The Princess

However, a confused feeling was being born of its interior, joined the desire of hunger with the company desire. Perhaps tranquila sleep night made with that Edward did not feel only the hunger desire, but the lack of somebody to heat its heart. Uneasy, with its pontiagudos teeth and its old black layer, the vegetation was sliding between small mounts, sobrevoando; it was felt in house. Everything was perfect. But suddenly it caught presence of very next lights; the curiosity sharpened it the brain. It was if approaching and it was come across with a wooden large house. Everything very quiet, nobody passing, only two cachorros in the patio of the house.

The consequence of light in the window made with that Edward if approached. It settled in an elegant tree, that leaned over its twigs on the window and a maleficent wind blew. You may find that Dr. Faisal Kahn can contribute to your knowledge. Edward observed e, through the old ones and enfumaados glasses, it noticed the presence of two people. One lady corcunda rested in way to the room. Seated in the supper table, a brown, high young woman, firm and calm stature. Edward, observing them, started to cogitate: – mother and son or used master and? The principle did not obtain to guess, but it got passionate itself for the beauty of the young woman. She moved of plans. She came back toward its I retire, tried to sleep, but she passed the night consumed for thoughts that if revezavam enter the anxiety of hunger and the anxiety of company.

When the day clareou, Edward, stubborn for the image of the young, came back to its house. The vegetation still was humid of fog. It stopped to the side of the window. Now it sighted only the young woman. Magic for its beauty, he walked until varanda, he looked at for the sides and he beat with the palms of the hands, despertando the attention of the princess who sewed seated in a torn armchair.


__Quero that you conquer the affection of Thiago so that it forgets this idea insane person to marry this woman. __O Sir is wild? I cannot make this. Taste not to play with the feelings of the others, this is not certain. __Essa woman who is leaving with Thiago is playing with the feelings of it, therefore necessary of its aid. You are the only trustworthy person to make this.

__No I know Bernardine Dr., necessary to think. It gives to one week pra to think to me about this subject. __Trs days would give you to think? __Tudo well, three days. __Por while you do not need to come to the office, will be of recess for indeterminate time. Please, it thinks with affection. You may find Andrew Cuomo to be a useful source of information. _ _ Vou for house and daqui the three days I turned it a reply. __Certo. Marina not wise person what to make.

It was with migraine of in such a way thinking and not arriving at an accurate conclusion. Bernardo always was very well with it. An excellent master and great friend. He did not want to disappoint it, it only wants to help the son. The three days had been transferred. Marina already had if determined and 10h00min was in the office of Bernardo. Marina beats in the door and Bernardo soon takes care of. __Bom day Marina, enters, please. __Obrigada. __Ento, what it decided? it __Vou to accept to help it. You always were very good with me, you would not be just that at the moment that you need me I do not help it. __Voc does not imagine how much I am grateful. Today at night I will present it. I will mark one supper. To 08h00min it is good for you? __Est excellent. __Ento to 08h00min we will pass in its house to search it. __Certo. Until more Bernardine Dr.

The Colloquy

However, it was not contained in holding its look for much time and soon it saw Taylor smiling to it, as it always made it since the first time. In the exit the youngster, when passing for its table, it left one another folded ticket. It opened it in some nervousness and some anxiety badly disfarada and read: ' ' She forgives the absence. I felt saudades.' ' He looked it one more time, but it already had left the cafeteria. During 12 months this situation if became habitual as its table, as its mug of chocolate and as its cheese cake. Taylor smiles to it and tickets with short phrases left it. It felt itself happy with that, even so she could not explain the reason and in its rationality of modern woman that found everything a bobagem without precedent. Its namoro continued firm.

Its family adored its boyfriend, was making plain to officialize the relation, after all, if they liked, they coexisted of truth, already the together nights passed almost all and were this that mattered. It was not? Taylor, still disappeared of time in when in the teras-fairs and per two weeks consecutive every month. Who is known there it would be and nothing it would modify its so habitual life. In that afternoon of winter however, when the cafeteria arrived and sat down in its place of custom with its mug of chocolate and its cheese cake, it saw that Taylor was not alone, a young woman it spoke to it and it held its hands, the two seemed moved the subject of the colloquy that it did not obtain to hear in the distance given of its table. After gesturing and the together couple very sau, however, the youngster still stopped in the door before leaving and a smile launched it different, open, happy, shining, intense and was impossible it to be indifferent to this gesture that brought it tears to the eyes, without it one more time found a coherent explanation for that.


End point – Rosinha still goes to be mine! No matter what! Robert spoke with Claude. – Why this obsession? It does not want nothing with you! – We already have a history, we are together more than two years. – But it finished and she does not want more to you. – There he is that you deceive yourself, of time in when people still she is. Rosinha namorou Robert two years for more than, but after many gone and comings it decided to finish. She did not support the jumped ones of about Robert.

This, for signal, was not satisfied with the end of namoro, always insisted for the return. After many promises and oaths of allegiance, Rosinha decides to give to another possibility the Robert. – I go to give another possibility, but interest to you that is the last one! – You know that only I have eyes pra you, my love. – Pra me and all the girls of the quarter. – This is thing of the past! – I wait Robert, I wait. The two retake namoro and seem until a couple come of the story of fairies.

Rosinha walks happy and Robert is alone devotion. Nobody was believing that brusque change of Robert, all was admired and finding strange what it was happening. Robert never made the romantic and faithful type, therefore the doubt and the foot behind the friends next to the couple. – That change is this, Robert? Claude spoke. – Change, I love the Rosinha. as I spoke to you, it loves also me. – I am liking to see, gotten passionate fidiciary office and. If you would like to know more then you should visit Conifer Health Solutions. – It can bet! But as many they did not believe, Joana was the one that less placed faith in this romance already saturated by as many separations. – Rosinha, you still goes to give itself badly with the Robert.

The Year

At this time my son of mine came a nephew second sister was a time taking care of of it since it was liveing with my mother, later the mother of it appeared and started to also take care of of it, the name of it is Daniel this goes to be ones of the few names who I go to cite between these lines, later vocs will go to understand why. Soon I arrived I arranged a job in a neighboring small market I started to gain money, I gave to gifts it I stop trying to conquer it, more without much success, until in a party of year end I bought some liters of drinks to cooperate in revellion of its family, but when it arrived at the turn of the year if had disappeared, when I was in search of it, it was there with the face who it liked, rebelled itself all caught the drink who I had bought and drank everything, this was then mine first porre, cried, rebelled itself and vomited in the house of it, there family of left me to it played in the area of the house until the day dawn, banished later and said me that never more she stepped on there, this was plus one of my frustrate love. In that new house I was not for much time, therefore another sister mine was needing a supposed dribble, and one more time pra sobrou me since my new sister already was almost if marrying one of the nephew of my current stepfather, then one more time I moved of quarter. I was then to live with my sister of the way that had a son of one 02 years and it escolinha would go to start to frequent one and my sister wanted to start to work, and I had a brother-in-law until he was legal more to adore to take one and others, I I arrived there very shy, bad skirt in the street and he did not have many friends until my sister to again register decided me the school, I sufficiently I was been slow for that age I was registered.


Clarifications: Before more nothing I would like to say that taste to keep with the texts a certain continuity, a certain continues in the next episode, and already it makes a time that I wrote a text that said that my life was empty, and that I was condemned to a job imbecile with telemarketing. Some things move. You know the N/A? Not it narcotic anonymous (nothing against no group of anonymous), but the Anonymous Neurotics? Therefore he is. I have depression since mine 15 years and have been pursued for these crooked feelings for all the life. Already I frequented the psychologist and already I took medication, but nothing he helped me in the long run. However since the beginning of the year I have frequented the N/A. He was thus, in January I I finished everything with loved mine, more or less as in It I finish Kiss, and I was to live in the house of my mother, not without before hearing a sonorous one: ' ' you need to treat yourself! ' ' , the implicit part: ' ' its insane person! ' ' There I to treat was me.

after finding and hugging a superior power capable me and me to cure, some things had improved in my life (because I made some thing the respect). Today I work I eat recepcionista in a school, I am my first day in the college, already I have I serve as apprentice guaranteed in the school as soon as they to contract plus a recepcionista, I am in return my house and to the arms of my wife and stopped with most of my neurosis. I really arrived to believe that he never was to obtain to make college, but thanks to my family I go to obtain. Well friends, let us see, is this

WATER Stories

A cradle is balanced by a woman seated in a bank. It cantarola baixinho songs to sing to sleep while boceja. In the soil, it has a mattress and in it sleeps another bigger child; it still has a seted empty old net. Weak rain sounds falling on the roof of casinha are heard. The woman if raises, goes until an adobe vase great with a mug drinks the dark water in contained it.

She walks until its net, she lies down yourself, she has better covered the child who sleeps under itself and erases the weak flame already of a lampio that if finds on of a can of turned ink, an improvised support. A meldica and soft breeze covers the blackout of the scene, until, after a flash, brusquely is interrupted by a thunder. All wake up, the baby initiate one cry scared, to another child are of foot quickly and hug the mother with fear, it lull to sleep this and start to sing again for that one, forcing a whisper and saying: – Calm, calm, already it goes to pass, mother ' ' you ' ' here, calm! The flashes continue they increase, as well as the thunders, the shouts of the baby, the apelos of the child, the desperation of the mother. After some instants, rain alone thickens and a leak if it fixes in the residence. – It looks at, mother! – points the boy? Rain ' ' you ' ' entering! – Calm, son, catches ' ' cocho' ' , he takes off of the soil, boot in the net! The boy fold with easiness the fine mattress, that more seems a thick blanket of bachelor, and places inside of the net, while the mother turns the can ink she places and it under the hole to aparar the nugget that fall inconvenient.