With A New Team In The Year 2009

iweg-shop.de and dieakkuprofis.de run iweg-shop.de since beginning of the year as UG the two online shops and dieakkuprofis.de run since the beginning of the year by the newly formed entrepreneurs society IWEG UG (haftungsbeschrankt). In the summer of 2007, a new online shop at the start was with iweg-shop.de. From the beginning, this company on … Read moreWith A New Team In The Year 2009

Congress: Socio-ethical Dimensions In The Economy

On June 07, 2008, the Congress on the topic of “Socio-ethical dimensions in the economy” will take place in Furstenfeldbruck near Munich. The Congress has the subtitle: ‘Value orientation and search for meaning in the economy in the spirit of logotherapy after Viktor Frankl’. The Organizer, the Suddeutsche Institute of logotherapy in Furstenfeldbruck near Munich, … Read moreCongress: Socio-ethical Dimensions In The Economy

International FE.N Convention – Fashion Europe NET In Karlsruhe

At new years people make significant decisions, in order to improve their own lives. Just at the turn of the year significant people decisions that positively change your life. They’re waiting for opportunities, offers, to change their own lives, to improve the income. The world unfortunately generally rather bad situation in all economic sectors is … Read moreInternational FE.N Convention – Fashion Europe NET In Karlsruhe

Training Centre Birch Ahornallee

More and more people also suffer from stress and burnout due to their unhealthy Way of life. There is an urgent need for action. Lecture 4 Finally deals with the consequences of a wrong and unhealthy diet. Josef wood Hay Riedel speaks of the deadly Quartet”from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and vascular deposits. These symptoms … Read moreTraining Centre Birch Ahornallee

Diagenics International Corporation

Diagenics starts cooperation with the German Institute for cardiac research (IHF) we are pleased to welcome a new and important cooperation partner, with the German Institute for cardiac research explains Samir Yastas, Member of the Board of Diagenics International Corporation, announcing the cooperation. The IHF promotes clinical research that serve the optimization of prevention and … Read moreDiagenics International Corporation