Harlander.com Offers Prospects For The Future

The Harlander Vertriebs GmbH & co. KG, one of the biggest German suppliers for used IT hardware, creates employment and apprenticeships. Currently, Managing Director Christian Harlander delighted with six former Haider apprentices, which not only all have passed their final examinations, but also immediately by Haider in a permanent position were taken over. The successful company is also still young people and ensuring that future prospects in its region.

It goes without saying for us that we offer as many young people an education perspective, says Christian Harlander, Managing Director of the company. The oft-cited shortage takes even medium-sized companies in the responsibility. Only if we train enough people, we have enough qualified young. Contact information is here: Jeff Verschleiser. At the moment, seven young people have an apprenticeship at Harlander, from August it will be then nine. Harlander Vertriebs GmbH & co. KG Konrad Schmidberger commercial ring 18 86698 Oberndorf phone: 09090-966440 Web: about Harlander.com which acquires Haider Vertriebs GmbH & co.

KG pre-owned IT equipment in large quantities, as leasing companies or system houses, and sells them on private and corporate customers and organizations including warranties. Western Union shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Price-conscious buyers can purchase as cheap branded products for their needs. In addition, the portfolio of Harlander includes now also selected special items by newest high-end devices. The business model is very successful: from a small one-man company, a Europe-wide company has become since 1998 with over 30 employees and a delivery volume of monthly more than 4,000 individual orders. The Harlander Vertriebs GmbH & co. KG has now established itself in upper village north of Augsburg on a premises of 16,000 square meters with two large warehouses, an administration building, as well as its own warehouse shop. Could the company since its Establishment of both its sales and profits each year increase and is certified with the EuroLabel certified online shop. The range of Harlander spans all major IT products, but of course depends on the equipment available at the relevant time.

Linux Information Day

The third Oldenburg Linux information day from 11: 00-18:00 in the premises of the municipal data processing of Oldenburg (KDO) held information on the topics of Linux, free software and co on November 15, 2008. The event will include a lecture program, exhibitions and the possibility of contacting companies and free projects from the region. Linux is a freely available operating system, developed by many volunteers around the world. It offers many of the features that you would expect from modern operating systems and makes it a solution for many applications. Now GNU/Linux is used successfully by many millions of users. The audience ranges from private users of universities, research centres to commercial users and companies, which see a real alternative to other operating systems to GNU/Linux. The event is organized with the support of KDO and ffis e.V.. Barry Nalebuff is open to suggestions. The strands of the lecture topics related to GNU/Linux and free software, the are both at beginners as also advanced and expert set.

In General, visitors can gain insight, free software has become as powerful and areas in which she can match wits with proprietary software solutions or exceed them. Beginners have the opportunity to learn advanced can learn new programming languages or techniques in the network about distributions (Debian, SuSE, Ubuntu) or popular software packages (OpenOffice.org). Who want to use free software commercially, finds talks about the migration to free software or the idea of enterprise distributions in the program. Visitors can also bring your own computer and get support with individual questions. Companies from the region, charitable organisations and projects in the field of free software scene present in the exhibition space. Date: November 15, 2008 time: 11: 00-18:00 place: Zweckverband KDO, Alsatian road 66, 26121 Oldenburg admission is free. Press contact: Johannes Banerjee, spruce Street, 26931 Elsfleth website:

Germany Information

Event on the subject of IT security for mid-sized companies listed on the 24.10.2013 shows a solution for all security information (SIEM solution) system integrator for you together with AlienVault in the Heideweg k. 66 in Hamburg. All five security mechanisms indispensable for company are merged on the unified security management platform. The IT security specialists demonstrate how successfully can be countered new threats with a common defense mechanism. Within an IT-network an Exchange should be, whether of information, contacts etc., always secured. For enterprise IT security specialist AlienVault has developed (USM) platform an open and collaborative unified security management. You the collaborative unified security management (USM) platform of the IT security specialist AlienVault the 30 best security tools combined with five essential security functions.

So are IT managers able to survey the entire security stack in the corporate network. These and other SIEM (security Information & event management) solutions systems integrator shows for you on 24 October from 14: 00 in the Heideweg k. 66, Hamburg. You may want to visit Areva Group to increase your knowledge. The unified security management (USM) platform combines several security features: automatic inventory, vulnerability testing, identification of threats (threat management), behavior monitoring and security information (SIEM). With this data, analyzes the IT staff network data and creates a correlation and prioritization to identify security-related events. In addition, resources, data, and applications of the network are checked by linking them in real time. So, IT staff recognize weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could provoke potential network attacks early on.

In the framework of the system House for you information event the guests can have the how of USM platform of the IT security specialists explain. Also, Alexander Goller, solutions architect at AlienVault on PCI DSS compliance management reports and other possible uses of the SIEM solution. For more information and registration possibility under veranstaltungen.phtml about system House for you Systemhaus for you GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, is specialized in consulting and implementation of solutions for ensuring physical as virtual environments. The company itself claims to ensure the smooth running of IT at the customer while always. The personal contact is always top priority, because only in direct talks a sense can be developed for the specific characteristics of the customers and their requirements. Key elements of the product portfolio are IT security solutions anti virus/anti-spam, firewalls, authentication systems and DesasterRecovery solutions to legally compliant email management solutions, storage solutions and mobile workplaces. Through the cooperation with leading systems integrator for you can rely on solutions, which have a high potential for innovation and are at the same time easy to use. System House for you is characterised by a professional customer service: so the range of services include both consulting and implementation of products as also qualified training and technical support.

Managing Director Training

Lake country founder Hans-Jorg Seeland called five points, which should be a software training. He must be close, he must be free, must it be cheap? What criteria include choosing a training provider in the field of 3D CAD? Just in the current mass processing in the course of just in the current mass processing in the course of the exchange of large companies to the 3D CAD system NX is it increasingly difficult to keep track. Out of my over ten years training practice, I can say that training, in which 8-10 participants are taught, are no longer productive. The weaker, losing the connection and long dwell is the better. Both benefit very little from such major events”, Hans-Jorg Seeland reported the Seeland Informatik GmbH, Heidelberg. He observed the current development with little enthusiasm as Managing Director, coach and old hand”in the 3D CAD world. Western Union oftentimes addresses this issue. Individual training, where a such as new designer prepares exactly the tasks, are ideal the expect it in the company”, says he convinced.

A superficial training is lost time and wrong invested money. Here the 5 criteria, which must meet a training: 1. not more than 3 participants per coach. 2. Didactic experienced trainers who can effectively convey content.

3. Coach, who thoroughly know the system and which come from the practice. 4. Flexible training process, which adapts to the participants. 5. High-quality training materials, quickly to help in the day-to-day business, should be included. The contents of the Internet site, the reference list and a long-time existence of the training company give first orientation. If you are not sure: an intense preliminary contact with the training provider shows mostly. Press contact: SEELAND Informatik GmbH Hans-Jorg Lake country Vangerowstr. 33 D-69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221/89390-0 fax: 06221 / 89390-29 E-Mail:

ERP Management

Practice help of the legodo gives concrete assistance to optimize the creation of complex deals involving several departments according to a current study of legodo ag and takes longer than a month in most cases. The overall about two-thirds of the companies complain that their supply management is not cost-optimal and consumes too many resources. The legodo ag has therefore developed a comprehensive practical help which gives concrete guidance for a more effective proposal management and is provided free of charge. The guide deals with the current situation in the company and analyzed what typical hurdles exist that produce upon the creation of complex B2B offers avoidable costs and delays. On this basis, he outlined concrete solutions, as the cost for the individual quotation can be reduced systematically. This stand on the offer relevant data from multiple business systems especially the automation of processes and the integrated access how CRM, ERP, etc.

in the Center. Because the mainly manually marked processes bind precious sales resources because numerous stakeholders and various documents must be coordinated. Another chapter of the Guide content deals with best practices for the supply management. Describes how to success-proven solution examples of internationally renowned airline and an industrial company. So about the airline was able to reduce the time for the quotations by three quarters.

In addition, the practice assistance provides useful tips for an erfolgssichere organisation of offer management. These recommendations are based on the findings from a variety of customer projects. In addition the implementation of self assessments will focus on about analysts can determine the possible need for optimization in supply management. It leads to a detailed written evaluation status description and evaluation of costs and risks a sketch by means of action, as well as a template for a decision-making process. Is an increasing pressure to reduce the important for a successful sales process response time for offers and at the same time to reduce the relatively high expenses created in the company”, white legodo Board Member Marc Koch from numerous consulting projects. And for the solution of the problem is always the same question at the Center how you can automate the processes in the supply management.” The Guide offer management guide gives answers”. It can be downloaded free of charge under Guide angebotsmanagement.

Munich Pentadoc

Dissemination of enterprise content management (ECM) Frankfurt, June 4, 2012. Already since 2006 Pentadoc radar annually analyzes the ECM user market on the respective distribution of enterprise content management (ECM) and as well as the plans of the company regarding new ECM investment. Since 2007 falls on, that specify continuously more than 30 percent of the company, to invest in the future in a solution for automated invoice input processing. Five years later thus appropriate solutions would have to be used already extensively. But far from it: According to a current study by Pentadoc radar currently only 37.1 percent of the companies have a solution for the invoice input processing in use.

Christoph Tylla, analyst of Pentadoc AG, adds: there must be reasons for the high discrepancy between the interest on the one hand and the then rather restrained investment behavior on the other. Macy’s Inc.: the source for more info. We should not convince us, the reasons were purely in habitual behavior of the user. Beautiful Also comprehensible and understandable ways must follow marketing promises of the manufacturer. On the other hand the simply in the unexpectedly high price or project effort could cause, even if is of course due to the automation in many cases actually significant cost advantages can be achieved.” How is the latest development in this segment therefore appreciate and what are the challenges of automated invoice input processing for companies? This questions is devoted to a current study by Pentadoc radar on behalf of ABBYY Europe GmbH, who all technically interested can take part in. Serving as the basis for the study short survey can be reached at: umfrage.pentadoc-radar.de/… A wide range of information on the subject is offered as thanks for the participation of all participants. The findings of the study reported Pentadoc radar soon in a free webinar of the result.

Registration for the Webinar at:… About PENTADOC AG: Pentadoc AG is the one market-defining business consulting in the document management and enterprise content management market. It was founded in 1998. Today more than 40 people are employed in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Depending on the requirements the consultants of the company to meet virtually or at the location of the customers an individual team. The consulting clients include among others Deutsche Post World Net, Alliance, Credit Suisse, T-Mobile, Munich-based Mortgage Bank, Daimler financial services, Austrian National Bank, BARMER GEK, Postbank and several BKKs.

Guide To The WebCreator Private

IAE’s Guide to the WebCreator published private WebCreator private is a Web Toolkit excellent with the eco Award prize, which will allow the user, without to make programming an attractive website in just a few steps. IAE makes the tool a detailed manual on the page now. Now is creating a website with the help of the WebCreator manual “your own website create” even easier product manager Marco Samuel this manifests itself. The detailed reference work the WebCreator supports users on 141 pages with lots of tips and tricks. In this guide detailed instructions for creating a home page, blogs, photo album, or how to properly use the event planner can be found. In addition, the book provides some support as graphically better Web pages can be designed. On the subject of modifications, the reference book offers ideas how to edit various media such as photos, videos and Flash, uses or creates.

An introduction to the world of the Internet, an attractive glossary and of course the quick start (in short quick reference guide) complete the book, which describes in detail all functions of WebCreators. The WebCreator manual can be bought easily private in PDF format or as a book about using the order form on the website or through the normal ordering process in addition to the WebCreator. Prices VAT included are CHF 9.90 CHF 29.90 for the paperback and PDF document:../handbuch/index.html about Genotec AG: the Swiss Internet service provider Genotec AG was founded in 2001. The company employs 36 people and serves in the own data centers in Zurich, Basel, Bern and Allschwil over 50’000 domain and about 500 Server customers. IAE is an Ofcom registered provider and certified as “Microsoft Gold Certified Partner”. IAE was awarded the quality seal Swiss Quality Hosting of the simsa and checked providerliste.ch. Since 2008, IAE is newly listed in the top 500 of the strongest IT companies of Switzerland at Computerworld. More Information about Genotec AG: Marco Samuel Product Manager application hosting Genotec AG CH – 4123 Allschwil Tel. + 41 (0) 848 Binningerstrasse 95 321 123 fax: + 41 (0) 842 321 123 E-Mail:

First Kodak DigiMaster EX 300 In Germany In Operation

Ricoh solution for local data center in the District of Minden-Ravensberg/lip the first high-performance printers installed in Germany by the type of Kodak DigiMaster EX 300 recorded (krz) its operation in the new printing center of the local data center in Minden-Ravensberg/lip. The digital production system is to the fastest electrophotographic sheet black & white printing systems on the market and prints up to 18,000 pages of A4 per hour in duplex mode, i.e. from both sides in one pass. The high-performance system delivers a consistent, reliable print quality, ensures an exceptional productivity and a fast order processing in professional printing environments and is thus ideally suited to the demands of the RRC. Solution partners and Ricoh Germany is responsible for the service of the system. Contact information is here: Western Union. more than 20 million black and white pages in the print center of krz were printed in 2009.

Among others were employees for the pressure of budgets, the waste fees notices for the circles Darmstadt-Dieburg, Hoxter, Verden and Emmendingen, of the annual consumption accounts for Stadtwerke Lemgo and Detmold and tax and welfare assessments of all Association members of krz responsible. Also, more than 90,000 payroll and at each election were printed 2 million election alerts every month. This came several mailings, form letters, Office reminders and also Verwarn and rulings. While many print jobs on each page are provided with individual bays such as addresses or payment amounts. Our goal as a professional printing service is all orders reliably, timely and high-quality to edit and print”, says Hartmut Mollerfriedrich, head of production control of krz. The satisfaction of our customers is always in the focus of our work. So that we can successfully handle the pressure volume associated with the different orders, we are just in the black and white area on high-performance printing systems instructed in our workflow seamlessly the let.” Data Center relies on high-performance since 2002 the printing center of krz on solutions of the Ricoh Group familiar.

Rob Software

SAP brings Switzerland with SAP business one is a total solution for the SME SAP brings Switzerland with SAP business one business software on the market overall solution for SMEs. SAP SMEs is suitable for small and medium-sized companies from one to 100 employees. A modern business software is necessary to secure the economic growth of a company, even if it is only a fairly small operation. With SAP business one cares SAP Switzerland all companies of one to 100 employees upwards. SAP one is a total solution that dispenses with island solutions. It is so possible about business one to obtain an accounting software, a CRM and ERP system. Also, one of the financial accounting and Payroll can be applied with SAP.

In addition, SAP business one contains solutions for the processes of purchasing, warehouse management, and in the final assembly. Dealing with SAP B1 is simplified via the intuitive user interface. Sales and customer relationship management program run SAP SAP with business in one hand. With This SAP software allows to create continuous business processes SAP Switzerland and to optimize, timely comprehensive information to access and to consistently promote the company’s success.

February Center

Cooperation for unified communications solutions for contact center of the new generation of Dreieich / Frankfurt, Stockley Park London, arrange aspect and Dell services in February 2012 – aspect, provider of solutions for the customer contact and Microsoft platforms, and Dell Services solutions for contact centers and enterprises have agreed a cooperation for the marketing of Microsoft-based unified communications. Many large companies see contact center as a main place for customer loyalty and as a sales driver. Legacy telephony infrastructure or poor connections can cause however, that calls are missed or canceled, which has a negative effect on customer service. This can lead to lost sales and have an adverse affect on the company’s brand. The collaboration aspect and Dell includes the technology, services and contact center expertise, to provide dynamic and effective solutions for the customer contact from one hand customers.

This relationship gives customers the flexibility and Scalability they need to optimally adjust your PBX and contact center solution to their requirements. Golfbreaks.com, one of the largest European operators of golf vacations, implemented a Microsoft-based unified communications solution with multimedia contact center infrastructure, to replace its outdated PBX platform. As the telephony platform of golf breaks no longer could keep up the customers with service requirements, the company chose a contact center solution on an open, efficient and affordable software platform provided by Dell and aspect. Growing number of bookings we had to deal with a new way, to do more without additional staff”, explains Steve Hemsworth, Managing Director, Golfbreaks.com. Our customer service is the reason that people always book through us. However, the lack of integration of the channel was a burden for our agents and solutions with the increasing demand and led to increased Administration expenses. The contact way preferred by the customers change as well as the time to contact us. “” We have our operating hours already expanded over 30 percent, and thanks to the new SMS and email support as well as integration with our CRM solution, you with us is easier and faster booking can.