Business Tips

!!! * you’re receiving money from around the world, places or you know and in a few days. Be sure that all the addresses are correct, now the why? Of all this: 200 ad sent, say I receive only 5 replies (a very low example). THEN HABRE cattle 5 dollars with my name in the #6 of this letter position. Now each one of the 5 people who sent me a dollar also created a minimum of 200 newgroups, forums, Classifieds, or free classifieds, each of 5 originals, this would mean that I win $25 more, now, if these 25 people created a minimum of 200 newgroups with my name on the #4 and receiving only 5 replies each. He would win other additional $125. Now 125 people put their minimum 200 newgroups with my name on the #3 and only receive 5 replies each, I would receive an additional $ 625, OK?, here this the most fun, each of these 625 people put their cards in other newgroups 200 with my name at the #2 and each one receives 5 replies, this makes sure I get 3.125 dollars.

Those 3,125 people sent this message to a minimum of 200 newgroups with my name on the #1 and only 5 people 200 newgroups respond I will be receiving $15.625. An original investment of $6 more the cost of stamps (stamps). INCREDIBLE!! And as I said earlier, that only 5 people respond is very little, actual average would be of 20-30 people. Hence we put these number more to recalculate. If only 15 people respond, this makes: in the #6 15 Dolaresen the #5 225 Dolaresen the #4 3.375 Dolaresen the #3 50,625 Dolaresen the #2 759,375 Dolaresen the #1 $11 390,625 Yes, more of eleven dollars MILLOS!!Once your name is no longer on the list, remove the last announcement of the newsgroup again.

Prospering Business

Breadfruit seguire commenting to you but to be able to manage to progress in your new emprendimiento, like in which already you have. As I said in the previous article is of much importance the locations as much of the box as than in you expose, if one is foods must be always in good conditions of cleaning, tries to have always covered them or under glass, never they must be in the open, that is not propitious, if you sell articles to the retail, guardalos in glass bottles transparent, or covered with bells, you do not have them in the open, he is not hygienic, it tries to have them always with good amount, you do not fill them in front of I publish, hazlo when there is not movement, that makes desproligidad and lost time in the attention, if what you sell does not belong to the heading of the feeding, it deals with to have everything ordered, if it is clothes that are by figures, aid as much to the client as, neither wastes time. Returning to the colors, he is advisable the clear ones for nutritional product sale and with painting latex, the one that is brillosa, it is good because the adhesion of the dirt is smaller and grants one it is present at but pulcra. If the branch is another one, serious good you orient yourself in using an agreed color to the logo of the name of your commerce, identifies that it, and thus to use it in the bags, labels, invoices, in front, etc, that estara to your criterion, can be the color that but you like, with which you feel identified, and but preferential one is happened one, uses some fashionable one, but that pleases you when arriving at your business. The aromas, very important subject, if it is food commerce, you do not have to utilzar nothing, only aroma to clean in the floors, with that sera sufficient; if one is another branch, you must be very careful in it, thinks that perhaps what you like to others bothers to them and that makes that they are wanted to retire soon, not utilizes sahumerios of very strong aromas, rather if you wish to perfume it, hazlo with small furnaces placed in place semi hidden, with smooth and floral fragrances, good we will follow in the next article, luck and until the next one.