Business Visas To The Czech Republic

Immigration during 2010 to the Czech Republic was marked by new demands for long-term visas requested by foreigners on the basis of an employment contract, the firm registered in the Czech Republic or private entrepreneurship. It is caused by several internal and external causes of migration legislation Czech Republic. External causes include the new requirements of the European Union's common policy for all countries participating in the issuance of visas and adopting a new immigration visa law adopted on 5 April 2010. This law is more or less clear. The internal causes include the features of the Czech emigration, which has already taken place and future policy in this matter. Tight restrictions on granting visas to a residence permit in no way affected the number of foreigners who want to get it. Foreigners in any legal way trying to get long-term visas, moving their capital to the Czech Republic, buying Czech real estate and investing in business in the Czech Republic. The number of refusals of course great, but the process does not stop, because the Czech border open, and migration sovereignty of the Czech Republic depends on the countries participating in Schengen and the eu.

In developing a new immigration law on entrepreneurship. Czech Republic wants to limit the issuance of business visas by introducing probationary period for each firm in the Czech Republic registered in the names of foreign nationals. It is assumed that each firm and the leadership will be given a year to work and do business, and only on financial results shown to us, for the decision on issuing visas for the founders.


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