Matraga Conscientious

It agrees to detach that it is not wanted to deny such theories, but to evidence conscientious intentions of remission through the acts of repentances that finish for implying, therefore, in the interrelation cruelty/benevolence. The illusions or imaginations printed for the author in the personality of its personages, on what they could have been, or on what they must not have been, confer to these, auto-inflicted disillusionments that make exactly with that they look for to act in different way and thus they search to draw a diverse picture of they themselves, that for this have that to confer itself pains and sufferings. Thus Pink Guimares demonstrates that it always has a change possibility, to start to make a different type of choice being disclosed that we have the power of transforming in them indefinitely and conscientious form, with intentions and objectives without however, to have that to use ' ' inconsciente' ' as excuse for our behavior. When somebody needs to be admired by its repentance, as Mutema, it is conscientious the sufficient one to know to identify themselves and if to define for the ends that it searchs. Also, when it is wanted to redeem itself of something as Matraga, known ' ' Censor' ' or ' ' Superego' ' of Freud it must be conscientious in it to know what to restrain.

Same in the frustration that suffers, the Marmela Mule knows that it is who if she disappoints, from there autocondena with sacrifices. Therefore, to if knowing that a person is essentially a unit, and not only an accumulation of desires or habits without relation, also knows that an essential choice for a paper or plan of life exists for each intention that of the o meant of any specific aspect of its behavior. Finally, as much a cruel behavior or autocruel can present feio of benevolence, how much a benignancy can stifle a pulso of ferocity.

Judicial Administration

In the extrajudicial way, the debtor, since whom filled the requirements in law, I was congregated with its creditors, and finds, without favoring or harming to none, a recovery plan. It is I validate to point out that in this you divide them to case will not have its anticipated expiration and alone it will accumulate of stocks the credits loosers until the date of the homologation. Others who may share this opinion include Warren Kanders. The judicial way in charge of appears with the order of bankruptcy, being the judge to analyze such order. It analyzes passed it, to see if the company is passvel of recovery or is case of direct bankruptcy. In case that she is intentionally, for the entrepreneur or society entrepreneur, them they count I assist on it of three agencies: General meeting of Creditors, Judicial Administration and Committee of creditors, this last one is facultative, in agreement transport of the mass. The creditors meeting is the responsible one for the creation of the plan of recovery.

In the judicial plan of recovery it is contained all the acts that must be taken by the administrator of the company recuperanda, I contend the form to invest, to pay employee, you divide and you divide members of labor party. Let us see what it makes use the law: Art. 53. The recovery plan will be presented by the debtor in judgment in the unextendable stated period of 60 (sixty) days of the publication of the decision that to grant the processing of the judicial recovery, duly warned convolao in bankruptcy, and will have to contain: I detailed discrimination of the ways of recovery to be employees, in agreement art. 50 of this Law, and its summary; II demonstration of its economic viability; III economic-financial finding and of evaluation of the goods and asset of the debtor, subscript for professional legally qualified or specialized company.

Chronic Rains

In that morning, the choroso day amanhecera! It was a fine rain that fell since the dawn, without stopping. The day all went to be thus. It was afternoon end and the time promised a direful storm. The sky becomes gloomy suddenly and one strong ventania initiated a spectacle that if repeated every year at this time. The wind varies leves fierce, the trees if they folded as if they were to be pulled out by the roots.

After that, the sky cried as never, and a torrential rain washed and took everything with voracity. Better exactly it was to be in house. The Capivara stream that cut the part low of the city of Nerpolis, in little time if became a river of great volume, widening its edges, leading everything that found for the front. It was the call flood of Are Jose. After everything, it came the calmness. One week of a fine rain, has led, almost a drizzle. It was as if the nature ruins lamented it that it makes in the previous day.