There are strategies for the establishment of collective goals. These are activities that allow the group to set a common goal to facilitate learning, discussion in the group itself about a controversial issue. For even more opinions, read materials from James Reinhart. To support the use of these strategies we have different techniques: – A whirlwind of ideas: in the group exposed the greatest number of ideas about a topic. This raises the issue in a question, to which group members are all those answers that occur to them, however bizarre they may seem, for a predetermined time. – Barometer of values: the components of the group have be defined to a specific topic by value judgments that define them for or against this proposition. – Panel of experts: the group talks to each other, present their ideas and points of view to another group on a particular topic. – Session of image-word.

Text Comments: These are texts that provide the / as educators, about different behaviors, historical events or any other aspect of sexuality, texts can also be collected by the group, news releases, articles for various magazines, etc . The purpose of this technique is to reach different conclusions about the attitudes, behaviors, values, etc., Which are analyzed. – Video-forum: informative videos are helpful for learners educators to explain or discuss a topic. Subsequently, we discuss the topics covered in each video, what aspects of the video would be improved, what you need, what you have left over, the language and imagery used, etc. They are useful for securing content. You can work in groups smaller or larger. – Analysis of advertising: this technique to analyze what are the prevailing stereotypes in advertising, and that they are a reflection of what is perceived in society at the moment, of what values, behaviors predominate among the different age groups. – PROBLEM SOLVING STRATEGIES We have already discussed this type of strategy to talk about social skills. They are useful for / as adolescents are capable of dealing with conflicts and difficulties will arise to them throughout their lives. In these cases, questions are activities that carry the analysis of problematic situations, situations that mirror those with which you can find at any time, let them know how to cope, see different views on the same problem, know the consequences of certain behaviors, etc.. ‘.