But is this worth four hours a week of training? This is simply the object of a third special law that will complete the table tragic for the future is presented to companies and workers of Venezuela and simply provides that companies shall be required to give four hours a week to its employees and workers for these the intended, at school than the previous law creates or through accredited facilitators for her study and training to socialist … this reminds me of the studio sessions and discussion (in addition to the self-critical) to which all workers were required, officials and Chinese students during the Mao era … to this add the statements given by the President on the occasion of the celebration of May of its intention to reduce the workday to six hours a day and start to take account of what productive in the future will be very, very near the Venezuelan companies and the future that awaits us as economics and mainly as a country within a globalized world.

What lies ahead with the adoption of these laws is a domino effect, ahead closures, job losses ahead, looming disappearance of productive investment both domestic and foreign, coming the absolute helplessness of the working class and of any worker regardless of their level in an organization, is approaching the end of the slaughter … the lace for our economy … but we can not afford to be afraid. The great universal force that opposes the fear is hope, not the value. Fear destroys something lasting never be built on the basis of fear as it is in their nature to confine the creative thinking, solidarity and love in the deepest corners of the soul and only hope is finally able to enlighten and liberate our hearts and minds from the prisons of fear, only hope encourages us to extend our hands and link them firmly as a society strong enough to advance and extend the light of hope to those still being debated in the darkness of fear that intends to cover..