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One of the best strategies that exist to improve the results of an MLM business is the use a presales page. I.e. a page in which you would be offering product information and whose purpose would be the to suggest to our prospects to go to the site that interests us. It should be recalled that one of the mistakes that most often fall the networkers is the directing the traffic directly to your sales pages. The presale, not only informs, but it will disarm any mental prejudice may have the interested party leaving him waiting before the possible offer for sale that can be done. Creating a page of presales will be that the number of prospects that are directed to us decreases, however, the amount of affiliations that occur will increase significantly to generating more and better commissions.

It is necessary to take into account that to create a sales letter should speak only of the benefits and not the characteristics of the product, therefore to improve the conversion rate of prospects to affiliates must be highlight the benefits that would go on in own pre-sales page, if adquieresen our product. By insisting on the benefits of the product that is being offered, we created a curiosity in stakeholders that drives them to know what it is about the business that we are proposing. If the rest of the information will be supplying gradually, such curiosity will increase, until at the end, when you discover all the information, it is likely your prospects to crawl your website looking for the purchase option. This is what happens when, for example, someone needs an additional source of income that is compatible with their daily work and doesn’t occupy much time. We can offer you a model online business that can develop from the comfort of your home and which does not involve having to leave your current occupation, dedicating only a couple of hours a day. To supply you with specific information of how to develop our type of business to achieve such revenues, we will be causing a curiosity that will be transformed on a need to know how to belong to our network of affiliates and what are the techniques we are using to achieve the objectives that are looking for and that are not other that the ongoing residual income. In summary, what is quality information to potential stakeholders before asking them to purchase our products. If you can help people solve their problems, more likely that they are willing to buy products that we offer and to belong to our network of sponsored.

New Strategatorcom Service

Severo, the founder of Professional fax service group, has launched, an enterprise portal., business Finder service is designed for corporate and independent professionals, marketing groups and research departments and aims to meet the following goals: follow-up to its e-reputacion analysis of the impact of their communication plans tracking of movements of competitors preparing for the meetings of prospecting and sales analysis of new opportunities of business calls., service Finder of companies continually adds information related to the objectives of the companies among hundreds of content providers. Strategator allows you to customize your search and alerts so finely that it collects and alerts of all complete information that is relevant to you. portal of personalized search and surveillance tools gives you:-access, in one place, all the official information and public data of a company: the legal information of the company, contact information, financial information, online e-reputacion and performance.

-Presentation of a variety of results on the web and social media 2.0, such as: news and the release of newspapers, documents, related links, articles from blogs related to messages on Facebook, Viadeo, LinkedIn and Twitter discussions. -Flexible data in a more convenient manner organization to achieve its objectives. -Fully customizable alerts, sent by email, regarding the events of certain company or a certain category of information, which can select or refine from your customer account. Vladimir Popesco, Managing Director of the company said: we believe that remain at the forefront of the market in an environment competitive, that is changing every day, request something more than an analysis of business information available today in various places over the Internet. Once our customers have tuned their searches and alerts, they can benefit from the information without having to continually spend the time or money. Continuous analysis of the competition and submission of the reports of intelligence have been accessible only to large companies. So, Strategator puts the intelligence of market within the scope of SoHos and SMEs, in seven countries, offering the power of professional technologies of search at very low price 9.99 per month.