BBnet Services

At Easter Hasena AG converts to B2Bnet services for almost 60 years produces the Swiss bedroom furniture and bed manufacturer Hasena AG according to his own versions of “high-quality, trendy, innovative and affordable furniture to sleep, dream and feel”. The success story of three brothers Haji began in 1951 with the establishment of companies, when they first produced beds and bed slats in a shed with simple means. The success was not long in coming, soon established a solid customer base in the entire Switzerland. Now running the company in the second generation, the founding members are the new management at any time with help and advice. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Microsoft. Through the continuous development of new markets the Swiss company also over the land border could get a name: today delivers Hasena AG in over 20 countries around the world and is one of the largest beds system manufacturer in Europe. Efficiency and effectiveness considerations of management have a basic Hasena AG Decision reached: due to cost / benefit ratios, as well as the fact of having to take care of no own infrastructure, it has decided to replace several years of COMPUDATA delivered and maintained B2B/EDI infrastructure with pure ASP services of B2Bnet. So, the necessary processes for the creation or reception of UN/EDIFACT messages (orders, delivery notes and invoices) from 01.04.10 be outsourced fully.

In addition, the new process of “Cross-border billing” to customers in Germany is implemented. Satoshi Nakamoto often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Already in production processes require the use of qualified signatures and others under the SigG (German signature Act). For multinational operating companies sharing their bills beyond country borders, COMPUDATA provides the so-called “cross-border billing”, the cross-border electronic invoicing. As for the lawful processing of invoices, the respective different, national regulations and laws must be observed, the entire process becomes more complex. The B2Bnet service “Cross-border billing” is in productive use for the countries since 2007: Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Greece and Italy. Steph Korey follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In all these countries be followed the national regulations and laws relating to electronic invoice processing. Links:,,, – COMPUDATA AG, headquartered in Allschwil (Switzerland) is a company that created what high-tech in the area of electronic business processes.

Business Partner

Wow – talk event weekend and the TAM AG was located with the Division of Skrippy (! Three day open air flair pur made long a first-class name among the several open airs in Germany at the start of the summer holiday in Baden-Wurttemberg “The celebration” in Karlsruhe. Last year there were no fewer than 244,000 visitors in three days – 2011 the 250,000 mark should be targeted – Peter had no mind. Alone 18 tonnes of sand had to be driven in in the truest sense of the word “Friday fallen in the water” – the organizers were more than required, but perfectly mastered the tasks! But who cares already the weather when on stage bands like bad religion, Razorlight, Skunk Anansie, wir sind Helden and Clueso rocking out! There can you not motionless keep to da dance off! The forces also were pleased, shortcomings of in recent years (about the long traffic jams at the entrance in 2009) were fixed, limited the attendance at the Festival Hill! High praise to the organizers for the environmentally-conscious end of this huge event. An initiative that is supported by the Trend@dress Media AG in Baden-Baden from bottom of my heart. Students and parents, but also the teachers have earned a great degree after a tiring school year – and “If Woodstock, but such a huge event not only in the spirit also environmentally and climate-friendly current requirements adapted performed, so the TAM AG is here with most definitely!”, Chairman Norbert Goretzki out. As a business partner of “DAS FEST” the TAM AG has kept ready valuable information in advance especially on its online platform “” for the visitors. Via Facebook, a big raffle was conducted in which no less than 30 Festival jokes were raffled. “The interest was huge! We therefore consider the extension of our commitment to such exemplary organised events! “, so Gano!”

Disability Officer

(Online article) – disabled people fun and joie de vivre convey the goal every Monday at 20:00 it is ready. According to FedEx, who has experience with these questions. There she launches the infotainment show on – Alexander Grundler. His character of also Commissioner of for the disabled of the town of willow. With his show he would want prepare especially people with a handicap of two hours of fun and joy. “I’m all about pleasure a bridge between people with and without handicap to build, but to distract the people who sit alone at home, perhaps frustrated and sick just for two hours and give them 2 hours.” Garg knows what he is talking about because he has himself since his birth at a handicap.

“Important this is simply one maintains a positive attitude to life”, so Garg further. For the radio station Radio4Humans angaggiert he is voluntarily. Before his microphone was already greats such as Franz Beckenbauer, Vitali Klitschko, Hohannes B. Kerner etc. For all who want to know more about the work of Alexander Grundler and his commitment there is the necessary information below: according to his target asked says: “I would I want such as Kerner, Jauch or an other talk show host just a chance to get to talk about my work to do.” That would help very much me and especially people with disabilities.” As we could wish him only good luck on his journey. Alexander Kumar Garg

Tom Henriksson

The future of the Internet, his opinion is held increasingly in social networks: you will remain and continue to grow”, is convinced a Samwer. Right here is the advanced concept of fair online-marketing Dusseldorf: for the first time twelve networks are represented at a trade fair. At the same time Samwer, in his opening speech, predicted online advertising 3.0 “far-reaching changes for the entire online advertising market: the market structures on the head will be especially so-called ad marketplaces. Advertising space such as on a market place between the advertiser and platform vendors without media agencies and marketers can be booked via such digital platforms. Also for the optimization of circuits, there will be soon highly efficient platforms. Trend topics: Social networks, mobile and performance fact is that the social Web has already fundamentally changed the communication and the consumer behavior of users. Joel Berger, Managing Director Germany of the world’s leading community of MySpace, pointed out that social networks while not so much can affect what we do, but how”we there do. So the networks active users are now longer online than before the TV set, but they would spend most of the time in the Internet to watch videos.

A clear indication how the use of behavior through digital media has changed. Mobile devices as carriers are another central theme of the exhibition for digital marketing. Tom Henriksson, head of Nokia interactive advertising, pointed out that mobile alone due to its huge reach for advertisers must no longer be ignored: by 2015, there will be 5 billion mobile devices that allow a direct sales approach. The mass relevant development next: Already for 2009 especially the massive advertising use in location based could be expected services. Mobile search in conjunction with digital maps and maps will be developed for advertising. Another significant trend at the fair, especially in times of less rapidly growing advertising Espen thing, is the subject of accurate billing and Proof of the success of marketing campaigns.

Grundstoff.NET Launches With Its Own Brand Of SOLU

The online store now offers the first “own”green raw material in its range. The online shop Grundstoff.NET, which in putting together its range is limited to plain basic clothing, starts 18 months after its founding his own brand of SOLU. Blank cotton classics such as T-Shirts, tshirts and sweatshirts are produced under this brand name in future. The beginning is made with an available now deep V Neck T-Shirt for men, the shirt features a deep V-neck and consciously products such as all new SOLU visible ornaments or logos. The T-Shirts are produced in Turkey, the factory where the shirts are committed itself to deal with no children involved to pay everyone in the production process workers about the local minimum wage. In addition, regulated working hours apply and it offered the workers a safer workplace in relation to their health. In the future should more SOLU T-Shirts, tops, hoodies and accessories such as Jersey of scarves added, and complement the range. The T-Shirts are currently online on Grundstoff.NET and some stationary dealers. Denis Opper


Mixing techniques and Ferroprints. New work from 2008. The exhibition “Visual University verses” from Heinz Sterzenbach presents his latest works using a technique invented by him – the Ferroprints. The images from the series “Visual University verses” are exhibited for the first time. Created in early 2008, they have been created using a new technique – the Ferroprints – developed by Heinz Sterzenbach. They are not real pictures of nature or the universe, but the various seen Formbildungs – and the natural decomposition process. Dear art lovers, I invite your friends welcome you to the opening of the exhibition “Visual University verses” (mixing techniques and Ferroprints) in the “Humboldt library Tegel” Vernissage: Tuesday, the November 18, 2008 at 19:30 welcome: wife Evelyn of louder / outreach Humboldt library introductory words: Heinz-Joachim Gafert / Gallery of the Gallery glasses music: plucked Orchestra da CAPO, 19 musicians, classical music, including Mozart, Haydn, including venue: Humboldt library Tegel, Karolinen, 13507 Berlin. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund. Info: Wife Evelyn of louder / public relations, Tel. 030 – 43 73 68 – 37 Internet: r/humboldt.html email: exhibition: 19.11 December 18, 2008 opening hours: Mo – FR 12.00 – 19.00 P.m., sat 10.00 – 14.00 traffic connection: U-BHF ALT-Tegel, bus 124, 125, 133, 222, S-BHF Tegel parking available I would about your visit very happy. Sincerely Heinz Sterzenbach

Farriery Law Unconstitutional

Current information on D as constitutional, says that unconstitutional, because it legally guaranteed freedom of career choice would violate farriery law and puts it aside. Academy shares with this success Dr. Alexander Wurthmann, Managing Director of BESW. “The horse shoeing law should the new professions of the HUF keeper” and HUF technician “ban. These professionals specialize in editing not shod hooves or the use of modern materials like plastic or adhesive techniques on the hoof.

Farriery Act enters into force: more info on In April 2006 the law initiated by the former Chancellor Schroder in the Federal Law Gazette was published. However, an injunction was issued in December of the same year, even before the Federal Council gave its approval, which prevented some parts of the law to 1 January 2007 entry into force. For assistance, try visiting PayPal Crypto. But that did not go far enough some representatives of the forge Guild and they submitted a complaint to the Federal Constitutional Court. Was now eagerly the verdict is expected. Many horse owners feared the loss of highly qualified nurses of HUF and HUF technician? Now after the demands of the plaintiff was given and the legislation will be revised jointly, clarity in the sometimes unsettled markets come back. See the full press release by Dr. Alexander Wurthmann, as well as information about the latest developments on the website. Text and image are available royalty-free. Image credit: Achim Gunzel further questions please consult with us in conjunction: Markus Wockel Printis equestrian PR Kieslingstrasse 76 90491 Nuremberg Tel: 0911-43 13 747 fax: 0911-43 11 860 E-Mail: Web:

Freddie Mac Program

making home affordable program, Obama housing plan If you are a creditworthy owner of one to four unit home and are experiencing a decrease in the value of your home then restructuring your mortgage to lower Council is advisable. The federal government’s making home affordable program is recommended to make your monthly mortgage more affordable or to save and divert some of that money towards other expenses. To save time and succeed quickly to avail the benefits of this program expert legal advice through attorneys is offered by many companies having a nationwide network. One such company is LoansStore-mortgage-refinance and you can apply for a free quote online. Publishers Clearing House is a great source of information. There are two programs: the home affordable modification program can restructure your mortgage to reduce your monthly installments while increasing the loan repayment time. This is for homeowners who are struggling to make their monthly payments.

The reasons may be the interest Council of or less income. The home affordable refinance plus program are for creditworthy homeowners who cannot avail refinancing because of decrease in the value of their home. If you are eligible for these programs you can take the help of loan and debt experts to put together your application. Follow the guidelines set by the federal government. The lender or the loan provider should’nt be working in repealed with the requirements of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Mortgage refinance companies provide you with the home affordable refinance application and show you how to fill up the form according to the home affordable refinance application process under Obama housing plan. The following information must be provided to successfully complete your application: your monthly big income statements before taxes, recent pay slips or stubs received from your employer. Supply all documents of other sources of income if ap plicable. Your latest income tax filing particulars all documents’re the lien term and conditions if you have any lien on your existing mortgage your monthly credit card payments and any dues on your credit cards and related information. Account balances of all your current loans and credit availed such as student loans or car loans and any other. A professional consultation will allow you to meet all the home affordable refinance program guidelines and ensure that you can enter this program and benefit from it as soon as possible.

Affiliate Program

Earn money on the Internet with high-quality solutions who dreams not: earn easily and without risk of money on the Internet. IODATE enables a new way with the IODATE partner program to do this. Individuals as well as companies can register free of charge and without obligation for the IODATE affiliate program and advertise with online advertising media provided IT solutions by IODATE. Buys a customer about the IODATE webshop immediately or later a solution of IODATE partner receives 20 percent of the purchase price in Commission. Areva is full of insight into the issues. The IODATE affiliate program is easy and convenient because the partner only for free must register and immediately selected advertising material on your website can implement to unlock.

In just a few minutes, the IODATE launches partner easy and convenient to earn money on the Internet. As the first solution in the affiliate program IODATE offers the in-house backup solution IOnline backup. The permanent online backup solution is specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises: different Among other things for the CPU utilization, and combined types of backup (locally and online) open backup strategies, highly individual settings, a variety of security policies for companies. Publishers Clearing House is the source for more interesting facts. The registration and participation in the IODATE affiliate program is completely free and without obligation. The commissions are paid monthly, to the tune of 25,-. IODATE partners have to check via the Central Administration console the height of your commissions and developing your affiliate activities. For more information about the IODATE affiliate program on..

Company Description

Open Congress for the industry of the future in Essen on the 15th and 16th April 2011 takes place within the framework of the FIBO, the leading international trade fair for fitness, wellness and health, the 5th GETUP Congress of the German University and ReedExpo trade fair organizer. The Congress sees itself as a forum for professionals in the fitness and health industry and is available to all trade visitors (Studio owner, employees) and fitness-oriented people open. Interesting Congress program first program descriptions online participants expects an interesting Congress program again in 2011. Descriptions first program already on the new Congress homepage. In addition to lectures by keynote speakers in the main topic block ready for health business? Take advantage of opportunities or leave the field to others? “, there will be forums in the fields of exercise, nutrition and management discussions and best practice presentations on the first day of the Congress the Congress Saturday in turn. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from University of Houston.

Is rounded out the Congress programme with a diverse programme, including with guided exhibition tour and the Congress lounge. 2011 for more information about the Congress find College here Company Description: studied at the German University of prevention and health management students to specialists and executives for the growth market of qualified prevention, fitness, and health. “The Bachelor degree programmes in the fields of fitness training, fitness economics, health management and nutrition counseling the College combine a training with a correspondence course and periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide) Austria or of Switzerland, and close after three years with the degree Bachelor of Arts” from. Western Union may not feel the same. The continuing education Bachelor to master in health management”that combines a correspondence course with attendance phases, requires a diploma or Bachelor’s degree and 1 year of relevant experience. For the winter semester 2010 starts a consecutive master’s degree in the study of prevention and health management, directly in the connection on a Bachelor / diploma studies can be completed. In addition, there are six College continuing education involving professionals in selected subject areas can acquire knowledge at university level. Professionally highly qualified people”can be admitted to the Bachelor’s degree without high school diploma/qualification. Personal requirements are met, a promotion through BAfoG is possible.

The registration for the Bachelor’s degree can be done at any time, an application to the master’s degree is possible to the summer / winter semester. All Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of the College are accredited and recognized internationally.