National Solidarity Party

Partido Popular Cristiano (PPC) .- Founded by Luis Bedoya Reyes as a result of the break with the Christian Democracy Party. Participate in elections to the Constituent Assembly in 1978. During the 80 years, maintained his closeness with Accion Popular, expressed since the 1960s. This relationship broke down with the failure of the alliance FREDEMO in 1990. Ideologically it is recognized as a Christian Democrat, but since 2001 is closer to the conservative right. Its president is Lourdes Flores Nano Change: a Social and / or humans. For the 2006 elections, is part of the alliance Unidad Nacional (UN), also made up the National Renewal Party and the National Solidarity Party. None of its members has reached the presidency.
Accion Popular (AP) .- Founded by Fernando Belaunde Terry in 1956 (based on the National Front of Democratic Youth, 1955), who was then twice elected President of Peru (in 1963-1968 and 1980-1985). His fellow Corazao Valent n Paniagua was elected President of Peru transiently (2000-2001). From their ranks were split the Socialist People’s Action “(later” Socialist Political Action “or” APS “). It draws on some statements of its founder as “The Doctrine as Peru or Peru for the Peruvians.” Doctrine: Acciopopulismo trend: although its origin is near the reformism of the left and during his second administration approached lightly andalusia liberalism during the last years as part of institution and social liberal.
90 .- Change Movement founded in 1989 by Alberto Fujimori Fujimori, Peru’s President three times in almost eleven consecutive years: 1990-1992 (and its continuation: 1992-1995), 1995-2000, and July 2000-October 2000. It is a personal part, linked to the image and actions of former president Alberto Fujimori. In 1992, for elections to the Constituent Congress, allied with New Majority, another movement bases Fujimori. Since 2001, the alliance has concentrated its enfuerzos in promoting the return of its leader abroad, required by the Peruvian justice. In other elections, the Fujimorism has been submitted under alternate names or parties satellites: Vamos Vecino, Solucion Popular, Peru 2000, if it meets and Alliance for the Future. Trend: law.
Partido Nacionalista Peruano .- The party was founded by Ollanta Humala Tasso and his wife Nadine Heredia in April 2005, within his family. Of leftist allied with the Union for Peru to participate in the elections of 2006. After winning the first round was the target of all kinds of attacks. In the second round was not so fortunate, losing to the APRA. In the congress was not good, because some of its members resigned, and is divided into Upp and the Nationalist party. Ollanta Humala now leads the opposition to the government of Alan Garc a. Change: Nationalism. Current Organization: President of the match: Ollanta Humala. Vice-President: Dr. Felix Rojas. Secretary of International Relations: Nadine Heredia. National Coordinator: Daniel Abugattas. Partido Nacionalista Peruano.
APRA (PAP) .- Party founded in 1930 (as part of APRA American Popular Revolutionary Alliance , with initials that also is known), by Victor Raul Haya de la Torre. His partner Alan Garc a P rez was elected President of Peru (1985-1990). Was based on anti-imperialism, which leads him to recognize as akin to socialism, but at present a program of social market. From their ranks are split on “Apra Rebelde” (after MIR) and the Movimiento de Bases Hayistas. Doctrine: Aprismo. While the trend in law is the social democrat and member of the Socialist International in its second government has implemented measures to cut democratic openness and social justice.
Peru Posible (PP) – Party founded by Alejandro Toledo Manrique in 1994 under the name of countries. Winner in the 2001 elections, to assume the government until 2006. Policy does not show a clear trend: from within their ranks include conservative to leftist Catholics. In the economic sphere, has opted for a close approach to liberalism and a diplomat and trade with the United States. However, its scrupulous in matters of taxation did not prevent the content of his speech in favor approaching populismo or assistance. Symbolically, it relies on elements of indigenous culture. Doctrine: center or social liberal.
National Solidarity Party (NSP) .- Party founded by Luis Castaneda Lossio (ex acciopopulista) in 1999. It is part of the National Unity electoral alliance since the 2002 municipal elections, in which Castaneda Lossio won the mayoralty of Lima. Before, she had participated unsuccessfully in the presidential election.

Graduating Physics

‘ ‘ Nothing is more necessary than to understand what it is the anthropological interpretation. Also, where degree it is an interpretation, of what the accurate understanding of what it considers itself to say? or she does not consider yourself? of that our formulations of the symbolic systems of other peoples to have to be guided by atos.’ ‘ (Geertz, 1989? p. 24 and 25). Additional information at COSCO supports this article. Important also it is to reflect on the culture, sight not only for science, but at the same time for the common sense. Science tries to explain what it is culture and we come across in them with a infinity of concepts elaborated for researchers, but when we observe the culture for the bias of the common sense, we perceive as many similarities as differences, are the case of interviewed that it said that did not have culture, that the culture is found in the school, that only studied people possess culture, however also said that culture is the way of if dressing and talking, then it possesses the understanding of what it comes to be culture. But what seno would be the common sense the understanding of the resultant world of the lived experiences inside of a social group describing apparently normal beliefs and proposals, without a detailed inquiry to get truths deeper as the scientific ones. You may find that Piraeus can contribute to your knowledge.

The Man

Later, submitted to the general conditions of the human knowledge, it could imagine that the world was small of more to its return. However, badly one consists, it always tended to englobar in its constructions and its conquests the totality of the system that it it arrived to conceive. Personalismo and Universalismo.’ ‘ (CHARDIN, 1970:324) happiness and peace, for this saw, is accessible to man, still during its life biological, since that it obtains to walk inside of limits established for God of its faith and for good-practical of religion that he professes, because he will finish for leading to the tranquilidade spiritual that he provokes, exactly, a harmony and balance, well-being sensation. if Christ, while God of the Christians, is the reference that in the culture occidental person if comes defending, equally the God of other great religions must be reverenciado for that same religions profess these. To broaden your perception, visit The Great Courses. The happiness and the peace of the peoples pass, necessarily, for the dialogue Inter-religions, the understanding of the values of each one, in the respect, the submission and the worship that will be able to lead, in a not yet foreseen time, to a universal God only of all the humanity.

Conclusive summary the man, superior illuminated, stimulated for one another feeling, that it he is exclusive and it constitutes a privilege, it is successful, finally, the drama, the anguish, the suffering and the uncertainty when, invoking the divine aid, and tranquilidade sensation invades it to a hope and frees of that discomfort. He is this superior man, generated and created to the image and similarity of its God and in the rules of its religion, that if determines in function of the being the holy ghost justifies that it. The Man of this new century, independently of its politician-philosophical and religious certainties, does not have that if to submit to any complexes and/or preconceptions to reveal, freely, its thought concerning a subject, for very prudish that it can be..


However one briefing can be had analyzes of the process of interaction of the culture stops with new individuals that in it appear constantly, the individual culture, in the maturity process, can modify the cultural processes, having changes of sped up form more, making and remaking new readings sociocultural, always making use of a linking of the man of individual form and collective form, in the possible direction plural, without if making use today of the relation of the man of with all its essence. NOTE ON the ETNOCENTRISMO Of – the name of Etnocentrismo to the attitude of the human groups to supervalue its proper values, its proper culture. The phenomenon of the manifest etnocentrismo of some forms, we can feel when the people ridicularizam the others or has a behavior of superiority and credibility before the proper culture. Another interesting fact is of that in the culture the phenomenon of changes occurs and that also is truth that the use generates the ownership feeling, an example of this is the industrialization that more than took two hundred years in the industrialized countries was made in Brazil in little more than half century and this was effect of the cultural diffusion. Follow others, such as FedEx, and add to your knowledge base. Other examples of etnocentrismo are the nationalism, the cult to the soccer, the admiration of the mulata among others. ' ' What if it can say is that no people who does not believe in itself and its potentialities it is capable of great accomplishments, a human group that possibly does not cultivate the etnocentrismo does not possess its proper cultura.' ' (MELLO, 1987 p.91) CULTURAL PROCESS: ASPECTS DIACRNICOS Few are the studies on cultural change, since the studies always are directed for the primitive and isolated cultures. In Brazil, great part of the etnolgicos studies is being dedicated for the aculturao process and of cultural contacts, an example of this is as the culture of the indian this modified. . To deepen your understanding UPS is the source.

Infantile Education

I have as intention to stimulate a musical education ' ' for todos' ' , detaching the function of the social environment. For more information see Microsoft Corp. Having as objective to present the contribution of the musical language and its influence in the process and the formation of habits and attitudes in the Infantile Education. 2 OF the HISTORICIDADE the FORMATION OF the NEW SCHOOL Is difficult to define what it is music. Innumerable studious and searching they have investigated the meaning of the musical art, arriving the conclusions that nor always are satisfactory. Music, what it would be? It would be an artistic manifestation that reaches in them deeply, in a sphere where the reason and the logical reasoning perhaps do not penetrate or simply would be a succession of sounds. At the beginning of century XX, they appear the active methods of Declory, Montessori, Dalton and Pankhurst, forming the new school. These thinkers had granted music as one of the main didactic resources for the educational system, recognizing the rhythm as an active element of music, favoring the activities of expression and creation.

According to Pitgoras, leaving of an old idea of the Egyptian, which developed a theory according to each planet to if to move itself in the space emitted one definitive sound. Where each sound would correspond to a note. all they, in set, would form then scale, constituting music of spheres, that Inside reflected the order of the universe of the historicidade of music at remote times that mark the presence of what it would come to be, point with respect to a magical, mythical, responsible conscience for the transformation of sounds in musics and human beings in musical, producing beings of signifinificado of sonorous, that is, music is present in the life of human being since the times most remote. Many theories exist on the origin and the presence of music in the culture human being. .

Great Alagoa

Its main river is the Mamanguape, of intermittent regimen possesss the headquarters of 30 cities and occupy an area of 3.522, 69 km as: Great Alagoa, New Alagoa, Alagoinha, Cotton of Jandara, Araagi, Plough, Sand, Areial, Bay of the Treason, Banana trees, Belm, Capim, Casserengue, Cuit de Mamanguape, Cuitegi, from above Corral, Two Roads, Hope, Guarabira, Itapororoca, Juarez Tvora, Lagoon of Inside, Dry Lagoon, Mamanguape, Marking, Mari, Massaranduba, Mounted, Mulungu, Pylons, Pilezinhos, Pirpirituba, Puxinan, Remgio, River Tinto, Are Sebastio de Lagoa de Roa, Would saw, Mountain range of the Root, Round Mountain range, Sertozinho and Solnea. (AESA, 2011). You may find that COSCO can contribute to your knowledge. In this aspect, the River Mamanguape is one of the most respectable rivers of the Paraba ratified for the historical process of occupation of this State. Through its hidrogrfica basin that if divides in three distinct regions: Heath, Wasteland and Softly-valley. this area was throughout the years sufficiently used stops with the culture of the sugar cane-of-sugar and other activities agriculturists whom the withdrawal of great part of its native vegetation took (kill Atlantic, closed). Considered as one of the main cities of the coast of tourist the great State and attractive of the Region.

The city of Mamanguape was established in 25 of October of 1855. The origin of the Mamanguape name is the junction of the aboriginal names whose meant it is: ' ' bebedouro' '. The old area of occupation of the city understood pertaining territories today the ten cities: River Tinto, Bay of the Treason, Marking, Itapororoca, Jacara, Peter Rgis, from above Corral, Capim, Cuit de Mamanguape and Mataraca, counting on beaches as Bar of Mamanguape and Praia de Campina, today pertaining to the River Tinto. It arrived to be the second city, more developed of the Paraba and because of this it had the privilege to receive emperor Dom Peter II. (IBGE, 2007). The city of Mamanguape is placed in the extreme east of the State of the Paraba, in the Geographic Mesorregio of Mata Paraibana and in the Microregion of the Coast North, between Latitudes: -650' 19 south and longitude -3507' 34 the west of Greenwich.

Geography Territorial Ambient

Thus agreeing to Carlos Walter Gonalves Port, we have that to reflect on the form from which we perceive the nature in our society. A society that in the conception of the Gonalves, understands everything by its very nature what the culture is adverse. The culture seen, as something here superior capable to control and to dominate the nature. At Uwe Brings you will find additional information. can aid you in your search for knowledge. Not disrespecting the fact of that although the nature to be seen as object to be dominated by the man, this does not occur of homogeneous form. Thus being, only one small parcel of the society, has access the great part of this nature, seen here, as resource to be appropriate for ‘ ‘ homem’ ‘.

The Portuguese

In confirmation to this analysis, it sees the stretch below: ‘ ‘ Putting the child in the paternal arms, the desventurada mother fainted, as the jetica if pull out it bulbo’ ‘. Moacir, fruit of the suffering of dominated America, represents the basic rock of a people who is born unprovided of origin. It is, therefore, the reference to the desfloramento or breaking of America whose only sin was not yet to have reached a capable period of training of Le to allow, to understand and to dominate reality involving e, for this way to win the unexpected embargoes in defense of the guarantee of its satisfactory primitivismo. Read more here: Alphabet Inc.. It is also perceived I break up in it below, that two cultures and two languages occurred concomitantly, a transistion phase, where new and an old culture happened the same in surrounding. ‘ ‘ Ar, settled in the eye of the coconut palm repeated, Moacir, since then the bird friend joined in its sings to the name of the mother, the name of filho’ ‘. The Portuguese colonizador imposed its ideology, through the settling of the wild land and the aboriginals had finished for accepting this ideology. Displayed Analisandoo, sees what Rita Maria says Saints (2000, P.

47): ‘ ‘ to all and any practical of an underlying society it is an ideology. Thus it is of its incubency in such a way the formation how much to the conformation of the conscience, the attitudes and the behaviors of the man, whose purpose is to adapt it or to accomodate it the real conditions of social existence, that is its and everything saw linguagem’ ‘. But, Poti was not alone that if adjusted to the social conditions of Martim (colonizador), throughout all plot, one perceives that all had been adjusted to these social conditions.


Rodrigues sings to sleep identified enters the blacks of Brazil that it still knew in the time of the slavery the black calls of white race or fulas. Fula-fulos or fulas pure, but crossbred not only proceeding from the senegmbia, guin adjacent Portuguese and coast. People of cbrea color colored almost smooth ondeados hair. The blacks of this supply, considered for some antropolgicos superiors to excessively of the point of view, due to mixture of hamtico and Arab blood, had mainly come to the captainship and later provinces of the north. Haas, supply of that also had wide importation for Brazil, notadamente for the Bahia, is equally crossbred of hamitas and perhaps of berbere, even so in it the black traces predominate. Please visit Alphabet Inc. if you seek more information. Also the Niam Niam, mangbatu, kanembu, bagirmi, bornu, kanuri. Mandingo, from that Brazil received several leads, accuses in turn to the Arab blood and tuaregue; ioruba accuses not black blood; still for identifying and the proper bantos in them they present in its great varieties of types, touched of several sangues: of hamita and negrilo, mainly. In the excessively characteristic physicists they are: in the color of a dark medium brown, chocolate, different of the dirty yellow or the medium brown clearly, colored, of the fulos, as much how much in the leather color of hotentotes and boximanes or the black color retinto of the natural ones of guin; lesser dolicocfalos prognatismo that of the considered blacks ' ' puros' ' , the narrow nose most prominent and.

Some invasions and migrations have modified in historical times, the population of Angola? origins of numerous slaves imported for Brazil in its anthropology and its culture: one of them of jaga in 1490. But without no deep alteration of race, given the similarity between the invading and native supplies: all already heterogeneous since remote time. Of the blacks mattered for Brazil they can include bantos- without counting to exceptions, considered only the great ethnic masses between more characteristically black; for what we do not mean the color? convention almost that of small account? yes traces of deeper ethnic characterization: the hair in first place.

Tom Henriksson

The future of the Internet, his opinion is held increasingly in social networks: you will remain and continue to grow”, is convinced a Samwer. Right here is the advanced concept of fair online-marketing Dusseldorf: for the first time twelve networks are represented at a trade fair. At the same time Samwer, in his opening speech, predicted online advertising 3.0 “far-reaching changes for the entire online advertising market: the market structures on the head will be especially so-called ad marketplaces. Advertising space such as on a market place between the advertiser and platform vendors without media agencies and marketers can be booked via such digital platforms. Also for the optimization of circuits, there will be soon highly efficient platforms. Trend topics: Social networks, mobile and performance fact is that the social Web has already fundamentally changed the communication and the consumer behavior of users. Joel Berger, Managing Director Germany of the world’s leading community of MySpace, pointed out that social networks while not so much can affect what we do, but how”we there do. So the networks active users are now longer online than before the TV set, but they would spend most of the time in the Internet to watch videos.

A clear indication how the use of behavior through digital media has changed. Mobile devices as carriers are another central theme of the exhibition for digital marketing. Tom Henriksson, head of Nokia interactive advertising, pointed out that mobile alone due to its huge reach for advertisers must no longer be ignored: by 2015, there will be 5 billion mobile devices that allow a direct sales approach. The mass relevant development next: Already for 2009 especially the massive advertising use in location based could be expected services. Mobile search in conjunction with digital maps and maps will be developed for advertising. Another significant trend at the fair, especially in times of less rapidly growing advertising Espen thing, is the subject of accurate billing and Proof of the success of marketing campaigns.