The Contractions

Because the magnetism State of the Earth is converting periodically or almost regularly or adequately to other factors, must be a very typical, namely one which fits to his physical and mental and spiritual nature. In the exactly right moment, the child then causes as the science strongly suspected and still in the research is, the beginning of his birth itself. How? By a self produced by the child Protein name of surfactant protein A, which is responsible for the maturation of the lung, raises the contractions through a series of reactions. The child determined by impulse through this process only, when it out WILL come. But as you can well imagine that, it does not happen or only very rarely as, like the child “imagines”. Makes a serious error, such as the midwife or the mother-in-law arrives suddenly unvorangemeldet and stresses the mother or stops the car on the way to the hospital and the mother is almost hysterical with fear. All this and other conditions can make a spanner in the the pulse of the child.

Most women of our latitude, often psychologically due (hormonal reasons, intimidated, frightened, under psychological pressure, trauma, neurotisiert, stressed, etc., what else so there in mind locations) need anyway much longer, to bring a child after the first labor around the world. In primitive peoples, this happens most of the time much faster. And at this I place currently and probably never in the future agree with those esoteric set astrologers claiming that exactly something, precisely such complications and unforeseeable incidents would include with, in this respect, that the soul that wants to drive in this child with the first breath, already have knowledge of them, already accept what happens to everything, and all of this because it is their karma. How strange sound such considerations in my ears! I think that I can never believe that interpretation or wants to.

Forever Freddy Breck

“” “” “Freddy Breck – the musical legacy of a legend the musical legacy of a legend – over 40 years of stage in a documentary from partially ungezeigtem TV and fan material, memories of colleagues and companions including the top hits red roses, Bianca”, anywhere in the world “and an unreleased song comedian” (2008) as is this DVD with over an hour Doku Forever Freddy Breck homage to Freddy Breck as a gift to his fans to this day as the musical legacy of a legend “is a lovingly compiled by Astrid Breck impressive collage of some ungezeigtem material. Quickly becomes clear: more characterized the man as only the legendary red roses. He was born as Gerhard Breker in Sonneberg, moved at a young age to Hagen, then studied mechanical engineering. It was Heinz Gietz, who recognized the talent of the young singer and gave him the first studio recordings. Breck could only his first 5 gold awards from abroad Recorded precious metal award in Germany. Timeless hits such as anywhere in the world, red roses, or even Bianca laid the Foundation for an unprecedented world career. The English Red Rose version believe in tomorrow could hold the top spot on the South African charts, for example, for 25 weeks. Freddy henceforth sang on the stages of the world by Japan on Brazil until after New Zealand and celebrated as a musical Ambassador in Germany everywhere great success.

Even in Britain, his title so in Love with You in the hit list as say Freddy Breck’s tribute could as well as a gift to his fans today is the present DVD with over one-hour Doku forever Freddy Breck the musical legacy of a legend”one lovingly by Astrid Breck compiled impressive documentation of some ungezeigtem material. Quickly becomes clear: more characterized the man as only the legendary red roses. The documentary traces the long road to success like the life on stage until the end and is enriched by memories of many companions and colleagues. In the statements by Jurgen Marcus, Michael Holm, Margot Hellwig and also by Media Manager Hans R.Beierlein comes respect and recognition for 40 years devoted stage work to the expression. As a special treat in addition to the many snippets of domestic and foreign TV and stage appearances and unpublished Freddy Breck music there is a previously unreleased song of farewell thank you sung by Astrid Breck with the title.” On December 17, 2008, died at home at the Tegernsee Gerhard Breker and remains in the hearts of his fans as Freddy Breck unforgotten forever.