Business Tips

!!! * you’re receiving money from around the world, places or you know and in a few days. Be sure that all the addresses are correct, now the why? Of all this: 200 ad sent, say I receive only 5 replies (a very low example). THEN HABRE cattle 5 dollars with my name in the #6 of this letter position. Now each one of the 5 people who sent me a dollar also created a minimum of 200 newgroups, forums, Classifieds, or free classifieds, each of 5 originals, this would mean that I win $25 more, now, if these 25 people created a minimum of 200 newgroups with my name on the #4 and receiving only 5 replies each. He would win other additional $125. Now 125 people put their minimum 200 newgroups with my name on the #3 and only receive 5 replies each, I would receive an additional $ 625, OK?, here this the most fun, each of these 625 people put their cards in other newgroups 200 with my name at the #2 and each one receives 5 replies, this makes sure I get 3.125 dollars.

Those 3,125 people sent this message to a minimum of 200 newgroups with my name on the #1 and only 5 people 200 newgroups respond I will be receiving $15.625. An original investment of $6 more the cost of stamps (stamps). INCREDIBLE!! And as I said earlier, that only 5 people respond is very little, actual average would be of 20-30 people. Hence we put these number more to recalculate. If only 15 people respond, this makes: in the #6 15 Dolaresen the #5 225 Dolaresen the #4 3.375 Dolaresen the #3 50,625 Dolaresen the #2 759,375 Dolaresen the #1 $11 390,625 Yes, more of eleven dollars MILLOS!!Once your name is no longer on the list, remove the last announcement of the newsgroup again.