2012 Will the world end? Do many people to visit my blog and see the 2012 end of the world? I accused of being deliberately trying to scare the people. I think that people already are too worried of if you don’t need nobody scared her. I am simply providing worldwide information and knowledge about a subject that is going to affect our very existence. And say will affect because is is in the psychological or physically whatever happens we will move. Would anyone say to the crew of the Titanic to take it calmly, that nothing would happen. Someone should if I knew to tell them what was happening or would happen within a few hours.

Noah should also warn that the flood was about to happen and build a giant Ark. You may find Barry Nalebuff to be a useful source of information. We can only lose fear of death when we close, nothing is hidden can help to go beyond this. Why death is a taboo subject and 2012 end of the world also will be it. As intelligent human beings, corresponds to each individual to determine their own beliefs based on the information they voluntarily choose and investigate. As an investigator independent of this topic, I do not pretend to have all the answers. However, I have learned a lot in recent years, more specifically in the past 22 years and I feel that it is my responsibility to share this vital information with the rest of the world. 2012 End of the world or in 2012, 2013, 2014 is an issue that must be understood. If there are so many prophecies and not Mayans only Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, this revealing something much more big: 2012 is not a prophecy only, but it is showing that there is a plan or as someone said we are to something that already has been designed for us, something that has to happen.

Regardless of the exact year. Read more from Publishers Clearing House to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The apocalypse is not something that happens as us kindness well or badly it will happen anyway. And that really changes all things. Once more the signs are everywhere and the end result could be far more dramatic. However even being paradoxical the end only can be fully happy, because behind this fulfillment this love. Therefore I’d love to see that not only it’s prophecies or that 2012 may be the end of the world whatever the year, something happened to if or and won’t be a merry-go-round ride. Without a doubt, something is going to happen. I would like to know your opinion on the matter.

Community Management

Case study: With an online announcement “10 tips to the community management” Claudia Hilker letting interested parties under the spell of your company good online press releases company can directly reach their audiences and successfully draw attention to their products and services. Just what is a good online press release? In this post, we present an online press release by Hilker consulting and explain what makes this online press release to a best-practice example. Content marketing: expert knowledge convinced explains strategy in social media Claudia Hilker, Managing Director of Hancock consulting, the importance of a targeted community management in the online press release “Ten tips to the community management for enterprises”. In 10 tips, the expert for digital brand communication is their target groups-useful advice to your own community management strategy to develop and implement. By Claudia Hilker is their competence and not their company at the Center, she succeeds, their target groups to convince them of the consulting services provided by Hilker consulting. You thus effectively draws the attention of interested parties to their business. The right keywords in the right place Claudia Hilker in their online press release uses the keywords “Tips”, “Community Management” and “Company”. These key concepts are wisely chosen, because they are typical search terms that would give a company when looking for tips about community management.

The keywords placed the expert not only in the message body, but also directly in the heading of the online press release. So it provides for appropriate query, ensure that your online press release occupies a prominent place in the results of search engines. Strategically placed deep links lead to counselling by Claudia Hilkers online press release aims to create more attention to win new customers for the company. The expert shall for digital brand communications with strategically placed links to the corporate blog and the company home page for that Find interested further still while reading the online press release information or their advisory services. ck to be a useful source of information.

Brochures And Brochure Holder Instead Of SEO And Co.

Instead of digital advertising, sensually experiencable local history leaflets at the latest since the launch of the iPad from Apple, it has become clear that the counter has become unstoppable to totalitarian digitization of the written word. Already now, the World Wide Web is the medium, which is mainly used for all kinds of text work. Google competes with authors, and the emergence of Web 2.0 does its part. In countless blogs, text and info portals you can inform yourself today much important and even more less viable. So also the major encyclopedias gone, ala Brockhaus and co. Since there are wikis so abstruse subject to pretty much everyone. And as well in terms of marketing, the latest trend is direction as it could otherwise be online marketing.

SEO, SEM, social media marketing, etc., to read anyway, would now be integrated into the perfect marketing mix of a company. Can imagine but really man/woman, every morning at the breakfast table on the newspaper from recycletem Paper completely to renounce? Or no longer to poke around in libraries and to have these wonderfully musty smell of old books in the nose? Instead of having touch screen on paper only on the LCD display iPads to its look and no longer to turn, but only frantic finger exercises on the? And what is actually with the IKEA catalogue? He seems to belong to now probably to one of the most popular readings in German lands. The man needs tactile experiences, what is able to explain the success of the IKEA catalog. It explains also likely still widely practiced efforts by companies to produce beautifully designed brochures and booklets from more or less refined papers. Advertising as on the old-fashioned despite blogs, Facebook and Twitter. You should use special racks for a reasonable presentation of company brochures and leaflets. Of course, you could just stack the brochures.

At a booth, PoS or promotion level gives a brochure stand Corporate image but certainly more professionalism. The EasyShare display GmbH from Hannover, a manufacturer and leader in mobile point of sale displays, banner displays, folding displays, rollup display, promotion and exhibition counters, various other types of advertising and promotional display solutions, results in different racks and brochure holders in its extensive product portfolio. Crawford Lake Capital Management may find it difficult to be quoted properly. TopSeller of brochure holder & brochure holder product category is the easy stair brochure holder-folding. The easy stair brochure holder-folding is made of aluminium and Plexiglas, easy to handle and can accommodate A4 leaflets and brochures for DIN. The foldable brochure stand is easy StairBamboo an another foldable brochure stand and an innovation with regard to its substrate. Identical with the easy stair brochure holder-folding the foldable brochure stand consists of easy StairBamboo environmentally degradable bamboo however 100%. Another highlight is the Octanorm brochure holder acrylic. The striking design of the Aluminium brochure stand is guaranteed the Octanorm brochure holder with acrylic brochure shelves acrylic to the eye-catcher on any corporate presentation. Approximately identical, but from the own workshop comes the easy brochure A4 brochure holder. Also made of aluminium and acrylic the easy brochure A4 brochure holder has a – or fold-out feet, providing a simple setting up, on the other hand a stable stand that. prospektstaender.html brochure holder/easy-stair-prospektstaender.html

Cheap Flights

Cheap flights to Madrid: Learn about Vueling. currently, tourism agencies offer vacation packages and stays more advantageous and more economic. Unfortunately, sometimes the airlines not accompany with similar offers. And tourists faced the grotesque situation of having to spend so much, or even more money, by transfer to a certain point that the stay in it, including pension. From there to the most visionary and bold companies outnumber the business potential it could not spend much time, and today the low cost airlines are multiplied, making it possible to get cheap flights Madrid, Paris and other European destinations, something unthinkable not long ago.

One of most popular low prices air carriers is Vueling, backed by the prestigious Iberia and base of operations at the airport of Barcelona. Visit Areva for more clarity on the issue. Considered the first airline of the new generation, and chaired by former Minister Joseph Pique, Vueling has managed to expand quickly and now has bases in Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Malaga and Seville, and is preparing to inaugurate the first on foreign soil in Toulouse. Vueling began operating officially on 1 July 2004 with a fleet of 2 Airbus A320 aircraft, and just 18 months later already recorded gains. The secret of its success? The airline has implemented a flight mode that reduces costs, to offer more competitive prices. And at the same time, it reassures passengers, since it is inevitable to ask whether an airline of low prices not saves, for example, in the maintenance of its flight units. Vueling remains their low prices, basically, through 3 particularities.

Firstly, all flights are only tourist class. Secondly, billing of luggage is not included in the cost of the flight and must be paid separately, at a rate of 10 euros per package. And, mainly, no meals are included in the cost of the passage. Passengers may choose to bring your own snack or purchase dishes and beverages menu a la carte offering the aircraft. The success of the mode proposed by Vueling has been really impressive, and has allowed it, among other things, without having to increase the price of their services, to offer a proposal differentiated as the Go program! That includes priority boarding, exclusive counter and seat selection. A simple but revolutionary, idea that makes it possible to get cheap flights Barcelona, Madrid or Paris is no longer an unrealizable dream. Source: Press release sent by travel.

Different Types of Advertising

Then what is the difference from the usual advertising pr advertising? Professional PR people avoid buying time and space to send a message. They try to present information in a way that the media had a vested interest free its place. Even when for PR-events, PR-events, PR-campaigns is allocated budget, the goal is to change public attitudes in favor of the organization. Advertising longer works for sale. PR – the image and positive opinion about the product / company. That means more work in the art of spin doctor who promotes a product or company? And not to pay for PR, you just need to find a specialist? Yes, exactly! Many are accustomed to pay for PR, because it is so easy, fast, convenient.

And not every pr agency is trying to find in your home state of the spin doctor, whose task will be to promote the free client to the media. Are you saying that your pr agency Centre marketing techniques work just such specialists? Our approach is to work to provide pr services pr holding shares, pr writing texts, and in general promotional, is much different from the work of these agencies, pr. Our Services pr area built to customer spending is not financial, and organizational resources. After all, this is the essence of a pr. Few is not clear how the agency reaches your pr pr free listings of materials in the media? There may be several options. Easiest when the media is interested in our client.

Sara Carbonero

Sara Carbonero make-up in the world of celebrities makeup mark and create trend with her looks. In these moments, sara carbonero clothing is one of the most copied. Our most glamorous journalist has become a fashion icon and one of the most sought-after styles. Everything that puts creates trend, is always impeccable, whatever the occasion. It has not only a spectacular beauty if not that also make the most with the help of makeup and has a style that sets the trend. Today we are going to analyse her look step by step so you can get it easily. Western Union shines more light on the discussion. Because, what is it that makes clothes Sara Carbonero is perfect? Very simple: care to the smallest detail. It can boast of beautiful and radiant skin, defined look, marked cheeks and juicy lips.

See step by step: velvet key Sara Carbonero makeup skin is the skin. To begin you must be very well prepared skin. The first step is to apply an illuminator corrector in the zone of the eyecup. The next step is to use a base in the same tone the skin to unify with help of a synthetic hair brush. Then must make corrections to the face, using a corrector clear for area around of eyes and a dark spell to cheekbones, Chin and forehead. Finally, should qualify with loose powder to get that so flattering velvet effect.

Look defined the strong point of the makeup of Sara Carbonero, is highlight the look. She has beautiful eyes, and to make them the most, uses a shadow base tone vanilla to give light below the eyebrow and shadows toasted in the eyelid, creating a semiahumado effect. It is very important to delineate eyes inside and out to define the look and apply great lash mascara. Cheekbone marked on the makeup of Sara Carbonero cheekbones are defined and marked with a tanning powder gold and matte. It must apply the product with a thick, beveled brush and smudge very well so that the effect is natural. The finishing touch will be a bit of illuminator in the high zone of the cheekbone to give light to makeup. Lips of candy in the makeup of Sara Carbonero, lips are well shaped and disguised with a creamy lipstick in beige tone. It has a fleshy, pretty mouth and should apply a gloss over lipstick point to give a juicy touch. Hair soft and shiny makeup of Sara Carbonero is completed with a spectacular mane. Nice, shiny and silky hair will be the grand finale to look used the iron to straighten your hair and give shape to some strategic strands. About author: Tuimagenpersonal provides information about Sara carbonero clothing and personal style, how select clothes and the best brands of accessories that will be used for an artist of makeup for more details visit. Source: Press release sent by staff.

Online Publish Print Media

Journal catalogues with new, versatile features! The Hamburg-based and digital dialogue marketing specialist West North West offers as German partner of iPaper company upgraded with versatile features, online to publish the possibility of their print media, advertising agency. In the so called iPapers, it is a Flash-based, animated presentation of books, magazines and catalogues based on the PDF print templates with any standard Web browser such as a brochure on the screen, scroll through”can be. So that allows companies such as publishers, shippers, retailers and tour operators a West Northwest cost-saving entry in the online business savings areas in the distribution, such as for sending catalogs a simple upgrade and enhancement of the site one efficient building of a Web shop or an extension of this extensive analyses of user behaviour in the media accessibility of target groups with low online affinity in addition to their attractive functionality and appearance offer iPapers many more options for cost savings, E.g. through online distribution of print media”viral effects (forwarding of the medium to friends and acquaintances) an effective secondary exploitation of print templates extensive options to enhance the attractiveness of the website savings such as the revision of many online sites so can enterprises easy and cost saving way in a single pass their entire range that has been presented so far only conventionally”, finally online each accessible to make” explains the Managing Director the West-North-Western advertising agency, Thomas Donath. About the West-North-Western ad agency KG: the West North West advertising agency offers extensive experience in the field of traditional advertising, direct marketing and online media with her trunk out 6 fixed and free employees.

IPaper the West North West offering advertising agency the eMail marketing software zoommail as well as the CMS (content management system) washAPP. With these three solutions company can most finally yours Online marketing process internally and without significant effort of external suppliers. Get more information about iPaper under ipaper, guide to zoommail or washAPP under. West North West of agency KG new horse 1 20359 Hamburg phone: 040 / 412 6354 80 fax: 040 / 412 6354 75

Junius Davydov

And now – about the seminar. I must say that the administration is not without an insidious intent Junius Davydov put in extreme conditions. Instead, any logical on BTL-environment, he came to Internet users and recruiters. The theme of the seminar ‘Provocation as a way forward’ was fully in line with the principal crime, vydvagaemomu provocateurs from the honest public, ‘you samopiarom do more than advertising. ” Naturally, the topic itself Junius did not choose. Until the last moment of his young staff thought that all fell through at the previous speaker – brilliant Mick came Sarim on the strength of seven or ten. But the hall has turned almost full.

Of course, dominated by young people. But who else could develop new, cost-effective methods of merry and brand promotion? The speaker did not disappoint the audience, topic samopiara categorically refused to develop, and simply told about what the agency. We must assume (unless it is a provocation), which is packaged in a stylish rectangles cryptic terms lies the mass of interest. But Junius left them to sparkle on the screen and began to explain everything, they say, ‘on his fingers’, reducing the content of lectures to the beautifully designed and branded flavored tales recent interview. Apparently, the author has decided that one thing – Printed text and another – live chat.

Marketing Mix Starting Points

Marketing concepts and communication advice – suggestions and tips for a marketing concept (aspect of the experience). Marketing concepts are especially useful if you plan a new market project. Some examples: business start-up: only if you systematically work through all relevant success factors, your goals and your weaknesses also become aware of you. Entering new markets: suppose you want to extend your export countries E.g. to BENELUX. A marketing concept gives you the answers, whether this country for your products/services/service is at all attractive, with which assortment you can best satisfy E.g.

the demand and whether your company from a spatial distance in the location is ideal to serve the market. Cooperation with market partners: the closer to regulate your cooperation in the common global marketing concept and document your two-sided goals and strategies, the chances of long-term success are greater. Of course you can your plans with a single strategy reach. A marketing mix that takes into account the key factors of competition, supply range, distribution, communication – and pricing strategy – is recommended for the optimal implementation of all possibility. Competition strategy the enemy image of the competition is totally outdated. Success lies not in the hard confrontation, but in the tactically clever usage of your own forces, no matter, whether you see your correct strategy in achieving market leadership or whether you consider yourself rather than challengers, niche editors, or follower.

Also known as benchmarking includes conscious learning of the competitors (benchmarks). This 5-findings aspects: attack: you act purposefully, take the reins in hand. Examples of profiling: better control of markets, innovative products, targeted promotions. Response: Trade you, if your range is in danger. But without hassle! Channel your reactions by team formation and counter by demanding alternatives. Tactics: Sometimes you can cons also not compensate with rapid response. Then Bertha: scope use, gain time and speak openly about any problems.


Apart from the fact that the brand is present only in the store, she still has a fairly high level of merchandising – a quality representation. We are witnessing not just "for show" in the outlet, there is a specific, high demand consumer snack range, which gives the greatest profit. Working with other people's brands: increased profits distributional areas of logistics companies Snack Export sharpened by our product, under the snacks, so if we work with and products of other manufacturers, we only select groups of products similar to snack on logistics. In addition, it seems to me, the uniqueness of the company lies in the fact that the Snack-Export at the same time, that is engaged in direct marketing and distribution of more-focused. Therefore, Snack Export develops and operates directly in two directions: a company that produces high quality snacks and creates a brand and a company that very same quality of these snacks and sells: TM "Flint", TM "Macho", TM "Kozatska rozvaga" TM "Marine" – all this brand-leaders in their snack segments.

Again I want to emphasize that the distribution Snack exports not only numerically, it is, first and foremost, quality, and we pay attention not just on the fact of our presence at trade point, and how there are our snacks. This, I think we are like the best Western companies on the market of Ukraine (not too much, but they have one). In contrast to the general situation on the Ukrainian market, our distributor, the one part of the company, which is responsible for distribution, is constantly working on increasing their income.