characteristics of the customers and their requirements. Key elements of the product portfolio are IT security solutions anti virus/anti-spam, firewalls, authentication systems and DesasterRecovery solutions to legally compliant email management solutions, storage solutions and mobile workplaces. Through the cooperation with leading systems integrator for you can rely on solutions, which have a high potential for innovation and are at the same time easy to use. System House for you is characterised by a professional customer service: so the range of services include both consulting and implementation of products as also qualified training and technical support.

Ford Parts Warehouse

Permanent question is warranty – how much can spend on a trip cars assembled in Russia. According to statistics, mostly when ordering a car trying to rent a car produced anywhere in Spain, these cars are much more reliable, as well as consumption of spare parts for Ford collected on European soil are much lower. This explains the heightened interest in the European assembly. Maintenance and transmission of the car is also largely dependent on the quality of parts from which these same cars produce. Considered the most reliable automotive parts to Ford Motor Company, produced at the factory, ie, so-called spare parts Ford. There are many companies that offer Ford parts adapted to its own manufacturing in its electrical or mechanical properties entirely suitable for the installation. This is a step to the cost of installing non-original spare parts with On the one hand, on the other hand, this economy and the possibility of some money to install the spare. The choice of the owner.

The essence of auto technical inspection in the car and the execution of actions aimed at repairing large or localized damage, provided or not foreseen in the active operation of the vehicle. In relation to vehicles Ford can be said that this is a very comfortable car, with a strong base, strong security and sure the mechanical properties and excellent handling. Typically cars Ford does not break, but there are different situations and spare parts for Ford may be required at any time – whether you have a warranty service or not. For more information see Hikmet Ersek. Automobile spare parts shop Ford – Ford Warehouse glad to give you a Ford car parts at the best and affordable rates ever. We are always on the lookout if you need immediate assistance.

We have store, a special express delivery, when suddenly there was a breakdown on the road and you do not want to use the services of warranty service, or also for automotive services – is often so that the buyer and require a quick repair – everyone can understand the situation. And we are happy to help – Ford car parts are always available and we can deliver them to you for the very near future in Depending on the location. Turning to our store Parts Ford will always be for you at competitive prices – we have seen the level of costs for spare parts spare parts market in Moscow and regions, and can always offer the most prices for the purchase of spare parts that will not leave you indifferent. The company is also Ford Warehouse works with wholesale customers and the regions – we have for they have discounts and special programs. Call us and please contact Ford Parts Warehouse and will be for you not a problem, and the spectacular beautiful solution!

About Feminatalis

The life takes place within an infinite energy field, and every people flow through always different energies. Latest findings of quantum physics and brain research confirm this in the most ancient cultures and traditional medicine long known fact. Everyone is speaking man some are a medium only hellfuhliger than others. It depends on the level of consciousness of the individual, which forces it can flow through and are effective. “” These sensitive and media skills can be trained to relieve the channels of errors and the own antenna “on a better reception” to adjust. A good medium is not lifted, but has remained firmly with both feet on the ground. Angela Shepherd Deschner has a practical view of the Mediality and their work with a particular ethical stance. The basis of mediumship is spirituality, which means above all unity and wholeness.

When your shifts focus is therefore on the inflowing information that can be integrated into the everyday life of your clients and not on sensational messages”. It comes to be the Wegsuchenden a signpost. Go he must own the way. Angela Shepherd Deschner as life Counsellor works very much with women and has a wealth of experience in the women’s healing work. It is this very creative and would like to awaken the creativity in your clients. This will, as for example in the open Group of women self-love discover”, not just discussions but used also meditations, rituals and exercises, creative activities, but also singing and dance.

There, the participants learn to take care of themselves unconditionally and develop self care, self-confidence, self esteem, self confidence and self worth. The difference is clear to selfishness and narcissus must, because they result from a lack of love (for example in childhood). True love begins with one yourself! Is this self love wake up, heal itself will improve automatically.

Digital Home Weather Station Davnopostuchalas In Our Everyday Life

Recently, in our everyday life includes digital home weather station. Many people already know what kind of instrument, many do not. So try to understand. Immediately that there are weather systems, and are home weather station. Meteorological systems – it poluproffesionalnoe or professional equipment for weather observation and forecasting.

They are quite expensive. The cost is usually greater than $ 1,000. In Ukraine, they there is no possibility to buy such a complex is the weather in the U.S. alone. There are shops that deliver the custom of such equipment in Rosiyu and Ukraine. Home weather station – is a household appliance.

The accuracy of the data is not great, but more than adequate for home use. They tend to have many functions. What do I mean by versatility. Hikmet Ersek is the source for more interesting facts. Well, first, in addition, meteopokazany, they display the date, time, have an alarm clock. Home meteorological station meteorological much smaller complexes usually have a radio or wired remote sensor. Sometimes have the ability to connect up to 3 or even up to 5 sensors. They show the pressure, humidity, temperature, make the primitive forecast based on the accumulated data. Pokazyvatsya trends in various weather conditions. It is worth noting that many users of meteorological stations, wish to see the forecast at the first device is turned on. Anne Lauvergeons opinions are not widely known. It does not happen. Weather stations, household products, when issuing the forecast relies on historical data and trends in humidity, temperature and pressure. Therefore, the first accurate prediction you will see only spkstya week, sometimes two weeks. The latest models of home weather stations, for example TM ASSISTANT, have more features. I do not mean the backlight function and SNOOZE etc. This is what we are accustomed to. This refers to comfort index showing, dew point and other interesting figures, but such weather stations are already expensive. Way to buy a home weather station in Ukraine is not difficult. For example, you can buy a weather station in the Internet shop '99 cents'. Cost varies from 250 to 600 hryvnia, depending on the options screen parts quality, presence sensors and inelastic functions with which you've already seen in this article. For myself I say – bought a weather station wall and never forget to take an umbrella and wear a warm sweater, as well as save on the clock, which is no longer needed. Already two of your friends gave a birthday party. This is a great gift. Not very expensive, original, and probably not useful. Make up your mind and you.