WATER Stories

A cradle is balanced by a woman seated in a bank. It cantarola baixinho songs to sing to sleep while boceja. In the soil, it has a mattress and in it sleeps another bigger child; it still has a seted empty old net. Weak rain sounds falling on the roof of casinha are heard. The woman if raises, goes until an adobe vase great with a mug drinks the dark water in contained it.

She walks until its net, she lies down yourself, she has better covered the child who sleeps under itself and erases the weak flame already of a lampio that if finds on of a can of turned ink, an improvised support. A meldica and soft breeze covers the blackout of the scene, until, after a flash, brusquely is interrupted by a thunder. All wake up, the baby initiate one cry scared, to another child are of foot quickly and hug the mother with fear, it lull to sleep this and start to sing again for that one, forcing a whisper and saying: – Calm, calm, already it goes to pass, mother ' ' you ' ' here, calm! The flashes continue they increase, as well as the thunders, the shouts of the baby, the apelos of the child, the desperation of the mother. After some instants, rain alone thickens and a leak if it fixes in the residence. – It looks at, mother! – points the boy? Rain ' ' you ' ' entering! – Calm, son, catches ' ' cocho' ' , he takes off of the soil, boot in the net! The boy fold with easiness the fine mattress, that more seems a thick blanket of bachelor, and places inside of the net, while the mother turns the can ink she places and it under the hole to aparar the nugget that fall inconvenient.