Google AdSense

The revolution in Internet! The emergence of software that allows everyone, regardless of experience, education and technical skills to conduct business online, you can compare with the revolution. Now anyone can free download a small program that just a few mouse clicks and 15 minutes of work will create a unique product that allows you to earn good amount of the very first day. Earn capital without investing a penny on complete autopilot – a longstanding dream of internet marketing. So she has come true! What, actually, it? All users of the web know about the program, Google AdSense, and many are actively using it to generate additional income from their Web sites. On the Web can find a lot of statements on this topic.

They experienced web masters share secrets of the most optimal and profitable use of this program. Its essence is this: on the site hosted a special code that displays ads. When a visitor clicks on sponsored links, owner of the site on which the code is placed AdSense, earn money. The amount of earnings varies from one cent to several tens of dollars per click. This option depends on the price assigned to the advertiser for the show it advertising.

In the English-language online current price of $ 80 for one viewing. This is due to high competition in the certain goods and services markets. For example, the insurance market of expensive super-cars. In RuNet lower prices (yet). Considered a good price in the region from 40 to 70 cents per click.