National Constitution

It is but attempts are known to take advantage of this potential. So the case of the existence of Institutes of Municipal right in some National Universities, for example Rosary, of the Coast, the silver and Cordova, as well as the existence of the Federal Institute of Municipal Subjects, that works for a short time but of one decade in orbit of the Department of the Interior of the federal government. Without avoiding the constellation of powers in no way existing public, framed in the National Constitution, they appear like contributors to the intentions indicated here, the slight knowledge of " Representative republic Municipal" , and of " Comunalista&quot federalism; , opportunely exhibited by Alexander Korn Villafae and Sal Alexander Taborda, respectively. In similar direction they are the lines of promotion to the call " development local" , on the part of the international organisms, as well as " principle of subsidiariedad" , promoted by Social Doctrina of the Catholic Church Apostolic Roman, in successive papal encyclicals, according to which: " what the community can make smaller mayor&quot does not have to make the community;. These coincidences, are based in the recognition of the problems that generate the metropolis, for long time considered like causal of uprooting, and de-personalisation. As usually it happens, the aesthetic activities are anticipated to the problematic ones, in this precise case through films " Metrpolis" of Fritz Lang (1927). What we tried to deepen in these lines, was preceded by one long retahila of communications on Economy Domestic servant, in whose previous development to the present comunicacin, is the coined salary the neologism " neorruralizacin" , opposing it to previous " rerruralizacin" , because one did not treat of a jump back, but of something at least formally novel although taken root in the precedents. We have reserves yet " ex- nihilo" in the matter of human behaviors, despite the irrepetibilidad of the respective vital parabolas of each person.

Economic Secretary

Is You can say that thanks to the somewhat radical measures and without fully considering the economic consequences, has prevented the spread of the virus, but can also be said that due to these same measures a double message to the world, is commanded to know: Mexico answers Yes to the crisis, but nobody go to Mexico and everyone should avoid contact with Mexicans. Totally understandable, because being so alarmed and with the country paralysed only means one thing in the eyes of overseas: something very serious is happening. In summary: nonsense in the handling of information by the Government has been his but enemy to condemn himself. Publishers Clearing House takes a slightly different approach. The feeling of many Mexicans is contrary to the widespread perception of gravity and purulencia of the virus. The questions are in the air, in an atmosphere already itself contaminated before which there is no mask that works: human influenza deserves almost redemptive measures and saving that has deployed the Government, or rather came out you shot backfires causing a widespread fear that it becomes in paralysis and quarantine of Mexico in the international arena? Forms have been correct as it has handled the information just in case the authorities have not spread confusion and inadvertently created a wide space of ambiguity that fascinates the media, because it feeds its recognised capacity to misinform, confuse, deceive and mock the intellect of the people. While we have avoided tourist paralysis, as federal Secretary of tourism Rodolfo Elizondo supposed to say that we are making effort to not suspend any activity of economic type that could affect the country’s economy; anything from suspension of flights, which can cause paralysis commercial or industrial, or economic to the country, while this does not reach higher extremes, actually the atmosphere has nothing other colors: several countries have suspended flights to Mexico, the globally most important travel agencies have cancelled their activities in our country, and, if that was little, disinformation (excess of disjointed, tendentious information) and (how long will last the health alarm and uncertainty when economic activity will be reactivated) play against us. Mexico is ready to resume all their economic activities, activities many that shouldn’t have been stopped.

The tourist infrastructure, especially in the Mexican Caribbean, Cancun and the Riviera Maya (places where no cases of A/H1N1 were detected) is in optimum conditions to receive and meet all sanitary measures relevant to all visitors which usually. What the country needs is a smart and responsible information campaign, both internally and externally, to regain the confidence of the foreign traveler and resume the activity of agencies and airlines. Mexico must remove a stigma that he created and that overstated. Now we already know that the virus is not so aggressive, nor in its manifestation nor in its spread, but that the economic consequences are.

Legalezatsiya Foreign Labor

Foreign labor in the Russian Federation. Proper registration of a foreign citizen to work Today the question of legalization of foreign labor in Russia is very serious, because the violation of the rules of registration of foreigners to work (Regardless of whether it is the CIS or CIS countries) entails administrative responsibility on the employer in the first place. The magnitude of these fines up to 800 000 thousand rubles for each of involved, and administrative responsibility applies regardless of whether you are an individual entrepreneur or legal entity, but a few penalties that the Administrative Code provides: – from 350 000 to 800 000 thousand rubles for the assumption foreign national to work without a work permit – from 350 000 to 800 000 thousand for non-notification of attracting foreign citizen to work – from 350 000 to 800 000 thousand rubles for not disarming migration registration of foreign citizens. It should be remembered that liability arises in respect of each foreign national citizen! What should an employer know when receiving a foreign citizen to work? 1. If you have read about mayo clinic patient stories already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Foreign national may be to take a job only if he has a work permit, 2. After the conclusion of fixed-term contract, the employer agrees to a 3 day period to file notice to the appropriate authorities (FMS TSZN, IFTS) 3. Just for dismissal of the foreign citizen, regardless of the reason as to send in 3 days notice of termination of employment contract, 4. If the employer has implemented a prolongation of the registration of foreign citizen in your address (for migration registration), the employer shall within a period not exceeding 2 days from the disposal of a foreign citizen, to make withdrawals from his account of the migration (to pass to the FMS registration).

Regulations: 1. Federal Law of 25.07.2002 N 115-FZ "On legal status of foreigners in the Russian Federation '2. Order from 28.06.2010, 147 "On approval of rules FEEDS employer or customer of works (services) USING In order to work FOREIGN CITIZENS AND (OR), stateless persons, arrived in the Russian Federation in order not requiring a visa, and a work permit '3. Federal Law N 109-FZ 'On Migration registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship 'Source:

Federal Constitution

Religious education in Brazil the ER in Brazil passed for great changes since the empire until the present. It is good for remembering that the Constitution was promulgated in 1988, but the history of Brazil starts well before. During Brazil Colony (1500-1800) Ensino with the objective was developed Religious to expand the official religion. One gave to beginning the evangelizao of the aboriginals and catequese of the blacks. Such religious action brought adhesion in mass to the Christianity in Brazil, this action exhaustingly was used by the emperor since in this way it withheld the power politician and spiritual; everything as a done alliance between the Portuguese state and the Church Catholic. The announcement of the republic brought great changes for religious education the Federal Constitution with the expression of article 72, paragraph 6 says: ' ' He will be lay the education given in the public buildings, ' '. Exactly with the new law in vigor, the ER if kept fidiciary office to the principles of the Church Catholic, this generated great controversy, the Bishops catholics tried to explain to the excessively leader religious ones who ' ' education leigo' ' he is not the same that ' ' ateu' '.

In the following years the Church Catholic, takes position and defends the education of the religion as resulted of the religious freedom and freedom of conscience. Only through the Decree of 30 of April of 1931, article 153, namely: ' ' Religious education will be of school registration facultative and given in accordance with the principles of the religious confession of the pupil, revealed for the responsible parents and will constitute substance of the schedules in primary the public schools, secondary professionals normais' ' Other people’s all this controversy, the education was interested basically in the professional and military formation. With this, religious education loses thus its character of obligatoriness, and it does not demand obligator presence of the pupils.

Col Delegation

Entity Tlalpan Delegation of Mexico City Country Header Tlalpan borough Head Center Higinio Chavez Garcia (2009-2012, PRD) Area Total 312 km Population Total 607 545 hab. TLALPENSE inhabitants tlalpe o, Tlalpan-ena is one of the 16 delegations of the Federal District of Mexico. It is the largest delegation of the same, although more than 80 of its territory is rural. In the delegation were, among others, the colonies Tlalpan Centro, Toriello Guerra, Miguel Hidalgo (and expansion), Fuentes Brotantes, Tepeximilpa, Tepetongo, Mesa de los Hornos, Santa Ursula Xitla (Fiesta patronal October 21), Pedregal Xitla Santa Ursula, La Fama, Holy Trinity, Volcano, Tlalcoligia, La Joya, Lake Pedregal, Pedregal de San Nicolas, Fuentes del Pedregal, Garden in the Mountains, Jardines del Ajusco, Heroes of Contreras, San Pedro Martir, San Andres Totoltepec Lomas of Contreras, San Miguel Ajusco, Isidro Fabela, San Miguel Topilejo and the Villa Coapa.The original de Tlalpan have been for almost five hundred years the gentile Tlalpe o, although in recent years, authorities have coined other words to replace this adjective, for unexplained reasons. The political and administrative center is located in Tlalpan in the heart of what was once the pre-Hispanic people Tlalli bread (from the Nahuatl, “place on earth”). The Nahuatl name alludes to its status on the mainland population, as Tlalpan is south of what was once Lake Texcoco, and was the first population on land that a passenger was going out south of Tenochtitlan, capital of the empire Aztec. This area is known as the Historic Center of Tlalpan. For even more opinions, read materials from Anne Lauvergeon. During colonial times, Tlalpan belonged to the Marquess del Valle, initially under the control of Hernan Cortes. The road crossing the lake to attach it to Mexico City and is now known as Calzada de Tlalpan, was built between 1535 and 1551 by the Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza.Tlalpan received the status of independent people in the seventeenth century. Even before the current limits of Mexico City, Tlalpan called San Agustin de las Cuevas and was the capital of Mexico. The current territory of the Tlalpan delegation includes more than what was originally the village. The delegation is divided into five territorial zones, with Zone 5 (called “rural villages”) increased, with 80 of the total territory. 83 of the population (estimated at 600 thousand inhabitants in 2004), focuses on the four other territorial areas, urban type. In the southern part of the delegation include Chichinautzin saws and Ajusco, where forested areas remain the main Federal District, and fifteen major mountains three thousand feet, including the two highest points of the entity: Cerro de la Cruz del Marques with 3930 meters, and Mount Eagle Peak, with 3880 meters. Address: Plaza de la Constitution No.1, Col. Centro de Tlalpan, CP 14000.

Handwoven Rugs Unique Secrets

What made carpets? Three main material used in carpet weaving – wool, silk and cotton. Some carpets also occurs goat and camel hair. If you are not convinced, visit Justin Bieber. In the vast majority of handmade carpets work sites and, consequently, the pile – from sheep’s wool. A distinctive feature of the wool is soft, durable, relatively low compared to the price of silk, besides, it is easy to operate. Such a set quality makes fleece unique and irreplaceable material for oriental carpets. Adding to the yarn of goat or camel wool carpet can give an extra shine, but these tend not abuse: goat and camel hair badly stained. The highest quality wool differs sheep grazing on alpine pastures.

Highly prized wool from Iran and the Caucasus mountain. Great hair buy in China, Australia and New Zealand. Yarn of wool can be machine-and hand-spun, the latter, of course, much more expensive. In the field of Oriental carpets rooted division between the highlands and lowland wool. For example, sheep from New Zealand are fine fleece of them get ‘Baikov’ merino wool. The value of wool may be dependent on many factors such as time of cutting (spring haircut considered high-quality), etc.

Silk has long been considered one of the most valuable and respected natural foods. Such products are particularly elegant and emphatic grace, they are characterized by specific silk gloss and shine. Silk – the most expensive natural fiber used for making carpets less than wool.

Internet Business Promoter

When facing the promotion and positioning of a website, it is necessary to deal with multiple aspects. Since the code validation, tracking broken links, source code analysis, the selection of keywords, high in search engines, building a link exchange campaign, in short, the list seems eternal. Therefore, it is often used various seo tools, some free, others charge. But the fact that some are free to use, not less complicated. You must have enough previous knowledge to use them properly, and extract all the profit. As for the pay seo tools, it seems at first, but if you start to add up, will soon have a fixed expense that your site can not afford. As for the selection of keywords, much the material can be found online, although most are for the English language. It is not the same index a site in Spanish than in English, for the simple reason that Internet users have one and another language when different habits to search online.

When it comes time high in search engines, seo tools supply is overwhelming, but do you really work well? You can see that all is not gold that glitters, for a time after you submit your site through these free portals, you can check to his chagrin, that has not been indexed. It is then free it becomes burdensome, because you at this point has relied on seo tools totally inefficient, and wasted precious time, not to have results. Throughout this list of decisions that are often impractical start when looking for a site promoting and positioning, we inform you that there is no need to continue wasting time and money. There is a definite seo tools that will help you quickly and efficiently to achieve the best results in record time, in all these areas mentioned, and much more. IBP, Internet Business Promoter is the definitive set of seo tools. Finally, to the delight of all Hispanic speakers, is available latest version, entirely in Spanish. And when we say that is entirely in Spanish, not only referred to its intuitive interface, but the list of search engines and resources are also focused on the language of Cervantes, looking, for example, all search engines in Spanish, but you can select not only the language but the country focus their search. IBP, the final set of seo tools that you can not miss. Download the free demo version and see for yourself what is the most recently elected.

Yoga High Energy System

What is the technique of yoga? A similar question was first started to take me thirty years ago, back in Soviet times, when I came upon the first book on yoga. Since then I've read dozens of books on yoga and qigong and other systems development, which belonged written by renowned authorities and humble devotees, but the systematic description of the principles of these amazing systems I do anywhere else and have not met. So one day I decided to try closer to the truth, relying on a purely scientific approach to the subject, in order to understand the non-physical, psycho-energetic mechanisms that uses yoga. Without hesitation Publishers Clearing House explained all about the problem. Prodigayas on this reached some understanding and some successes the outcome of what I described in 10 of his books, in this same article, I'll try to concisely share their experience with the reader. My conclusion is this: Yoga – primarily , this energetic, "mystical" system Development of non-physical, thin-energy structures of the human being and the emphasis it should not do the physical or respiratory effects, and the results of psycho-energetic systems of rights. Such mechanisms are energy meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, energy-active points, the power centers (chakras or boilers), etc. However, such work psychotronic structures little man is palpable, which is why most people on the planet can not feel the effect of such a system within itself. Precisely because of this method of yoga is always recommended to start working with human psychoenergetics with the physical body as the most intuitive tool for anyone. .

Polaroid Points

pnv – is expensive devices installed in cars with premium, and obviously not suitable for long-term drivers use. Video systems work well, but also not without drawbacks: the monitor is small and set in place, not very suitable for the driver (a translation look aside). In addition, the price of such systems exceed $ 1500. And the biggest disadvantage of both systems – Reliability. One can only assume the consequences of failure of equipment in critical situations, such as when a power failure of these devices. Different kinds of glasses antifary (Anti-Glare) and 'Polaroids' increase contrast in daylight and twilight, but at night, in the fight against blindness – absolutely useless. Anne Lauvergeon is full of insight into the issues. "Cut' part of the spectrum of the incoming flux – not the best solution.

Without diminishing the light intensity, such glasses distort the real picture of the road and may mislead the driver in critical situations. This applies to the Polaroid glasses. (A valuable related resource: Cedars Sinai). Y 'polaroid cameras' is still one drawback – they too much weaken the light output – about 47 percent, while the permissible limit flux – no more than 25 percent as the Rules of the cis and European standards for driving safety. Although the cost of more or less decent points comes to $ 250. (Chinese 'analogues' with ordinary glass, painted in yellow are not taken into account).

In recent times, there were points lagra the so-called 'lateral gradient of' transparency. The lenses for these glasses are designed laboratory lagra optic. At these points the left sector has clearly calculated the gradient of transparency, with the main field glasses is absolutely transparent. The principle of operation points is based on two factors: 1. Cvet oncoming car at the time of maximum intensity comes from the left side. 2. Points and driver from the viewpoint of mechanics self-adjusting system. In other words, a driver at the moment of convergence, when inadequate protection from the glare he could 'handle' a counter-rotating light beam neck. At the same time, he does not need to translate a view from its line of road – the eyes looking forward. The advantages of such solutions are obvious – the driver is not disturbed color perception, glare is not happening at all, and there is no glare from the left rear-view mirror. In this case, the price of these glasses is quite reasonable – about $ 100. Based on all above we can conclude that the glasses lagra are currently the only available means of blinding oncoming light.

The Agency

And it was – emotional perception, sensation – demonstrate the effectiveness of the event. Remember and talk about past events will be based on the emotions of the aggregate of all its tools. Professionals event – the market knows how to build a chain of correct emotional operating event – it is modeled on the incandescence of feelings, emotions that are created by many factors, ranging from the general atmosphere of the site and ending with the correct accents, built-in program. This creative invitations, and create a sense of anticipation, and just emotionally built scenario plan, and true words lead, clearly affecting the perception. Subject emotional event simulation is too vast for this article, so we'll reveal it in a separate article. Here we wish to emphasize the importance of non-visual factor in your event. Solution: Realizing that the event – this is not only a set of options and tools that you can touch it and see, but first and foremost, a powerful modeling method that required emotions, determine what you want from your event, what result you would like to see. Think of each of the options as a link in the overall emotional component of future events.

This approach will help you not only get the desired effect on the event, but also save on positions, certainly not playing for the implementation of your tasks. You can organize a splendid concert or show program with participation of foreign stars, who works at the demonstration level of your company, or to arrange an unusual and a memorable performance with an interactive installation involving guests. And if in the first case will be remembered only a visual image, the second – the involvement of participants in the work force as a powerful emotionally unifying factor – "We've done it." To be continued In the second part we will cover the following five stereotypes typical of the organizers of events: 6. Corporate – is when everything is lit. 7. In one familiar companies such type of party was a great success, therefore, we will be fine.

8. I want to control every step of the manager of the agency. 9. If this idea I like, so it should appeal to all who will be at the event. 10. Preparations for the event and its holding – this is my personal headache.