The Colloquy

However, it was not contained in holding its look for much time and soon it saw Taylor smiling to it, as it always made it since the first time. In the exit the youngster, when passing for its table, it left one another folded ticket. It opened it in some nervousness and some anxiety badly disfarada and read: ' ' She forgives the absence. I felt saudades.' ' He looked it one more time, but it already had left the cafeteria. During 12 months this situation if became habitual as its table, as its mug of chocolate and as its cheese cake. Taylor smiles to it and tickets with short phrases left it. It felt itself happy with that, even so she could not explain the reason and in its rationality of modern woman that found everything a bobagem without precedent. Its namoro continued firm.

Its family adored its boyfriend, was making plain to officialize the relation, after all, if they liked, they coexisted of truth, already the together nights passed almost all and were this that mattered. It was not? Taylor, still disappeared of time in when in the teras-fairs and per two weeks consecutive every month. Who is known there it would be and nothing it would modify its so habitual life. In that afternoon of winter however, when the cafeteria arrived and sat down in its place of custom with its mug of chocolate and its cheese cake, it saw that Taylor was not alone, a young woman it spoke to it and it held its hands, the two seemed moved the subject of the colloquy that it did not obtain to hear in the distance given of its table. After gesturing and the together couple very sau, however, the youngster still stopped in the door before leaving and a smile launched it different, open, happy, shining, intense and was impossible it to be indifferent to this gesture that brought it tears to the eyes, without it one more time found a coherent explanation for that.